Saturday, November 25, 2017

Analysis: Is the tea party crowd brewing a revolution? Hellooo! Anybody in there?

      Remember them?    Well,well, well we wrote this 7 years ago' Now what do you think?

Analysis: Is the tea party crowd brewing a revolution?

Republican's long instigated second revolution:
The so called Christian revolution began this mess. It began as far as I am concerned when they gained a niche in the Republican Party. They came to power as a direct result of Monica Lewinsky and President Clinton. I did a story a while ago because the founder of the so called culture war said they lost it to the Democrats. He declared the culture wars over and retired.

I said they were not over and as you know, they are only getting much worse. Perverted Christianity ruled the Bush Administration. Those perverted policies were highlighted when Republicans made poor Terry Schiavo suffered for years while the Republicans led by Bush used her for what they thought would be their Political gain. They finally lost that battle. She was allowed to die in March 2005 and the Republicans moved on to other divisive issues used to rally their base and hopefully conquer the Democratic party.

The movement has had a metamorphous and has metastasized. The Republicans are getting increasingly desperate. The Republican Party ultimately wants an armed revolution. They want Obama and the Democratic Party gone. A while back we emphasized the purposeful whipping up of anger to be used in the right's favor.

Remember Timothy Mcveigh returning from the first gulf war disgruntled and was brain washed. Napolitano worked on the case after the Oklahoma City Bombing. Napolitano warned of a rise of right wing extremists because of opposition to the recession, President Obama being black, Social programs, and Obama supposedly wanting to take their guns in which of course he has no interest in whatsoever. She warned of lone wolfs endangering society because of right wing extremism and of course Republicans are making a joke of her speaking the truth! There instigation is increasingly bearing fruit. It was a lone wolf worried about Obama taking his guns that ambushed and bushwhacked three cops in Pittsburgh!

Listen to Limbaugh, Gingrich, Hannity, Coulter, Bachus, Bachmann. Michael Steele saying it is Patriotic to not pay taxes. Patriotic? WTF? Tea parties were instigated by right wing extremists to protest taxes, bailouts, and anything Obama. They are making themselves our enemy. They are the extremists we have to fear. They will continue to whip fervor until something explodes. Like you I do not like what I see happening.

Remember a while back we saw Efforts increase every day to make Obama fail and stop his efforts to destroy the Republican version of America and restore our America. The more desperate Republicans get the more their efforts increase. This is getting bad and I have to wonder how bad this will get as they will not stop until they bring Obama and his Administration down!

Remember Bachmann and Chuck Norris "Yhep our Chuck Norris" openly advocating citizens to be locked and loaded. They are both calling for armed Revolution against Obama and his policies.Chuck Norris is organizing cells on line he will activate when the time is right! It is getting closer and very concerning. The incendiary rhetoric brings increasing violence. This is being done right under the President and societies noses and it is coming to a head.

It only takes one with a screw loose for the Cheney's and the Oreilley's to set off and do their "righteous" killing and destruction for them as with the killing of Tiller. They are the real killers and are ecstatic with Tiller's death. Another one bites the dust and Republicans are a step closer. Oreilley called for Tiller's death numerous times calling him a mass murderer and Tiller the baby killer. He is partially responsible for this. I want to hear what he says now!

Abortion in late term at first sniff sounds terrible to me. However abortion especially late term is a vital part of our health care and society. Obama should come out and say that publicly. That will instigate the Republicans to get their Revolution going. Roder, Tiller's killer was a Christian killer. He was anti Democrat and got off of charges for being caught with explosives. It really bothers me that guilty or not you can get off because of "illegal" search and seizure. Guilty is guilty who the hell care!

A woman and Mother I saw interviewed was horrified with Tiller's murder as he saved her life. She was 21 weeks pregnant when she found out her baby had no brain or skull and may kill her and would certainly die period. An abortion to her was her only choice. Abortion can be a heart rending life or death decision. The decision though life or death is not made lightly. Those that have cancer are allowed to do what they must to save their life. So too must someone who has a life saving abortion. They are not the killer nor Is Tiller.

Christian nut jobs are the killers. The Oreilley's of the world instigating them to do their killing are the real killers. The Republican party calling Obama the anti Christ and a secret Muslim might seem harmless or funny but it is not. Their inflaming rhetoric is creating a "brown shirt" environment as with the Nazi's. They espouse death to carry out their agenda. Fox does it Cheney does it and many Republicans do it. There are many madmen, Christian fanatics with guns and explosives ready to do their killing. Remember Michelle Bachmann and Chuck Norris along with a growing number of Republicans are calling for a Revolution. It is coming closer to reality and that is not a conspiracy theory!

READY TO REVOLT: Oath Keepers pledges to prevent dictatorship in ...

The Group was founded shortly after Obama was elected but since they are supposed to be protecting the constitution and protecting the people’s rights they should have been after Bush! Anyway they are openly recruiting current and retired military and law enforcement officers to go against the Government "Obama" because they are the ones with the weapons!

They say Obama destroyed the constitution and the Oath keepers are asking the military and law enforcement to stand down if they are asked to oppress the people. This continues to grow and is not good. I hope to God something is being done behind the scenes! How can they with a straight face accuse President Obama a Constitutional Lawyer of destroying the Constitution? Get real!

They are recruiting these current and prior ex military and law enforcement officers to to promise to keep our cities from becoming prison camps at the same time thousands and thousands of armed militia are forming and may necessitate just that. They want the military and police to help their cause of anarchy and not to help the Government contain them and enforce order. They are openly instigating and advocating armed Revolution. This can not be legal!

Their call is to not aid in martial law but to me they are necessitating it! Many of those recruited are active duty military and law enforcement and say they will not subjugate any states sovereignty! If that was the case during the civil war I guess we just would have let the South secede as they want all States to have the right to do today. That means they will not help if called on if there is a law enforcement problem in any State and the Feds. have to get involved!

They expect concentration camps like for the Japs in WW2! I will say again that we do have the supposed FEMA concentration camps that were supposedly set up during the Bush years and many of us figured they were for us if martial law was enforced and we rebelled. The oath keepers, armed militia, Birther, Obama is a Nazi nutcases are determined that they will be used on them. They are trying to bring Armageddon to our America!

The "Oath keepers" feel there will be a crack down of right wing militia's, there better be and soon! Martial law, concentration camps, from my cold dead hands. They want a fight with the Obama Government and are doing their damnedest to instigate it! The anarchists are openly instigating the angry whites who want to take back their America they feel they lost to a Black President! They are many thousands strong and growing in numbers.

They are openly saying if you revolt we are behind you! Why is this condoned? They call themselves defenders of liberty but in reality are defenders of Anarchy! We are getting closer to the second armed Revolution many Republicans have long been instigating. They are appealing to the growing angry fringe! The growing number of nut cases, Birthers, tea partiers, town hallers, gun toters, angry whites who call Obama a Nazi a fascist a nigga and who knows what else! This just gets worse and worse daily. We have to quell this before it erupts. I hope someone is paying attention. This is more dangerous than they realize!

I read a superb essay the other day from a US marine. In the end what he said is those looking for a revolution who are untrained civilians better come to their senses because they will be facing marines and other forces who are seasoned and trained for war, I want you to read this as it is really good. Here it is

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Igor said...

Old Russian saying You can tell same lie 1000 time but not change truth!

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Compare Obama Care vs Igor Care at Obama Care vs Igor Care

Dave Dubya said...

Less than 10 days to go and we'll be seeing so-called "second amendment" rallies in and near DC. I think there's a real possibility some nut with a gun may try to spark their new revolution.

Let's hope nothing more than vocal stupidity accompanies the brandishing of weapons.

I'll be keeping my firearms in the locked cabinet where they belong. I wonder how they feel about socialists bearing arms...

Stay tuned, April 19th is rolling around.

an average patriot said...

Hi Igor just to let you know, today lying is the new truth!

an average patriot said...

Yeah it's coming Dave, something is going to happen with all that lock and load reload crap being instigated by Palin. We don't mean violence, yeah my ass!

Tim said...

I can feel it in my old bones. This won't go away. We on the sane side of this don't seem sure as to what to do about it. These people cannot be reasoned with. Even when presented the truth via print or media they refuse to believe. One guy said to me that we change events to skew their movement. Dave I'm with you on being somewhat prepared. For some reason we tend to back down. They so rape our senses that we are taken back by the absurdity. Well we better realize what were dealing with. Obama idolized Lincoln, now I'm afraid History will indeed repeat itself and their will be a civil War again.

an average patriot said...

Tim this will not go away! It will come to fruition in one form or the other. I do not see 600000 dead this time but gun rights 2nd amendment protests are coming up. Watch for something, that is a better time than ever to get this going with Palin out there saying lock and load.

Snave said...

What do they honestly think would happen if they had their "revolution"? Do they have a clue as to what it might look like, or what America would look like afterward? It seems to me that if they were successful enough to create a power vacuum at the top, we would end up with some kind of military dictatorship or one-party system... and for those of them who would say their purpose is to protect the Constitution, wouldn't such a revolution basically render that sacred document moot? I believe it would.

Sometimes I think that certainly the GOP would not be supportive of such treasonous activities, but you know, they do stand idly by while rightwingers like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, et al get the more unstable elements among us agitated and into the "lock and load" mentality. And they do stand idly by when nutballs fly their airplanes into IRS buildings, and they stand idly by when their kookballs openly advocate the killing of elected officials. They make few if any efforts to condemn such things, or to marginalize (or separate themselves from) the more radical elements of the right wing. They seem to embrace such things through tacit acceptance of them.

I hope there can be something done about this. It is like a bad mind virus, and it's a virus that seems resistant to logic.

But I have always said "You can't reason someone out of a situation they didn't use reason to get into." I am afraid for our country, because I fear this applies to the "Tea Party" movement.

At best, the Tea Party will become marginalized through the bad behavior of a few of its adherents, and through a media focus on such things. A backlash will come about, and Dem losses won't be as bad in November as many of the GOP faithful think. The power and influence of the "Tea Party" will remain in stasis, not gaining or losing ground for a few years, and then, as the rest of the country comes to realize we all still have our guns, we all still get to choose our doctors, we all still get to worship what and where we please, and taxes still haven't been raised for 95% of us... it will take away a lot of their steam. And also in a perfect world, the Tea Party will split the GOP in two.

At worst, this mentality will gain momentum and we will see all kinds of domestic violence. As much as they like to say they are not an anti-Obama movement, that is exactly what they are all about. If not, then where were they during the Bush years? If a Republican should get elected in 2012, they would probably disappear somewhat. But if a Democrat got elected in 2016? They'd be right back in everyone's faces once again.

They don't like Obama because he took the White House away from the right wing. They don't like Congress in large part because it has Democratic majorities. Do they also not like Obama because he is black? I think that is quite possible.