Monday, September 19, 2011

Report: Cancer Rates Could Rise 50 Percent by 2020: You don't think that's our fault?

Global rates of cancer could rise 50 percent to 15 million new cases a year by 2020, but one-third can be cured and another third prevented by curbing infections and through lifestyle changes, experts said on Thursday.

Since I became aware of the fact that we are in every regard living a total lie it just amazes me the bull shit excuses and lies we accept as truth just to keep us placated. This is no exception. You have to be kidding me. We are supposed to fall for the BS that one third of the new cases of cancer can be prevented by curbing infections and changing our lifestyle's.

Just what does an infection have to do with getting cancer? Someone please tell me. Sure the level of obesity I see today really worries me and a lifestyle change in the regard of eating right and getting some activity going in many sedimentary lives is critical to preventing numerous ailments but cancer may be one of the but the least of them.

Yes I do agree 100% that we are responsible for most of the increase in curable and incurable diseases but they are due to our all encompassing level and types of pollution. Air pollution, water pollution, ground pollution, acid rain, all are problems due to the normal suspects but it is the role nuclear assets particularly was plays in out environmental and life problems that concerns me most of all and it is never mentioned. Remember this?

Global nuclear cover-up: Depleted Uranium, Gulf war Syndrome, Increased Autism, Diabetes, Cancer!

I was watching a program about a scientist who did a fraudulent study on Autism being attributed to flu vaccine and thought I should get the truth out on this once more: Global nuclear cover-up, Depleted uranium, Gulf war Syndrome,increased Autism Diabetes Cancer, they won't admit it but Now you know why! Leuren Moret is a whistle blower from the Livermore Lab. In her presentations she exposes shocking and highly suppressed facts about our Government poisoning is with radiation right at this very moment.

Leuren documents every statement she makes with research documents many of which are actual Government Data to draw their conclusions. Did you know that diabetes, Autism, and other forms of mental illness are caused by exposure on nuclear radiation. No wonder Diabetes and Autism are on the upswing and supposedly no one knows why. You have to believe they do not want you to know the truth here too.
watch the video of Lauren speaking the truth about the nuclear cover up

From nuclear testing we have switched to nuclear power plants that are causing increasingly high rates of cancer, birth defects, and literally an epidemic of diabetes. I have heard it mentioned here before that we have used weapons containing depleted Uranium and didn't really think too much about it because I really wasn't sure.

However watching this video totally documented that depleted uranium has not only turned Iraq and Afghanistan into uninhabitable nuclear holocaust for millions of years. Remember the Gulf war Syndrome? Depleted uranium was also used at Tora Bora. I was not aware of that! Cancer among soldiers is rampant!

We are giving our soldiers a death sentence. Why are we not testing our soldiers? You know why! Anyway it is also blowing over the rest of the planet causing Americans, Europeans, and others to die from radiation diseases.

Remember Chernobyl? That too is affecting all of us as it only takes one year to mix globally. This is all something our Governments do not want us to know. I was really surprised to hear the Queen has a great financial interest in Uranium mines around the world. I was blown away to hear that there were 2 million new cases of Diabetes around the world in one year.

It is not just Britain and the U.S. that do not want the truth known, there is a Global Conspiracy on the issue because other governments are also involved in nuclear programs and they don't want their citizens to know the real reasons why their children are being born with severe anomalies and why the diabetes rates are soaring worldwide. This is just amazing! Watch the video and the cities around the world that are least affected will blow you away. Washington DC is the lowest in the country. What a surprise.

This all amazes me in light of the Manifesto to the World I wrote detailing what is happening and why, and what we will do to the planet someone has to be able to live and be sustained on, and hearing routinely the rattles of war threatening to make things even worse!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Zhann said...

I hate to say this, because it doesn't truly reflect my position on this, but in short the cancer increase can be attested to one simple word ... Progress. We are growing technologically much faster than our medical research can keep up with. As cancer rates rise, so do their cures, albeit not as fast.

I acknowledge that this is terrible, and would like to do everything in my power to ensure that neither my family nor I ever get any for of terminal or debilitative cancer, however I also acknowledge that in order to enjoy what our world has to offer we need to accept that some people will die in the process. As evil as this sounds, I don't mean it in any sadistic way, I just accept it as a side effect of life.

an average patriot said...

Zhann I hate to say it but you are right. It sucks but the way this frigged up world looks at it is war is peace, war is progress. We are our own worse enemy. I have always believed that mans role on this planet is not to save it but to bring its life cycle full circle.

J.V said...
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J.V said...

Well, that that war is peace, is the idea that you have Americans in the world, what made ​​you see Hollybood with movies and it appears that much of American citizens have believed it, just amazing to me that a country that has the death penalty, fence Arab countries to teach human rights when the U.S. has killed and killed blacks without contemplation.
Greetings from Spain.