Friday, September 23, 2011

I am excited to add some new functionality to the site

Hello AAP readers and commenter's.

I am excited to add some new functionality to the site courtesy of I would be pleased to supply anyone interested in adding this helpful plugin to their site compliments of Corey. Just let me know or the info is in the link. Excellent interview with Corey and Chris

When you read a AAP article now, you will notice the names of famous people (be it politicians, movie stars, authors, etc) highlighted and dotted underlined in blue or pink. When you point to that name, you will be able to vote up or vote down that person in the context of the article. After voting them up or down, you can then comment about the person directly. These comments basically form a community around that person that grows every time their name is used article by article.

You will also see tabs with the famous person in them where you can vote up, vote down, and comment on the person as well at the bottom of the article. NOTE: This does not interfere with normal AAP commenting. As you will see, it rides right alongside of the comments. SendLove is about opinions of famous people directly. So after you comment on a AAP article, you can comment on the person.

Here’s how it works: notice how when I mention Barack Obama right here, the name turns blue? or pink? Mouse over it to check out the Quick Poll feature! With the Quick Poll, you can click to vote a person up or down, explain your reason why, and send it! You’ll also notice that Barack Obama shows up in a tab at the bottom of this article. Click on his tab to read more about him, see the opinions of others, or send him a “love” or a “not so much” there.

There is SO much more that does and you will see this as individuals comment more and more about a person.

I would personally like to thank Corey Brundage "a fellow Bostonian", co-founder of, for introducing me to, I believe, a great addition to our Voice. As with all new functions, some tweaking may be needed to get things right so please be patient. But so far so good.


One Fly said...

Good looking guy in the picture James.

I got the same thing but passed for now because I intentionally spell names wrong as an insult.

an average patriot said...

Funny Tom but I posed that to Corey because I do the same thing. In the case of the likes of Bush I refuse to use their first name because they have not earned the respect and it still works. It is a great application and I look forward to future conversations and improvements. I have to laugh because we traveled the same F'd up circles like Roxbury albeit him 25 years later.

One Fly said...

Did it put "Guess whose ass this is" at the top??

an average patriot said...

That's funny but believe it or not we traveled the same wild circles separated by decades. He is a home boy and seeing that pic made me accept his phone call. In a nutshell he is very smart, quick witted, and has a lot going on. I was impressed! No every picture tells the "right" story. Keep smiling Tom and take care.

Ranch Chimp said...

Well Jim ... heh, heh, heh, heh, I actually read this one first and had to read it twice to understand what's going on ... however, good luck on the new venture. I tried to make my journal more "loving" as well, as you probably know : )