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Lifes Realities and Nostradamus, installment 2

                                    Life today the Real Story written by James m. Joiner 2005
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In his Epistle to Henry 2nd Nostradamus presented a nightmarish scenario. He said that there would be fierce global conflicts over Religion and ethnicity.

 Again he hits the nail on the head in regards to what is happening today all over the world. You know, when you think about it. Ever since the end of the cold war and the break up of the USSR ethnic conflicts have been on the rise.

Conflicts involving ethnicity seem to increase constantly. It seems that every single conflict that we have tried to mediate and resolve is still on going. Even more telling is the fact that every single one of them is involving Muslims.
You cannot appease these people and you could never please them. What to do?

I just want to remind you of how close we are tied into the life of this planet which we are just a living part of, and this universe.

 I found out that all Nostradamus predictions were based on celestial events.

Nostradamus also foretold of the coming of 3 antichrists. The first was Napoleon, the second was Hitler, and the third still remains unnamed. Me personally I firmly believe him to be Usama Bin Laden, it is fitting that he has been assassinated.

 He believed the 3rd antichrist would be a Middle Eastern or North African terrorist. It would be someone who might obtain enough nerve gas or uranium and use it. Just to hold the world hostage.

 He went so far as to supply a place of birth, religion, military theater of operations. He even supplies his estimate of the duration of the war, 27 years.

The Near East breeds patient minds. The first Gulf war was just the first skirmish in a war that will be carried on like a family feud from generation to generation. The sons of the current Islamists and their sons, and their grandsons will continue the confrontation with the west and Israel.

Those that follow Nostradamus predictions believe that he also predicted world war three. They believe that the person that master minded the 9/11 attacks on New York’s twin towers will be Nostradamus third antichrist and the one to start world war three, and I personally agree. I believe we are witnessing the beginning of WW3.

In the closing words of one of his prophesies he implies that there would be an overwhelming counter attack in response to the attacks on 9/11.

 He states that at once we will see vengeance from 100 powers, again he is right. There just happens to be a coalition of around 100 Nations vowing to fight in this war against terrorism.

The mention of thirst and famine in Nostradamus third world war prophesies are a recurring theme. They might just be the future results of today’s growing stresses on food and water demands on over population, bingo.

 Remember in book one where we discussed that the U.S. will soon not be able to feed the entire world. We might soon find it a necessity to limit immigration.

 This will be due to population growth, pollution, and urban sprawl. We will someday not be able to be the world’s bread basket.

 We also mentioned that while terrorism is a terrible problem that we have before us. Never the less it is civilizations, societies, troubles that are by far our biggest problems.

Nostradamus implied that our growing numbers could eventually overtax civilization. They could become a far more powerful factor than terrorism in dragging the world down. He of course is right but not totally.

 It is as we’ve been discussing. Civilization countries, societies all over the world in their loss of morality, have become their own worse problems. Despite this all, we can turn this around.

Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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