Saturday, September 17, 2011

'US delivered justice to Osama bin Laden; Al Qaeda on path to defeat': We can't be this stupid?

 Ahead of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 attacks by al-Qaeda, President Barack Obama on Friday said the US delivered justice to Osama bin Laden, who was killed in a covert American raid in Pakistan on May 2, and declared the terror network is on the path to defeat. "The perpetrators of those (9/11) attacks wanted to terrorize us, but they are no match for our resilience. Today, our country is more secure and our enemies are weaker. We can't be this stupid?

What about Al Qaeda in Iraq? I know we are blaming increased bombings on them having resurged. What about Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula? What about Al Shabab and other Al Qaeda associates in Somalia? What about Al Qaeda in Yemen who we blame for attempted bombings on the US and around the world? What about the lone wolfs in the US and around the world? the sleeper cells? We have won or defeated nothing! This is just beginning!

Three Terrorist Groups in Africa Pose Threat to US, American Commander Says: General Ham made clear that the three militant organizations — the Shabab in Somalia, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb across the Sahel region of northern Africa and Boko Haram in northern Nigeria — had not yet shown the capability to mount significant attacks outside their homelands.

If you have been following me you know that this so called war on terror in my mind was long instigated by the west and is just beginning. I am sick of hearing how we are killing Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders and weakening the so called war on terror. First this is not a war on terror and we are winning nothing it is just beginning.

Like it or not this is a war against the majority of Islam. It is a Religious war and that is only part of it around the world! I am sick of hearing world leaders come out after an attack on our interests saying they strongly condemn the actions of the so called terrorists! So what! That is absolutely worthless!

From the beginning the so called terrorists said they wanted us off their lands which will never happen so what does Bush do he attacks them and rubs salt in the wound. We have our work cut out for us and will have to fight and it will be much longer than anyone can imagine. I said years ago that as we know Religious wars are the longest and the dirtiest and this will be the worst and at a point in time when our Planet is at a point in its life cycle where it may not survive and be life sustaining as we need it to survive as we know it!

Anyway you look at it this so called terrorism fiasco is just beginning and will be fought for many generations. I am of the frame of mind that these people will only get better and more desperate over time. They are learning from us every day and we better start learning from them. Do not trust in your leaders keep an eye peeled!

It is time for our so called leaders to at least make believe they can think and act like they are better than the terrorists. Condoning their action is old and sickening to listen to over and over. Let us get with it! deserved or not is not the issue. The war on terrorism is will not go away and will have to be fought to win regardless of how long, period.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I think you're wrong on this Jim. Reading several of the Arab blogs Al Qaeda is not something that's getting stronger from an ideological standpoint in the Middle East. Eventually we'll have to let go but what I'd like to see is what relationships we're developing with the new governments there that are just now starting.

an average patriot said...

I was pointing out Al Qaeda is still everywhere. The problem is not Al Qaeda but extremists period and they are working alone. I do not think killing 8 of the 20 leaders is going to change anything. These so called extremists have nothing better to do and they are like the head of the hydra, get rid of one that just creates 10 or 20 more.