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Realities and the Muslim Revival, Installment 12


                                    Life today the Real Story written by James m. Joiner 2005
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We discussed how the Europeans met in Germany and carved up Africa between them. However, in reality that was only a small part of what they did.

 The European powers colonized one Islamic country after the other. They did this with absolute and total disregard for the population as was the way years ago. This was done not because they were Muslims.

 This was done because they wanted the riches these lands added to their growing needs and industries.
France occupied Algeria in 1830; Britain occupied Aden nine years later.

Then they occupied Tunisia in 1881 and Egypt in 1882. The next victim was the Sudan in 1889. This was followed by Libya and Morocco in 1912. In 1915 the territories of the Ottoman Empire were split up. This was done as a reward for their siding with Germany during WW2.

Ottoman Empire or Turkish Empire lands, covered Southwestern Asia, Northeastern Africa, and southeastern Europe.

 This division was between France and Britain in anticipation of victory. After the war Britain and France set up protectorates and mandates in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, and Transjordan.

This was felt as outrage since the European powers had promised the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire their independence. That one little action has to have added a lot of animosity to an already seething hatred for the West.

I would say last but not least, the Muslims in the Balkans, Russia, and central Asia were controlled by Russia.

 They forcibly became unwilling subjects of the new USSR, (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) when it was created.

 This is just a few more of the conflict, problem, countries heard from, As a result once again, these were Muslim countries that were simply annexed and now they want their freedom.

 We have really made a mess of things. It seems like the whole civilized world had a hand in causing the Muslim problem.

With this in mind, it is only right that the entire civilized world help us to right the solution.

Even after some of these Muslim countries were given their independence there were often times they continued to control their economy. This happened with the oil produced and the Suez Canal, as well as in other situations.
 European occupation often left a legacy of bitter conflict and hate. It is totally understandable and should have been expected.

 Another huge problem today was caused when in 1947 the British left India. The Indian subcontinent was cut up. They gave India to the Hindu and Pakistan to the Muslims.

Most of us are aware of the immediate problems that this is bringing the world today. Also things over there are so volatile between the two countries over a slew of issues. Not the least is the fact that both of these countries have Nuclear weapons.

 What is worse is that they seem only too ready to use them. Worse of all is the fact that, that particular part of the world is a hot bed for Islamists.

*Even worse is the fact they are not alone, with this combative destructive attitude. Then in 1948 the Arabs of Palestine had their home given away underneath them.

*They lost their land to the Zionists who set up the State of Israel there for the Jewish people. Of course this was done once again with the help of the west and the United Nations in this case. What a coincidence, another one of the world’s hot spots and biggest problems, and we did that too.

The loss of Palestine became a potent symbol of the humiliation of the Muslim world at the hands of the west. The west seemed to have no problem with dispossessing and placing into permanent exile, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

 I don’t know about you but in writing this story I am learning a slew of little tidbits. Some of these I have never heard and certainly never knew. Starting with colonialism right to the present day we have done a myriad of injustices to the Muslim people.

 As we said, it all had nothing to do with the fact that these were Muslims so we were going to take their lands. It just happened to have worked out this way.

They just, as a people happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As you know, if we were going through industrialization today rather than three or four hundred years ago, things would be vastly different.

 Three or four hundred years ago there was no diplomacy as we know it today. There wasn’t even a thought to the natives of any country where the lands were, “discovered” by the so called civilized world. It was just claimed or possessed by the finding country.

At that time it was thought that the land belonged to those that “discovered” it, not the people that lived there. If you “discovered” something in another so called uncivilized country you just laid claim to it and took what you wanted.    Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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