Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Do not forget who was on watch during the Great Depression and this so called Recession

Obama: GOP made political 'calculation' to 'stand on the sidelines and blame all their produced woes on him' The president lamented what he described as a lack of "honest conversation about the greatest income inequality since the 1920s" or who and what was responsible for "the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression."

He dismissed Republican criticisms he has been engaging in class warfare or promoting socialism. Focusing on making life easier, fairer and more prosperous for middle class citizens should be a shared goal, the president said.
Middle class America is no concern of Republicans. Getting back to their goal of an elitist society is all that matters period.

Knowing that life today is a false creation of Bush's in every respect I ask you to take a step back and remember that amidst all the bragging we were hearing about this great economy and that we had the longest Bull run in 80 years on his watch remember who was in control 80 years ago and what happened.

Remember, Republican Calvin Coolidge was President from 1923 to 1929 and Republican Herbert Hoover took over in March of 1929. The system was way over valued and ultimately crashed on their watch.This time the house of cards President Bush and Allen Greenspan created started crashing down in 2007 on his watch. from 2006, Taking a hard new look at Greenspan's legacy

However, the real pain of the length and depth of the problem and what it would take to remedy it was put off until Bush was out and Obama was elected so they could put the entire blame on him. I also realize we now have a system in place so there will never be a repeat of the Stock Market Crash of 1929 but?

We knew who caused the problem and who fixed it 80 years ago. During the Great Depression FDR had the cooperation of Republicans. They wanted to see him succeed and save the country. That is not true today as you know. Republicans want to see President Obama fail and could care less that, that means America too.

Republicans want to get Bush's elitist society back on line and eliminate Obama's America of equality. Republicans goal is to wipe out FDR's legacy and destroy every single Democrat accomplishment ever not just Obama's. They are well on their way as you know.

It was a long ago foregone conclusion! This was written two years ago and The Second Great Depression set up by Greenspan was a given regardless of all these bailouts. They will do nothing but stave off the inevitable and speed up the bankrupting of America also set in motion by Bush. I have written it numerous times but I just want you to remember the great Depression and a couple parallel facts with this one!

** Remember it was the Republicans at the helm the last time this happened and while FDR's New Deal did a lot to bring us back and Obama wants to replicate it and it is necessary but remember that it took WW2 to get us out of it!

**** It is important to remember as I have written about this too, too many times but Bush has laid the foundation not only for the bankrupting of America but WW3 to get us out of it or so they think!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

You would think by now that this nation would have learned what works and what doesn't from history but I guess that's not the case. Are they even teaching history in schools these days? I mean anything beyond the Civil War. I know they no longer teach civics.

an average patriot said...

I was just on my way over to see what you were talking about today.

I really don't think they are Demeur. They seem to be concentrating on raising the parents kids and teaching new happenings and technology.

It really pisses me off because Bush was famous for sang it and all politicians are today that"we are domed to repeat History if we do not learn from it. Well the the idiots learn nothing and worsen History.