Tuesday, November 21, 2017

We are fighting the wrong war(s) this forever war has barely begun!

I am pretty pleased to notice I have many readers around the world and we all have a stake in what has been happening in the United States and around the world in this mis-directed so called war on terror. I want to challenge you to do a search Here of absolutely any problem, any country, anywhere in the world that has been a problem since President Bush was elected. Anything I discuss right now you can go to that link and do a search on the upper left. ! have written over 1750 stories about this lie we are living, the inconvenient truth, the convenient lie.

Watching what Israel just did to those trying to break their embargo I am really stunned. In the past I said numerous times that Israel, Iran, or any of the major players in the Middle East want peace. Also that Israel was the chief war monger and we were their patsy ready to come to their rescue. Turkey was right a while back when they said Israel was the biggest threat to peace in the Middle East.

Numerous times I have stated there will never be peace in the Middle East and Israel killing those people and the way they did it shows that they do not want peace, Turkey was right, and there will never be peace in the Middle East and we are fighting the wrong war. I was disappointed watching Israel's instigation and talking to one of my career military sons who loves Israel and wishes we were more like them.

Wait a minute! Think for a minute and please do an eye opening search on any topic any subject any country, anything. 9/11 gave Bush and Cheney the excuse to ignore what we knew were our problems. As you remember Bush labeled Iraq, Iran and North Korea an "axis of evil, a term first used in January 2002 to enable him to follow the misadministration's hidden agenda.

We largely ignored North Korea who we knew has nuke's and they are now threatening war and at a time when we are over extended because of unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The 9/11 commission and the 9/11 commission hearings were a lie and of course all guilty parties were found innocent. Bush could not get the Patriot Act passed so his cronies promulgated the anthrax attacks and attempted to blame them on Muslims even though we knew the anthrax was ours.

The attacks scared Congress enough so they passed the Patriot Act to give Bush the power to abuse and do what he wanted period and not have to answer to anyone. We let Osama Bin Laden and his entourage escape Tora Bora while we watched his 83 vehicle caravan at night head into Pakistan. We then started a war in Afghanistan then Bush put all our efforts and excuses on attacking Iraq and unseating and killing Saddam Hussein who had nothing to do with this so called war on terror which turned out to be a war for Islamic oil.

Read "we do not have clean hands in Afghanistan" and too much will make sense. Search here or look at our own Government's documented facts. The plan went back to 1996 and they only needed an idiot to push it through. Along came Bush and the stolen election. Cheney picked himself for vice President and the new middleast war drive began

Helping Israel form a buffer zone and going after Iran were only 2 of the goals and real reason for attacking Iraq. So now we have the war in Afghanistan being our longest in our history and the hell Bush created in Iraq spreading throughout the Middle East which any idiot knew would be the case from the get go. Now we are over extended with the army and the marines and we are told if war breaks out with North Korea we will use the navy and they are not over extended.

I beg to differ! Isn't that them defending the gulf? What about the tsunami? Haiti? They are needed in this Gulf disaster I would say. Anyway we should have focused immediately on North Korea and Iran now they are both threatening to erupt in what I long ago coined correctly so as Bush's forever war. It has taken on a life of its own and we will have no choice but to react.

I know we have armed our so called allies in the Middle East to fight Iran on the ground supposedly while our so called unextended navy can go after them from the Gulf. Remember the hundred years war? Enough said! Don't forget the worlds growing water wars and food wars. Look what we have let the oil companies in this corporatocracy do to our environment in the Gulf of Mexico compliments of Bush and Cheney, look at the worlds financial collapse compliments of Bush and Cheney, look at our on going wars compliments of Bush and Cheney I will stop but what a frigging mess we have coming.,

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Our military is overextended. Have a relative in the Navy who just got back from Afghanistan. (Fighting the Afghan Navy you say?) No he was on loan to the Army doing recon work. In the plane was one army guy, one from the air force and him. So you don't have to tell me how screwed up this situation is. What's the term FUBAR?

jmsjoin said...

Yhep FUBAR! Man I'm telling ya this has barely begun! I just saved an article I want to write about. Iran just offered to have the IRG escort the ships trying to break the Israeli blockade, Think about those implications!

Tim said...


I just don't know how to ask anyone in the Military to do more. As you know some 4,5 and six tours.
Maybe it's time to talk of a draft.
I know recruitment is up, but I also know people are signing up because they want to feed their family in this economy.

Demeur said...

Wow that will open up a can of worms.

jmsjoin said...

I know Tim, first how the hell are you guys? Anyway I think it is sick but a few of my sons call it job security. Jim just got back from marine mountain warfare training and my youngest Tom called yesterday and said his unit goes back to Eastern Afghanistan next summer, the sooner the better and training starts immediately. He just got back from a double tour, Iraq then right to Afghanistan. All I can say is WTF?