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Realities and the Muslim Revival, Installment 9

                                    Life today the Real Story written by James m. Joiner 2005
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Don’t you agree that it is time for us to realize, as a Nation, what is really happening. Everyone has to be made to realize what is really going on in the world today. Just look at the middle east and not just Syria!

 With the exception of the age old adversaries every single one of the wars and conflict going on today has to do with the Muslims. Good or bad, whatever side they’re on, they are involved. We have got to seriously deal with this or it is only going to get worse.

All the conflicts, yeah, speaking of that, didn’t we as almost a single unified Alliance of all free civilized Nations, declare war on the terrorists and terror? Wasn’t it the terrorists, Al Qaeda that declared war on us, the United States, and the west?

 Aren’t all those conflicts, other than the established ones, involving Muslims, or Muslims against Christians?

 Look at the Middle East, Africa, and Indonesia. I have heard that at any given time 33% of the world is in conflict. I continue to say it, bar none that I can see, leaders, media, governments, they don’t get it. They are looking at and concerning themselves with the wrong thing.

They to a person just don’t get it, or they don’t want us to know. It would be nice to see some on the ball frankness.

It isn’t necessary to go beyond the borders any more. As far as they, (Muslims), are concerned, the enemy is within. Most often this happens to be Christian members of their own country. However they can also be fellow Muslims of another sect. They don’t even like each other.

Something is definitely wrong with this picture. They want leadership of their countries and the world, back. They will not settle for anything less. I will guarantee you that would only be the beginning if they did.

In this book the so called experts go on to say with a straight face, and I quote, “what is more interesting is that 80% of the wars today are fought because of poverty.

They go on to say that poorer countries were found to be at greater risk of war than their richer neighbors. Indeed, most of the wars were fought by countries with severe economic problems; I mean come on get with it.

Man when are we going to wake up and get with it, of course 80% of the wars are now fought behind their own borders. Of course 30% of the wars are fought in poverty stricken countries. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon, politician, world leader, or so called expert. Just a little bit of common sense and insight, which none of these people seem to possess.

They just don’t get it; look at all these conflicts for what they really are first. Every single one of them involves Muslims.

Thirdly they go on to say that yes, ethnicity is still a factor but not as big a factor as you may believe. It is when ethnicity is tied into poverty that war results. In richer countries, these ethnic divides are more easily breached without violence and war. Boy, how far from reality can these supposed know it all's really be? They are just not waking up.

The so called experts have once again lumped all statistics and evidence into categories they are familiar with, but dead wrong. War was traditionally fought for the three reasons they stated, poverty and ethnicity as two, and the third they say, was lacking.

 They have to stop looking at things in conventional terms. There is a new variable thrown into the mix here.

 The sooner they wake up to it the quicker we’ll be able to remedy things. The three categories they covered just happened to perfectly describe the Muslim situation or do they not see that?

Kofi Anan’s take on today’s situation albeit, wrong again, is this. He acknowledges that poverty does play a role in many contemporary standoffs. He would like to see us shift our focus of attention to the lack of equality and power many domestic social groups face in the world today.

He feels that it is inequality rather than poverty that is the driving force for conflicts today. Here again is another person heard from who has the right problem but the wrong reason for it. Why don’t we just focus our attention on the real problem, the Muslim situation? Focus on that and we will be able to take care of our current and future problems.

They just don’t get it, it’s sickening. He goes on to say, regardless of whether the inequality is due to ethnicity, national identity, or economic class, it tends to be reflected in unequal access to political power, no sh*! Sherlock.

 Well, that sounds good to your average ignoramus, or politician, but it is way off and dead wrong again. We just have to wake up. If any of these so called world leaders are going to be able to pull it together and help the world they have got to see reality.

 They have to, if any of these conflict burdened, war ravaged starving countries are to be helped. They first have to see and acknowledge what is really going on here. They just don’t seem to want to admit to it or they just really don’t get it. We must as a world, be able to focus our good intentions on the right area so we can remedy the situation.Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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