Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Police kill Tehrik-i-Taliban Balochistan�s commander 15 soldiers executed in retaliation, now 10 more : Pakistan better let the drones back and quick

Police arrest four militants in Karachi : Crime Investigation Department (CID) of Karachi yesterday said they busted a gang of Taliban in western slum of the city and arrested four militants including Karachi chief Tehreek-e-Taliban of Pakistan. The CID police also recovered a suicide jacket besides rockets and other assault weapons, Fayyaz Khan, the superintendent of police said. 

A press conference was informed that the police carried the raids overnight on a tip-off and arrested the four militants from Manghopir Road and Suparco Mor (turning) and arrested Abdul Qayyum Meshud, an alleged ameer (chief) of TTP Karachi. Mohammad Sharif Mehmand, Habib Khan Mehsud and Usman Mehsud were also arrested in the raids, Khan told a press conference. Abdul Qayyum Mehsud, the police said, was a trained terrorist and he also remained bodyguard of Baitullah Mehsud, the chief of TTP in Pakistan.

Tehrik-i-Taliban Balochistan�s commander killed in Karachi: KARACHI: Police claimed killing the commander of Tehrik-i-Taliban Balochistan Yaseen Shah in Karachi’s Gulshan-i-Jamal area on Saturday, Dawn News reported. Shah’s accomplice Abdul Qadir was arrested from the scene of the clash in which two CID officials also suffered injuries.Police claimed that Shah was also the mastermind behind the recent hand grenade attacks on mobile phone franchises.

A nearly two-month lull in American drone strikes in Pakistan has helped embolden Al Qaeda and several Pakistani militant factions to regroup, increase attacks against Pakistani security forces and threaten intensified strikes against allied forces in Afghanistan, American and Pakistani officials say.

The Central Intelligence Agency, hoping to avoid making matters worse while Pakistan completes a wide-ranging review of its security relationship with the United States, has not conducted a drone strike since mid-November. Diplomats and intelligence analysts say the pause in C.I.A. missile strikes — the longest in Pakistan in more than three years — is offering for now greater freedom of movement to an insurgency that had been splintered by in-fighting and battered by American drone attacks in recent months.

Bomb kills 35 in Pakistan tribal area: Pakistan's deadliest terror attack in months has killed 35 people and injured 69 others in the Taliban-affected north-west. The remote controlled bomb was detonated in a busy market place.

The troubled Khyber tribal region serves as the main supply route for NATO forces in Afghanistan and is a stronghold of the Taliban in Pakistan and al-Qaeda-affiliated fighters and other armed groups opposed to the government. I hope Pakistani's realize Americans are not there to blame and they and their sovereignty are the target. For their own good like it or not they better let America back and quick.

15 Kidnapped Pakistani Soldiers Executed by the Taliban in a Retaliatory Gesture: The executions followed the death of a high-ranking Taliban commander on Sunday and came just days after local news media reported that several factions of the Taliban had vowed not to attack the Pakistani military.

Army officials in Pakistan say militants have killed 10 paramilitary troops they had been holding hostage since last month. Military official Naeem Khan said the bodies of the Frontier Corps soldiers were recovered on January 6 in the Orakzai region near the Afghan border. Khan said the 10 men were seized last month in a raid on a security base in Orakzai. Last week, militants killed 15 soldiers they had been holding in North Waziristan, near the border with Afghanistan.

As they have from the beginning Pakistan officially objected to the operations against suspected al Qaeda and Taliban militants along its border with Afghanistan, saying they violate its sovereignty to satisfy their citizens. At the same time Islamabad has pushed Washington to provide it with the drones to allow it to carry out its own attacks on Taliban insurgents, a move that could ease widespread anti-American sentiment in Pakistan.

Under Obama from the beginning The United States has stepped up its attacks with the pilot less drone aircraft attacks in Pakistan even more so since a double agent blew himself up at a U.S. base in Afghanistan on December 30, killing seven CIA agents. The so called weak President on terror has drastically increased the use of like it or not what has become an important tool in the so called war on terror.

Are we at war or not? I am not going to say the US should be able to put boots on the ground wherever she wants in this still just beginning so called war on terror but it must be realized and acknowledged that like it or not the US is a prime target if not the main target and is the prime face in the so called war on terror.

We have been saying from the beginning that this is a new kind of war, a war like no other. We the entire world better make believe they realize that and act accordingly. Our future depends on it. Everyone who reads my reports knows I did not trust Bush and Cheney an iota. They made me question everything we have done in the past.

That said, consider the source! I would hope that Obama has no designs of dominating the sovereignty of Pakistan, or anywhere else we have to go to prosecute this so called war on terror. Muslim countries do not want our boots on the ground so they have to allow openly or clandestinely our use of drones in this the first war of the 21st century!

The uses of Drone’s are a necessary evil. They are our equalizer as IED’s are the militant’s necessary evil and equalizer in the new battlefront! The draw back in IED’s or drones is civilian casualties. Civilians always pay the price!

That said, civilian casualties are hard to verify as the so called enemy inflates the numbers to win the media war for hearts and minds with wild allegations as we are not allowed to put boots on the ground in Pakistan.

Therefore civilian casualties are Pakistan’s fault as all sides agree we can not relent and we must all increase our efforts and do what we can to ensure our success and our successful future!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

New kind of war? This is as old as history. Puppet wars have been fought for thousands of years and this is no different. The situation will never be resolved at the end of a barrel of an gun and you should well know that. You can not fight an idea. And we were after all the ones who put the Taliban in power in the first place. So it now appears that Pakistan is the new Vietnam. Putting more drones in the country is not going to help. I'm just waiting for the Pakistani army to say enough of killing our own soldiers and start a war with us. But maybe that's what our military wants, an enemy that they can easily identify.
Lastly you wouldn't be so quick to brush off collateral damage if it were members of your family getting bombed.

an average patriot said...

Demeur new in that we are not fighting an army but an insurgency and one that has people that just willy nilly wants to kill any innocent they can.

You know, interesting enough I am gathering info because the drones are back on and the thought is the army okayed it.

There is speculation of a military coup coming but the Government says no. Time will tell!