Tuesday, January 24, 2012

UN urged to follow Arab League as Russia warns Syria they can do no more: Now Iran is on their own.

I just heard that the Arab League has just elected to leave Syria instead of being a witness to slaughter and an excuse to do the same. WTF is that? What happened to the glorious plan to save the people involving the UN and the Arab League? Of course Syria I mean Iran will use this as a flag to go ahead with their slaughter unabated. This can't be true!

Syria unrest: Arab League mulls extending monitor team: The observers have been criticized for failing to stop the violence, but analysts say the league is expected to renew the mission for another month.Meanwhile, Syrian rebels said that army deserters had briefly taken control of much of the Damascus suburb of Douma on Saturday night after fierce fighting with the security services.

The opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the fighting broke out after security services shot dead four civilians at a funeral service. The rebels later decided to withdraw for fear of reprisal raids from the government forces, the group said, adding that no deserters or government troops were present in Douma by Saturday night, only a basic police force remained.
Swell the numbers of Observers and the next time they are dragged into this by being fired on let them take up arms, claim self defense, and they are in against Syrian forces.

Syria rejects Arab League demands - live updates: so Gulf states to withdraw observers from Syria:  Gulf Arab states say they have decided to withdraw their observers from the the Arab League mission to Syria, saying that the much-criticised initiative has failed to stop the bloodshed. Tuesday's development comes after Saudi Arabia said on Monday that its observers would be withdrawn.

"Gulf Co-operation Council [GCC] states have decided to follow Saudi Arabia's decision to pull out its observers from the Arab League mission in Syria," the regional bloc said in a statement on Tuesday.
It said the GCC was "certain the bloodshed and killing of innocents would continue, and that the Syrian leadership would not abide by the Arab League's resolutions". What a terrible message this can't be true.

Syria signs Russian military jet deal : SYRIA has signed a $526.9 million contract to purchase 36 Yak-130 advanced training fighter planes from Russia. The Kommersant business daily reported today that the deal was signed in December with Russia's Rosoboronexport state defence corporation.

Kremlin envoy says Russia can do no more for Assad: Moscow is one of Assad's few remaining allies, resisting pressure to call for his resignation and, with China, blocking a Western-crafted U.N. Security Council resolution that would have condemned a crackdown that has killed thousands of civilians.

But Russia can do no more, state-run news agency Itar-Tass quoted Mikhail Margelov, a senior lawmaker who is President Dmitry Medvedev's special Africa envoy and has also engaged in diplomacy over Syria, as saying. "(Our) veto on the U.N. Security Council resolution was the last instrument allowing Bashar al-Assad to maintain the status quo in the international arena," Margelov was quoted as saying.

UN urged to back Arab plan on Syria: Germany on Monday led European demands for strong UN Security Council support for Arab League calls for Syria's President Bashar al-Assad to hand over power. Germany's UN ambassador Peter Wittig said the Arab League plan for Syria agreed at the weekend could be a ``game changer'' for the Security Council which has been deadlocked with Russia and China vetoing one resolution condemning the Syrian government's deadly crackdown.

Wittig said Germany would be following up a formal letter demanding that Arab League secretary general Nabil al-Arabi brief the 15-member Security Council ``as soon as possible''. Arab League foreign ministers at the weekend sought Security Council endorsement for their latest plan which calls for Assad to hand over powers to a deputy while elections and a new constitution are organized.
Game changer? No way!

I said when soldiers first defected that it would take the whole army as they are fighting the IRG too. The Government is blaming this attack too on terrorist or more likely protesters. Read the report and you will agree that once again the Government did it killing a few of their own and mostly civilians to gain world sympathy for their brutal slaughter of her own people.

This really brings the confusion in Syria and the middle east and the world full swing for me. Once again I am left dumbfounded. From the beginning with the occurrence of 9/11 we were told and we knew that we were in a different world that required a new way of thinking. Meanwhile we routinely prove incapable of doing that when confronted with the so called terrorists.

However we have done exactly that when it comes to the average well intentioned citizens of the world. In every Government in the world today lying has become the new truth. Governments including the United States routinely lie in order to create a grey area in which to hide the truth from the people of the world so we do not know who is telling the truth, what the truth is, and they can follow their deceitful destructive agenda.

Syria and Bashar Al-Assad appear to be the masters. From the beginning of the chaos in Syria we have been saying that Iran more specifically the IRG (Iran Revolutionary Guard) was in Syria helping if not leading the way in trying to quell the uprising. You know Bashar's only friend Iran is dictating that this slaughter is a necessity though Syria knows how to brutalize its people all to well. Iran will not allow a Democracy at her door step further isolating her.

That in itself defies logic because Iran is Shiite and Bashar and the ruling minority is Sunni like Al Qaeda and Saudi Arabia who we said would come to the aid of the citizens who are largely Shiite. It is all very confusing. Al Qaeda would not destroy Sunni security offices killing Sunni forces or would they?

However Bashar has already proven capable of killing his own to blame it on protesters and further his cause. He is also flat out lying saying protesters have killed 2000 of his security forces, a number pulled out of the air in order to kill and quell those against him. This Bashar created civil war is barely starting unless he leaves and he will not. As long as Russia keeps the 60 ton deliveries of arms and ammunition coming Syria will be all right. Iran will never allow Syria to fall to Democracy.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I was watching the "real" struggle of what's going on in Syria by folks on the ground. Catch my latest post. With any hope they'll have more military defectors to their cause. Amazing new media there.

an average patriot said...

Yeah I do not see the protesters winning because Iran will not let them. Plus you see Russia's involvement. They just sent Syria 60 tons of arms and ammunition. Anyway you are right they need an almost full military defection, I will check your story on it. Don't know how I missed it, last I checked your page It was 2 days idle.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I just perused your story and comments. I came back here because I wanted to say something serious.

You are serious but can lighten up. Anyway I thought if you were not overwhelmed already I would see how to do it as I never have and invite you to join a group I belong to.

It is called Roundtree7 and we cover all issues like you and I do but their primary carriage is the occupy movement.

I was on their radio show for an hour Sunday and enjoyed it very much. The whole radio show at least is funded by writers who believe in the occupy movement.

Anyway let me know and I will see what is involved in inviting you. So I don't miss a response yea or nay my Email is jmsjoin@verizon.net