Saturday, September 24, 2011

Once again main stream media is playing it wrong and creating the wrong issue. we are seeing the Taliban's weakness not its strength.

Rabbani death endangers Taliban talks In my mind this was an attack against the Taliban and should strengthen their resolve to talk with Karzai and NATO. The people are mourning his senseless death. This should bring everyone together against the extremist killers.

I have been listening to the growing rancor between Pakistan and the US because the US has finally openly voiced that the Haqqani's are indeed the militant arm of Pakistan's inter-service intelligence agency and we will kill them one way or the other. I warned that the Haqqani's were more important than UBL in this war and killing them has to happen, will happen, and the fallout will be earth shattering.

The American ambassador to Afghanistan said on Wednesday that the Haqqani network appeared to be responsible for the assault against the United States Embassy in Kabul and nearby NATO bases. But he played down the attack as harassment rather than a major military strike. I agree! Once again main stream media is playing it wrong and creating the wrong issue. This showed the Taliban's weakness not its strength.

supposedly to commemorate 9/11 and avenge Bin Laden's death: A powerful Taliban truck bomb wounded 77 American soldiers and killed five Afghans outside a combat outpost. The attack was carried out by a Taliban suicide bomber who detonated a large bomb inside a truck carrying firewood, Nato said. 'Most of the force of the explosion was absorbed by the protective barrier at the outpost entrance,' Nato said, adding that the damage was repairable and that operations were continuing.

NATO forces thwarted a series of planned attacks in Afghanistan aimed at coinciding with the 9/11 anniversary, the head of international forces said Thursday after a deadly battle in Kabul: 

"We do believe that (Taliban forces) were trying to do an attack on the anniversary of 9/11 and actually we thwarted a number of attacks," he told a teleconference with reporters at the Pentagon. Evans acknowledged that the dramatic attack was "a spectacular tactical action" but said "it didn't reach any of the government buildings, it didn't achieve any of their aims." "They did not breach any of the compounds of either the (US) embassy, ISAF, or any of the government buildings," he added. The Haqqani network!

First I just want to reiterate the dangers of the Haqqani's and the fact that they must be eliminated as they are the driving force behind all the Taliban damage and killing in Afghanistan. They are being protected in Pakistan so they can disrupt UN efforts in Afghanistan. Remember we discussed many times the dangers of the Haqqani's?

We are decimating the Haqqani's but...

With that said I just want to point out that main stream media has shown once again that they are childish, irresponsible, and in control of the message and agenda.They irresponsibly gave the Taliban the airwaves after their failure of an attack on US soldiers saying they marked the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by showing how vulnerable we are 10 years later.

I am sorry, anyone that was not trying to hype the situation and capitalize off it would have seen something totally different. The attack was a failure! A weakened Taliban tried and failed. They could not get near the soldiers and had to detonate outside of a protective barrier. 70 or 80 soldiers were injured but are back on duty. The Taliban's only success was in killing more civilians as is their goal and highlighting their weakness.

As for the so called "brazen attack" in the middle of Kabul on the US embassy. Main stream media talked it up for 3 days saying how the Taliban proved they could attack us dressed as Women wherever they wanted. That was pure BS! They took over an abandoned building and were firing RPG's and rifles from the top floor.. It was a half mile away. The Haqqani's did this too but they accomplished nothing.

Once again they showed their weakness and accomplished nothing period. All the Taliban were killed, no one in the Embassy was killed and no Americans were killed in another attack where they were only hoping "Allah" would let them get lucky. It is time to put more pressure on the ISI and Pakistani Government to stop protecting the Haqqani's so we can put an end to these games and go home.

*As far as I am concerned Afghanistan has proven they can handle security once we eliminate the Haqqani's. The Taliban think they are getting away with something but they are being watched closely by JSOC ready to pounce and take them out when given the command. I say give it now and save lives.

My guess is the command has been given because the Haqqani's have been going down en-masse. The network is important but I think "they" should take out the Haqqani's first. I wish we would quickly kill the Haqqani's, both Jalaluddin and Sirajuddin and leave the rest to Pakistan. Let the chips fall where they may because admit it or not their death will be hitting Pakistan to its core.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

I agree with you on the mainstream media bit's of choice's of coverage and/ or word's ... bottom line Jim ... the Taliban aint shit, but a bunch of primitive religious raghead's. and IF OUR military were really allowed to "act" as in battle (which is to defeat the enemy) we would have wiped their asses out long ago. But frankly you know, I wouldnt even be fighting them, a waste of our money and time, but we will learn ... IN TIME.

an average patriot said...

I agree RC! Guarantee you the Haqqani's are Pakistan's militant arm and they are as from day one under the guidance of the ISI to kill us and disrupt us and Afghanistan. Kill the Haqqanis and the Taliban can be controlled but then the nightmare begins with Pakistan.