Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seniors in Florida disappointed that candidates say little about Social Security and Entitlements: Because they plan on taking them!

Seniors in Florida disappointed that candidates say little about Social ...: At the Senior Friendship Center, a bustling hub tucked amid palm fronds and azaleas where elders gather to socialize, exercise, and seek medical care, political banter is interwoven with gentle ribbing and flagrant flirting.

When talk turned to Medicare and Social Security in the days leading up to tomorrow’s Florida Republican primary, this critical voting bloc voiced disappointment that the issues disproportionately affecting seniors have been notably absent from debates and candidates’ stump speeches here. Most older voters say they don’t know what distinguishes the GOP contenders from each other when it comes to the future of the two programs. “I think the candidates want to stay away from it, keep it quiet until after the primaries,’’
Damn straight, they are hoping seniors do not realize Republicans plan on cutting them to save their future. They better wake up!

Republicans are the biggest threat to our version of America which is right for the masses thus America's biggest enemies!

If truth honesty and doing the right thing for the masses was the goal one party or a two party system would be fine but doing the right thing is not even a thought only doing the right thing for the party. Knowing that, a 3 party system would also be worthless. We use to be a Government of the people by the people for the people enabled by the Constitution. We have become a Government of the Politicians for e affluent by main stream media and facilitated by our legal system We the people are no longer in the equation but a nuisance to be placated.

Republicans and the 2 party system are America's biggest enemies! Republicans and Democrats have both turned out to be the enemy of we the people. Republicans call Democrats the enemy and and Democrats call Republicans the enemy while they are both the enemy of we the people and President Obama. They only care about doing the right thing for their party and as I keep saying from day one, President Obama and average Americans are on their own.

When I remember Romney stumping for McCain for President and he said democrats are America's biggest enemy it gave me chills. Our trying to take care of the sick and elderly and everyone who needs help is why we have all these problems. Bush was always reducing what they call unfunded liabilities "social security, Medicaid, and Medicare, amongst other things.

We are absolutely screwed if Republicans succeed in getting the power to repeal Health care, privatize Social Security, continue and enhance welfare for the wealthy, and taking Obama to court for crimes against America. That should have been Bush's reward for destroying America and then flying away proud of his accomplishments. Not a good future we have before us and remember the state of the Political and environmental world of today!

Think of the frightening prospect of of putting this mess in the hands of the know nothing Republican party hijackers, the tea party voodoo fools.That is frightening! That possibility is what we are now facing. Only keeping health care and staying on the track of the recovery of "our" America Obama is trying to get us on, will give us a future, success into the 21st century.

We need those companies that were increasingly incentified by Bush to send their companies and jobs overseas to be forced to come back to the US. Obama's plan is doable and not as destructive to companies as those against the plan want you to think. We have to start putting the people ahead of companies

We are in serious trouble as you know, if we can not get our manufacturing base back and put the people back to work and enable them to pay their mortgages and pay the bills. I refuse to believe Republicans and other turncoats can get away with voting against the people and a return to Bush's destruction of "our America and world order" Obama has finally started to gather forces again to finally get something done. We better show the tea party Republicans we are not going to let them undo any progress and finish destroying our America. We must come out and keep his agenda moving forward. Get out the vote!

For a while there the Republicans looked lost forever. They took a back seat and let the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck lie and whip up those in America angry at losing their version of America. Glen Beck and Sarah Palin were the leaders in the dumbing down of America. The tea party seems to have silent control of the Republican party now and since the election have allowed the leaders of the party to come back to the forefront or the leaders are done using them for now and have stepped forward again.

John Boehner, Mitch Mcconnell, Eric Cantor, they are frightening to look at let alone hear their rich man fascist stance. They are war mongers to top it off and with the likes of Newt Gingrich who wants to attack Iran as President we would be in more serious trouble than we are now. We can not allow them to get back in. I wish there was a way for Obama to separate himself from the Democratic party and run as an American who simply wants to see average Americans and our America succeed and not the party. The two party system is our enemy!

The elderly, needy, and average Americans are catching on. Republicans plan on screwing them over while keeping the tax cuts for the super wealthy. During good times everybody can get more conversely during tight times we must tighten our belts that means like it or not giving up what we gained. Not just the elderly and the poor everybody "the rich too" Congress should also give up their perks to share the pain!

Republicans are starting to get their just rewards and we must continue it until 2012 and get rid of them. As I said and you know, during tough times we all must sacrifice and pitch in not just the most vulnerable. Democrats understand this and they will make the responsible cuts and they will also stop the tax cuts to the super wealthy. Despite everything the Republicans have done to make Obama and the Democrats fail we better get them back in 2012 or we are in serious trouble. We discussed a couple weeks ago the $ millions they want to cut from the poor and needy while helping the super wealthy Here

Remember the "Unfunded Liabilities" Ruse: Under Bush the mainstream media had been parroting claims that the federal government, particularly the Social Security and Medicare programs, have dozens of trillions of dollars in "unfunded liabilities." For example, USA Today ran a long feature in early October 2004 that proclaimed that "the long-term economic health of the United States is threatened by $53 trillion in government debts and liabilities that start to come due in four years." Many other articles, news reports, and commentary have included comparable numbers that make the fiscal future look not just frightening but entirely unmanageable. Just put Bush's trillions in there and have a real hemorrhage.

These claims appear aimed at scaring us into making radical changes in our social insurance system for old people. But whatever the motivation, how scared should we be? What is true and what is phony about the alarms that fiscal disaster is looming just ahead? Unfunded Liabilities Ruse Social Security crisis heralded by Republicans for political gain, is it a crisis or a ruse? Imagine if we privatized it when he wanted to?

It is a frightening thought, discontinuing social security or even cutting social security, Medicaid, and Medicare. It is all millions have. I remember Romney when stumping for McCain saying it should be discontinued and the countries big enemy was the Democrats and their effort to take care of the elderly and the needy. Bush spent years cutting "unfunded liabilities" and trying to wipe out President Roosevelt's legacy. If the Republican's get back in they will do just that.All Democrats and all independents better make sure they come out in 2012 to get President Obama reelected, our future depends on it. If Republicans get back in the White House they are going to finish off average Americans and Bush's mis-agenda of destruction. One party rule is not our enemy our two party system is. We have to start getting involved ourselves like the rest of the world is

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Vicki said...

Rant on, Brother! You've earned the right with the stuff that passes for politics these days.

The problem Obama faces is how do we fix Medicare (that needs fixing sooner than later) in the face of these self-serving Republicans swimming in the shark tank who will not compromise (they wear this as their badge of honor). President Obama and the people cannot compromise and take all the hits. We DO need to fix Medicare, it's a ticking time-bomb as we boomers age and live longer with many chronic health problems. So, we are met with a stalemate (do you play chess?), no one wins, the country loses. Our only hope is to elect not only President Obama in 2012 but so many Democrats in Congress and the Senate so as to push though reforms that will address the problems of the national debt, the economic recovery, climate change, energy, education and technology, global trade, poverty and aggression. Does the Left have the will to do such pedestrian work, even help to elect centrist Democrats to insure a majority? That is the question.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Vicki! Once Obama really gets out there and convinces them what R's are up to we will be fine. It is frightening what R's really want to do. I am convinced as they feast on their own they already have Obama reelected.

Demeur said...

Have you heard their latest job plan for rebuilding our roads? It's just enough to repair the very worst parts but does nothing for the rest. And of course what republican plan be without a give away to corporations. They want to increase the weight limits on trucks and make triple trailers a common sight. Imagine how many people will die on our nations' highways with that plan.

an average patriot said...

They piss me off. It is just one more effort to undermine Obama and show a weak facade of concern.