Friday, March 16, 2018

Realities and the Muslim Revival Installment 2

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Demeur said...

Slap any label on it the "Us vs Them" tactic has been used for centuries. They aren't like us so they must be evil thing only plays for so long. We've seen that with the Vietnamese, N. Koreans, Japanese, Germans and now Muslims. Oh and let's not forget the indians of this country.
If anything they should be pissed at us for what we've done to their people. An estimated 100,000 were killed in Iraq and we've lost count of the innocents in Afghanistan who perished from our drone strikes. Imagine had that happened in the U.S. We experienced this only once. They have been going through this for decades.
When you step back and peel off all the labels it all boils down to greed and power. We protect our oil interests and they the same only it seems only those at the top benefit.