Monday, September 26, 2011

Governor Perry the new Texecutioner and proud of it

Governor Perry the new Texecutioner and proud of it: Now he qualifies for President?

Supreme Court halts killer's execution in Texas: The U.S. Supreme Court Thursday halted the execution of a black man convicted of a double murder in Texas 16 years ago after his lawyers contended his sentence was unfair because of a question asked about race during his trial. Duane Buck, 48, was spared from lethal injection when the justices, without comment, said they would review an appeal in his case. Two appeals, both related to a psychologist's testimony that black people were more likely to commit violence, were before the court. One was granted. The other denied.

Death Penalty: Applause for Rick Perry’s ‘Ultimate ...: Texas Gov. Rick Perry apparently loses no sleep over authorizing 234 executions in more than a decade as Texas governor.Perry has authorized more executions than any governor in the history of the United States. He said at a Republican presidential debate Wednesday that he has never worried that the state of Texas has executed an innocent man.

Perry has now executed more than the original Texacutioner George W Bush and has no qualms about hanging an innocent man as he has already proven. That said, I am not sure how I feel about treating a person differently because his genes or color predispose him to be violent. I don't think I agree with that but...

Hell Perry already hung a known innocent man! The Texas sanctioned Willingham murder and cover up gets deeper and deeper! Please sign the petition!

Texas Executes 9/11 'Revenge Killer'

I was also going to discuss Bush who as Governor of Texas killed legally more Americans than anyone in history. I implore you to read the story at the link of who he killed and the fact that he was known as The Texacutioner It just absolutely amazed me that Bush is known as the biggest serial killer in history with the okaying of killing 154 prisoners as Governor of Texas. Cause of Death listed on their Death Certificates "Homicide" It absolutely stuns me that Bush can do this and still get an invite to speak at Notre Dame.

* Thinking about the fact that Bush killed all those people many veterans and retarded and was still the Popes friend and spoke at Notre Dame I found out why! The catechism use to teach that God had entrusted civil authorities with the power over life and death. Also the Vatican had the Death Penalty on their books until 1969! Religion and capital punishment

Those little tidbits pointed out, what is it about Texas penchant with the death penalty? Bush killed almost as many people as Perry and he was elected President and we are still suffering from that turn out with much suffering to come. I refuse to believe Governor Perry who purposely put to death an innocent man thinks God and the people are calling him to run for President. He is also the fool who wanted Texas to secede from the union. What the hell is wrong with us?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Ah yes the clown circus continues. There's Corporate Mitt stumbling to second place out of the clown car. Then there's Bat Shit Crazy Michelle tied with the Thrilla from Wasilla who isn't even running. And the lead clown out of the car at present is Rick Hang em High Perry.

Oh yea these are people I'd want running our country. (snark)

Read my lips "No new Texans!"

an average patriot said...

It is unbelievable isn't it? They are all a piece of bat crazed monkey shit. Christie has to step up and that pricks weight and bad health will carry the day.

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Jim! The execution thing is a good way to start on a national anti- Perry thing, I have done posting's on how the Death Penalty worx in this state as well as comment's on your blog here about it before, as far as the mindset etc. I have even been to the Walls Unit, actually pretty old and errie place, 1849 it opened if my memory serve's me correctly here, I have visited with a couple inmate's as well, 2 male, one female, two are now dead. I have posted on this and signed petition's etc here. Because I have very strong reason to believe that inncocent's here have been executed, I dont have solid evidence, but I will say that they were killed without ANY solid evidence, and the thing here is, if your poor (white, brown or black) in this state, or have prior's of violence, gun's, etc ... you will go down, period, state appointed attorney's have actually been caught even sleeping during trial's and working more with the prosecution than defense, long story. I was saying that they should be indefinitely postoned at least if anything here, until each case can be checked, there are probably roughly 400 or more on TDCJ Death Row as I write this.

On the other hand concerning ole Rick, my concern wasnt personally his view on death penalty, although that is a good one to mention ... I mean, him or no one else are just going to mozy on into Washington and think they will turn this country into a Texas type execution machine ... But what alot of folk's are missing is this Guy is nothing but a slacker, politically, I mean, your supposed to represent the people, this man hasnt done represent the people once, and Texas Governor's dont even have the power that many state's have, the people here have absolute power, what the trick part is, is who actually "vote's" here. I know he has a real military background, unlike Bush, who just played like he did, and he is really a ranch hand type feller, but when it come's to work and issue's as his job now require's, he does basically NOTHING! They say job's are good here, not because of Rick though, believe me ... that is too long to get into here, beside's I done detailed posting's on this, which I didnt like doing much, because I dont like to spend much time or space in my journal on slacker's/ do nothing's and worthless mouth piece's, such as Rick.

Like Demeur sez about no new Texan's ... is what actually shocked me, because I remember at least 5 year's or more ago, I was talking with a couple buddies and said ..."After Bush, there's not a snowball's chance in Hell America will trust another Texan, especially a GOP one to work Washington's Oval Office" ... I am shocked that he actually made it this far, it's almost insanely unbelievable! ... but again, like Texas ... it's a matter of in this country "who" is actually getting out and voting ...

Enough said ....

an average patriot said...

Glad to see you RC! In the past I was always a death penalty advocate but no longer.

If it is obvious like Loughner, okay kill the little prick no trial necessary. He knew what he was doing, he planned it excessively.

Otherwise no, I have seen too many cases where the known innocent were put to death so the cops or politicians could say we are on your side we got him.

Perry killing Willingham in Texas set me off as you know but there are worse cases sadly.

I've seen cases where there is no evidence and the cops pin it on a feeble minded who knows nothing, will not and can not defend themselves.

I really am stunned at Texas politicians propensity to kill and the love of it by certain voters whoever they are.

After the mindless alcoholic worthless scum I thought that was it for Texas but I see for Repugs there is more need than ever for a President to be led around by the nose so they can follow their hidden selfish agenda.

an average patriot said...

Oh yeah I am happy to see that people are dissing the lying mindless false christian this time, that said I am not a Romney fan being from Boston but I wonder why he is not their man because he should be.

That said as I said when this started, they have to get Christie he is their only chance but his weight and health would be the issue. He is also a bit crass.

In the end it really concerns me because I see the R's getting Obama reelected and they are going to be more bat shit crazy than this time.Win or lose I see a breakdown period so they can blame it on Obama then this will blow open. Watch!

Dave Dubya said...

Capital punishment and the crimes that lead to it are both proof we are a savage race of brutes, both individually and by means of the state.

There will always be defective humans killing one another. The problem is the state should be an agent of civilization, not brutality and ignorance.