Thursday, January 19, 2012

African Union: Somalia's al-Shabab Being 'Systematically Destroyed':

After what happened to the United States ending with Black Hawk Down and our departure from Somalia I thought Al Shabab would never be defeated. Then I came to the realization that they could be defeated if area countries and the world rallied around the effort to make them a non entity at least as a separate arm of Al Qaeda. Well it has happened and they are being defeated.

Kenyan jets kill '60 or more' Somali insurgents: Kenyan jets bombed an al Shabaab camp in southern Somalia Friday killing 50 fighters of the rebel group and injuring 60 others, its military spokesman said. Emmanuel Chirchir told Reuters the fighters of the al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab group at the camp situated south of Garbahare had been planning to attack Kenyan and Somali troops in two nearby towns captured by Kenyan forces this week. "This is one of the biggest losses to the al Shabaab. The concentration of fighters was believed to be preparing to attack our troops in Fafadun and Elade," Chirchir said.

AU: Somalia's al-Shabab Being 'Systematically Destroyed': The African Union is asking the United Nations to fund a final push aimed at crushing al-Shabab by August. "The Shabab as a military force is being systematically and steadily destroyed. They have been defeated in Mogadishu, they are now being defeated in the Gedo and Juba regions, same happened in Beledweyn a week ago," Lamamra said.

Al Shabab's demise is not guaranteed yet and I still believe many have left for the Gulf of Aden, Yemen, and other areas they think they will have an impact. Their demise though started with a new militia faction that is about the only group in the country to go against the al-Shabab and win. The Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama - followers of Sufism or mystical Islam - are mostly volunteering students who say they have no political ambitions beyond expelling al-Shabab from the capital, one district at a time. Time to put them in overdrive as you will agree. the Al Shabab killers Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamma

Al Shabab should have negotiated last November when they were given the chance When we noted the world was closing in on them

Better still They should have taken Amnesty from Somalia when it was offered

I am impressed and really believe we stand a chance at defeating the Islamist extremism if only the entire world and every region where they flourish comes together and eradicates them.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Vicki said...

I believe our new defense strategy is working in the Middle East and Africa. It recognizes that we must rely on the local people, but give them technical advice and tactical leadership. We must make sure President Obama is re-elected or we and the people of these areas will suffer a reversal in their struggle for democracy and independence.

an average patriot said...

Vicki give me a hug! I agree with you 100%. Some think I am being naive. I believe Obama will be reelected0 and he has to be for the world effort. What scares me is Republicans believe it or not will be much worse next time around.

Vicki said...

I watch Romney and Gingrich bloviate on national defense as pander to American exceptionalism and nationalism and it sickens me. But you know, there is hope because there is one thing bigger than using patriotism to bring a big emotional response in the American people - dogs! Romney has a "dog" problem:


an average patriot said...

Eewwww I heard that years ago but forgot all about it, thanks I'll look at it after this.

Obama is going to eat any of them up when it comes national defense and world politics.

He has done a great job around the world but totally failed here because R's worked hard to make sure democrats, Obama, and us did fail. He better frigging point that out.

an average patriot said...

Yeah I remember that. Pardon my french but that is sick and that prick out to get screwed over.