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Religion and the lies we call History, final installment

                                               Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story

As we discussed, Religious resurgence happens at a time of political insecurity when people are haunted by the fear of their own destruction. As we all know, all over the world we are experiencing these fears today with war all over the world to one degree or the other. 

It is horrible what the Islamists are doing to the entire world. It is for this reason that Religion is experiencing a new lease on life among Jews, Christians, and Muslims, including the Religion of Atheism.

A personal God like Yahweh can be manipulated to shore up ones beleaguered emotions. When one conception of God has ceased to have meaning or relevance it has quietly been discarded and replaced with a new ideology.

 Each generation must choose the image of God that works for them. It is time that we realized, and settled on ours.

When we started researching this book, I was very disturbed to start hearing about all these different Gods that were believed in and prayed to. Like most of you I imagine, I was taught that there was a God and grew up believing that.

 I have read the Bible off and on over the years. In light of this it surprises me that for some reason these references to many different gods and goddesses have somehow gotten by me.

 Either that or because of the blinders you inevitably wear when you are looking at scripture through the eyes of any given religion. As a result you have a tendency to see things the way they portray them. 

Reading now with a totally unbiased viewpoint the Old Testament, the Chariots of the Gods, along with a History of God in all Religions, it tends to put an awful lot into perspective. Primarily I came to this conclusion; we as a people are lost.

 I can’t even fathom how we can read in the Bible of so many different Gods. We are told their names right in the Bible. We learn of the fact that many of them have been believed. 

We also find that many have been worshiped over the years. They have been worshiped by both the Christians and the Jews. This while all the time we keep being told of one God. Somehow we don’t seem to question this as we rightly should.

Let alone the fact, this is in the Bible too, that they were flying around in what is obviously some kind of space ship. They were also breeding with earth women all over the world. There were also goddesses who bred with earth men and then went back to the stars. 

I was really disgruntled to pick up the fact that Lot committed incest with both of his daughters. On top of that the Bible still calls earth the center of the universe when we know it isn’t.

We have learned that we must know our past. It’s got to be our true past. We must do this right now while we are trying to deal with the many problems in the world today. I believe that it will not only shed light on many unanswered questions. It will also aid in resolving the problems we are experiencing right now with the Islamists.

Since doing this and reading the Bible in conjunction with the Chariots of the Gods and the History of God. I can now understand how the Bible can continually reference many Gods without batting an eye or feeling the necessity to explain. 

* I for one believe there is much known that is being kept from us for one reason or the other. We have been visited from the heavens by many different Gods. This has happened at many different times, all over the world. That is why over the millennia man has had a choice of Gods to believe in. That is why the Gods were always killing off whole populations that didn’t agree with them. Beware!

                                                     Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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