Thursday, September 08, 2011

New Libya Democracy a Grand experiment

Libya's new rulers set out steps to elections: Even Russia and China will join friends of Libya conference, Sounds like a Grand Muslim experiment

Libya's new rulers set out steps to elections: GENERAL PROVISIONS, Libya is a democratic, independent state with Tripoli its capital, Islam its religion, sharia, Islamic law as the main source of legislation and Arabic as its official language. The rights of minority groups and all sections of society are guaranteed. The state will establish a democratic political system based on political and party pluralism aiming for a peaceful, democratic transition of power. All Libyans are equal before the law and are not discriminated against because of religion, faith, language, wealth, gender, ancestry, political views, social status or tribal, group or family affiliation. The state...

Muslim Democracy what a grand experiment. I must say I really believe it can work. The Hanafi school, known for being the most liberal and the most focused on reason and analogy, is dominant among Sunnis in Central Asia, Egypt, Pakistan, India, China, Turkey, the Balkans, and the Caucasus. The Maliki school is dominant in North Africa and the Shafi'i school in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, and Yemen. Shia Muslims follow the Ja'fari school, most notably in Shia-dominant Iran. The distinctions have more impact on the legal systems in each country, however, than on individual Muslims, as many do not adhere to one school in their personal lives.

Sharia developed several hundred years after the Prophet Mohammed's death in 632 CE. As you read there are now several versions. It is the most extreme, the version practiced by the Taliban that concerns me. I think the Muslim Democracy Libya's transitional Government wants to employ is a Grand idea.

We have had our grand experiment and we keep hearing that some 235 years later it is still a work in process. It is starting to feel like a failure to me but if Libya can adhere to the provisions they have stated above I believe it can work. In America we have separate States with their own versions of laws and some unique laws enforced by some States as they see fit.

I envision Libya set up the same way only a Democracy revolving around Sharia law. The word "Sharia" has grown to make me nervous because of the extremists we find fighting us at every turn. I know many have been concerned with the Muslim Brotherhood but they have expressed no interest in ruling they just want to practice their beliefs in a open and free Democracy and I think this will all work.

The friends of Libya "some 65 countries" are meeting Sept 1st to restore peace and prosperity to Libya. primarily China and Russia along with everyone else is interested in protecting their own interests. I want to see a focus on the Libyans because this could be an example for other Muslim Nations to follow. Who would have ever thought?

Among the countries invited to the talks are the Contact Group on Libya member states, including participants in the NATO-led military operation and representatives of the United Nations, the Arab League and the African Union, as well as China, Russia, India and Brazil that have expressed concerns over the operation.

Russia and China will participate in the international conference "Friends of Libya" even though they have not technically recognized the Transitional National Council of the Libyan rebels as a sovereign government. The forum will focus on Libya's future after the end of the regime of notorious dictator Muammar Gaddafi . The conference was initiated by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and backed by British Prime Minister David Cameron will feature 60 foreign delegations of countries. "China supports the efforts ... of restoring peace and stability in Libya and contributing to the gradual change of political power in the country,"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

... A Grand expiriment, eh? ... another experiment I wish we could stay the Hell out of, nothing against the folk's in this country, but it's my call or business.

an average patriot said...

I agree RC but we aren't that smart. Sounds like they really want a Democracy for whatever reason but I am so sick of saying that and watching the devolution to total chaos.