Monday, September 12, 2011

The latest in the devolution as Turkey to take Israel to UN court : What if it comes down to Turkey or Israel?

Turkey expelled Israel's Ambassador, suspended all military agreements between the two countries and will escort aid ships to Gaza
UN chief urges Turkey and Israel to fix ties: Call comes after Turkey expelled Israeli envoys in protest against Tel Aviv's refusal to apologize for deadly ship raid. Turkey expelled Israel's Ambassador and suspended all military agreements between the two countries

Report: Turkey navy to escort aid ships to Palestinians in Gaza: The eastern Mediterranean will no longer be a place where Israeli naval forces can freely exercise their bullying practices against civilian vessels," a Turkish official was quoted as saying. As part of the plan, the Turkish navy will increase its patrols in the eastern Mediterranean and pursue "a more aggressive strategy". According to the report, Turkish naval vessels will accompany civilian ships carrying aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Turkey to take Israel to UN court: It is the latest sign of strain between the countries since last year's Israeli action against ships heading for Gaza, in which nine Turks were killed.

UN Chief 'Sincerely Hopes' Israel, Turkey Improve Relations: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he sincerely hopes Israel and Turkey will improve their relationship, following Ankara's decision to expel Israel's ambassador and suspend all military agreements. Ban told reporters Saturday that both countries are very important to the region, and to the Middle East peace process.

Anti-missile radar to be deployed in Turkey - Foreign Ministry: "The deployment of this [missile defense] element in Turkey will constitute our contribution to the defense system being developed within the new NATO [defense] strategy and will strengthen the defense potential of NATO as well as our national defense system," The timing is a little suspect to me. Is this a warning to Israel?

The US Needs Turkey for its Middle East Agenda but so doesn't the rest of the world, so? What about the war monger Israel? There is more to this decision than you think. Turkey's future is tied to a pipeline! It really drives me crazy but the more you research the more you realize all throughout the middle east, Georgia, Afghanistan, everywhere, all the wars and controversy can be tied back to gas and oil. Russia's interest in Iran in numerous and as such is not singular to nuclear cooperation. You might have already known Russia was also interested in Iran's gas and oil but an interesting possible relationship and cooperation just dawned on me.

I am sure you remember Russia creating a crisis shutting off Europe's gas and oil supply after its confrontation with Georgia! That and the fact that Turkey has long desired and endeavored to become a member of the European Union. This opens up a win win for all involved! Russia wants the franchise for Iran's gas and oil! Turkey is at the crossroads of the middle east and the European Union. This is a major point for compromise in all our problems! Give Russia the franchise, the EU lets Turkey join in turn for Turkey allowing a pipeline from Iran through Turkey into the EU. Everyone wins! A win win for all and a chance for us to move into the future as one.

I reiterate the future is up to a pipeline!

In the middle east we have been living a total lie from 9/11 on! You have not heard the truth once! Not on the events of 9/11,the Anthrax attacks which scared Congress to pass the so called Patriot Act and give Bush the abusive power he needed to attack Afghanistan for not allowing his pipeline through Afghanistan. The only remaining obstacle on 9-11 was the remaining agreement between the Taliban and Bridas Corporation. The Bush Administration, Congress, many in our major media, and even the 9-11 Commission and Cheney Energy Task Force all know about Bridas Corporation because that Argentine oil and gas company was standing in the way of our US oil companies and UK oil companies. The Caspian Basin oil is landlocked and there are only so many ways to get that oil out of the ground, to the ocean ports and into your gas tanks or home heating oil tanks.

What a coincidence huh? There is the direct route from Turkmenistan across Iran to the ocean, but that is not politically popular since the overthrow of the Shah of Iran many years ago. There is: 1.) the route across the Caspian Sea westward, which is extremely costly; and through Azerbaijan through Turkey to the Mediterranean; and 2.) from Turkmenistan through Georgia to the Black Sea; and 3.) through the Ukraine to Europe; and 4.) the Turkmenistan through Afghanistan and Pakistan to the ocean. Until one of those solutions was in place, the holes being drilled into the ground by British Petroleum, Chevron, Exxon and others could not go anywhere and could not produce revenues for those companies. A route northward through Russia would put US oil companies at risk to changes in Russian politics and the Eastward route through China was not deemed secure enough since China is soon to become the second largest user of petroleum in the world after the United States.


Many of us have said numerous times that Bush was advised before hand that if he attacked Iraq he would destabilize the middle east. He knew before he ignored all good advice that the neighbors would get involved and they are. He knew that it was most likely that Iraq would be divvied up between the Kurds, the Sunni's, and the Shiite and it will be. In the past I have written extensively the entire middle east would blow and then the entire world would be involved in war. I know that both Turkey and Iran are fighting Kurds that are looking for Autonomy but never really thought that a free Kurdistan would encompass areas of Iran and Turkey as well as Iraq. knowing the close American Kurdish relationship I really have to rethink what Bush's real goal was here after I discovered an old story. Tell me what you think!

Kurdistan Observer: A Free Kurdistan! Recent nuances and nudges in government policy as well as tacit support for the most obscene anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism by the ruling political party of Turkey ought to cause the United States to begin to rethink its comprehensive policy toward Asia in general and toward one non-Arab minority in Iraq in particular: the Kurds. What, today, is the most intractable political problem in Iraq? It is the very real political and religious aims of Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish regions of the nation. Since the inception of Operation Iraqi Freedom, President Bush has maintained that the unity of the nation of Iraq was non-negotiable. In politics and in war, however, nothing should be non-negotiable.

This sounds vaguely familiar but Iraq is not a nation in any real sense, it was rather three separate concentration camps each with differing degrees of oppression. An answer? Maybe but there are numerous counties involved and they all want their answer as a result there will be none I am afraid because peace and prosperity is not the goal but getting ones way and individual National Sovereignty is!

The US needs Turkey for its middle east policy but it is obvious the rest of the world does too. Turkey and the world are at a crossroads which way will we go? We know the obvious of why we are told we will always be beside Israel the war monger but if it came right down to it which way should we go Israel or Turkey? We may have to decide.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I have to chuckle. An East African co worker just mentioned this a few weeks ago. He said in that part of the world the easiest way to end any dispute is to say, "I'm sorry".

an average patriot said...

Yeah but you know that will never happen.