Sunday, January 15, 2012

Syrian tanks storm town amid civil war warning, as Iran arms Syria, monitors flee, Qatar suggests sending troops

Russian weapons ship arrives in Syria: The cargo ship MV Chariot, flying the St. Vincent and Grenadines flag, was en route from St. Petersburg to the Syrian port of Latakia carrying from 35 to 60 tons of ammunition and explosives meant for the Syrian Defense Ministry.The Russian Foreign Ministry said the ship carried a “dangerous cargo,” but did not elaborate. According to the documents, the cargo sender was the Russian state arms trader Rosoboronexport.

Syrian tanks storm town amid civil war warning: Tanks, troops attack town near Lebanese border; Arab League head warns of possible civil war; Anti-Assad demonstrations flare after prayers.

The Arab League mission to Syria has been struggling in recent days, with some of its observers starting to leave in protest of continuing violence directed against anti-government protesters by security forces loyal to Assad.

Syrian opposition joins rebel army: A Syrian opposition group demanding the end of President Bashar al-Assad's reign announced Friday that it has begun coordinating with the rebel Free Syria Army and anti-government protesters took to the streets to support the breakaway army.

'Iran arming Assad to suppress protests':Major-General Qasem Soleimani, head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds force, visited Syria this month, AFP reported. "We think this relates to Iranian support for the Syrian government's attempts to suppress its people," the senior US official said.

“We are confident that he was received at the highest levels of the Syrian government, including by President Assad,” the official said on condition of anonymity. “The US government believes Iran has supplied Syria with munitions” for use in the military crackdown.

Qatari emir suggests sending troops: Opposition says five activists killed throughout the country; power, communications cut in Damascus; Thani is the first Arab leader to suggest sending troops; US official says Iran arming Assad to suppress protests.

Syria has been going into Lebanon with tanks at will to kill Sunni and commit abductions but so far have shied away from Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Israel. Lebanon has long lived under Syria’s shadow and is more vulnerable to interference as the Assad regime pursues its crackdown on the Syrian opposition, elements of which have begun to arm themselves and fight back.

This is going to be a long tough fight because Iran will not allow a possible anti Iran regime change in Syria nor it seems will Russia and China. You would think that after Gaddafi's brutal death Bashar Al-Assad would take heed but he does not have to as China and Russia support his brutality to protect their interests and the old order.

Again: You know, I am thinking about all that is happening today in the United States and more pointedly around the entire world not just in North Africa and the Middle East and I am reminded of something we were told right after 9/11 and that was that this is a new volatile world we live in today and we must act accordingly. When I was a kid I learned "adapt, overcome, and move ahead successfully" We are not doing that, once again we have failed to take our own good advice.

This is not the 20th century. The times they are a changing and we must be smart enough to change with them or be trampled. WW 3 we do not want, it is not survivable for us or the planet with the awesome destruction of today's weapons. Just looking at the two telling links above I realized Russia and the United States are playing the same old power and control games instead of realizing this is a new world and like it or not we must adapt with it or destroy it.

Now China feels emboldened to play a role in pushing her desires on the "Arab Spring" too and this is all a recipe for disaster. The US can no longer stand by Israel blindly. Unless Israel realizes like it or not it is time for a 2 state solution to allow us to progress through the 21 century in this new world not the old one those in control are trying to hold on to.

Likewise it is wrong for Russia and China to embolden Syria and defend their Brutality in order to protect their selfish old interests. Like it or not we must let go. We the current powers are creating more problems not solving them. We must step back and let the baby be born. We can not have things the way we want. We must realize that instead of using weapons to try and have our way.

We must let the chips fall where they may then pick up what we can, adapt, overcome, and move forward successfully hopefully. The US is in trouble, Europe is in trouble, the Middle East is in trouble, the entire world is in trouble unless we wake up, stop trying to interfere with it, and help put together whatever is left.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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