Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Our Ruling Aristocracy Continues to be Consistent in their Failure to Society.

It has been 10 years since writing this and under trump we're in serious trouble.
Watching the purposeful destruction, sale and giving away of America by Bush. Seeing the frustration expressed daily right here by all of us. you know we have to stop all this bullshit,particularly in the Government.It is very debilitating to we the people though the Politicians don't care. It is imperative that we get back to the real meaning of the Constitution, care about every individual, and do the right thing for society. We continue to appear to be incapable of doing that. Not the meaning of the Constitution as any one selfish party wants to interpret it anew for their own selfish need.

We can no longer expect people to be honest or do the right thing once they become a member of a society as was expected during our founding. This belief that all men were created equal, equal that is in that they would all do the right thing once in society is no longer the case. This is what Thomas Jefferson meant and we continue to read it and interpret it the way we want and not the way it was intended.

It was this belief that was the driving force behind the drafting of the Constitution. Today it is continuing to be bent and twisted to fit the needs of selfish self interest. Our laws for the innocent and the just have now become the laws for the guilty and unjust. We, sadly enough see this portrayed on an all day daily basis. We have got to realize what we are doing to our good people, our decency as a Nation, our present, and our future.

We must learn as a Nation to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk which is not currently being done. We must learn as a Nation to accept the repercussions of our actions, not to ignore them as we currently do saving the problems for future generations. We must learn to take them into account before we jump not after. We must hold ourselves accountable to society, not our self interests. Our future as a country and a world depends on it.

We have facing us today in our country our biggest challenges ever. We are the problem it is us as a whole. Desire for financial gain has replaced doing the right thing as the driving force of society. We are making a mess of America and we can not go on this way. You will see that we are denigrating our Governmental and societal systems and our society. It is part of the Doctrine of Destruction that is in the dictionary and Bush is in fact following in order to change our society and create a new world order. We are in more turmoil right now than when we first wrote about this 4 years ago and it is increasingly debilitating as we watch Bush rush to alter our countries superstructure while he can. The abuse of our moral base on all levels of society must stop. We must get involved with our Government in order to ensure its proper operation. We are not being taken care of. We are being taken to the cleaners.

It is more important than ever that we get involved. We have seen first hand that everyone has their own selfish agenda and no one or nothing is sacred. We must get involved in order to ensure honesty and to ensure that the right thing is done. Not the right thing for you but the right thing for our society. Terrorism as we said 4 years ago is the least of our worries. Of course you will never hear this from the ruling parties and we don't. They want attention diverted from the real problems and their corruptive ineptitude. We must for the sake of our society’s future wake up. For the benefit of our country and our world clean up our collective moral abuse.

Our ruling “Aristocracy”, Government, Social, and business leaders, are failing us miserably. They are all as you know part of the problem in America not part of the solution.This is happening at a very critical time. All the good and bad in our systems are being showcased, illuminated. Now that there proper operation is critical to all of us and it is painfully obvious that we are coming up short. All that we see in our leaders does not speak well for them or their misdirection. It is a dark tunnel we are in indeed. We can not see any light in or at the end of the tunnel.

We are still waiting to see our shining light of hope. We are still waiting for a leader who can
do the right thing for "we the people" Not for “We the rich”. We in the trenches of American society know that he or she is out there. We are still waiting for them to step forward and save the day, to do the right thing. We will save it but a little leadership would be nice. Looking at the last weeks news it was so blatantly horrific and purposely destructive to the country and occured so rapidly that I hope you forgive me but I didn't have the room for all the links and I'm sure you have already heard enough.We know that every action begets a reaction and we have shown a propensity to ignore or not realize this and continue to play games.

With that said, that applies to everyone in the government except for Bush who is getting just the reaction he wants. we for some reason are giving him everything he wants to destroy our Democratic America. I for one can't take much more of it and I see daily that I have good company. All he ignorantly cares about is following the Doctrine Of Destruction and getting his way in changing our country and creating a new world order. We better come together and stop him befor it is too late and there is not time for procrastinating any longer.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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