Thursday, January 05, 2012

Pakistan's military rejects Pentagon findings, denies coup plot: Watch those nukes! We will once again make a bad situation worse.

Pakistan's military rejects Pentagon findings, denies coup plot: Pakistan’s military denied that it is plotting to stage a coup, a day after the nation’s prime minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani, warned that there is a conspiracy to remove his government.Pakistan’s “army has and will continue to support democratic process in the country,” General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, the military chief, told soldiers in a question-and- answer session in the northwest tribal region today,

It is a scary thought when you hear this knowing that Pakistan has all those nuclear weapons and even scarier when you remember that the US has a clandestine team in Pakistan prepared to take control of those nuclear weapons if we feel they are in danger of falling into insurgent hands.

It is a scary thought when you ponder "who decides whether those nukes are threatened or not. There is no way in hell where us doing that would not blow Pakistan, Afghanistan and even India in wide open revolt against us.

It is a scary thought when you remember some in the Government and some in the military inter service intelligence agency have been complicit with Al Qaeda, Bin Laden, and the Taliban since day one. Pakistan it seems like the rest of the middle east is a tinderbox ready to blow and we are prepared to jump in up to our neck.

2009: Biden: Stabilizing Pakistan Long-Term Goal! Boy that is working well huh?

I am certainly glad to at least hear that stabilizing Pakistan "securing their nukes" is our long term goal though it looks unreachable right now!

Biden: Stabilizing Pakistan Long-Term Goal of Afghan Troop Surge That was two years ago and you have to wonder what they are thinking and or going to do with all we know now and all that is happening in Pakistan.

As you know I was dead against adding more troops as I thought we should concentrate on the border and help Pakistan who does want their sovereignty and I still feel that way but I now realize Afghanistan is important but not the way in which we all perceive it.

Also you know, we have discussed many times JSOC is the military's chief terrorists hunting squad and has units now operating in Afghanistan on Pakistan's western border and in Pakistan. A secondary mission is to secure foreign nuclear arsenals.

As you know the mission has taken on added importance in recent months, as Islamic extremists have taken territory close to the capital of Islamabad and could destabilize Pakistan's shaky democracy. Pakistan appears to be holding off the Taliban threat thus the threat of the US too feel the need to act on defending their Nukes or so was the case until recently. Just in case the US Has a Plan to Secure Pakistan Nukes if Country Falls to Taliban

I now believe Afghanistan is just a step a domino headed towards Pakistan and her nuclear weapons. That I believe is the threat of Afghanistan falling into extremist hands as it is increasingly obvious to me that getting Pakistan’s nukes is the ultimate goal of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, militants, the ISI, whatever you want to call them.

That would put us in a situation the entire world better be extremely concerned about.

* We are technically out of Iraq and on our way out of Afghanistan or so some might think but just wait to see what 18 months brings. I keep hearing a stupid saying attributed to the Taliban “you have the watches but we have the time” Hell most do not know what a watch is and we better make the time. Like it or not we are stuck with this fight not for Afghanistan’s Government but for the security of Pakistan’s nukes!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma