Friday, September 02, 2011

China calls weapons modernization drive warnings alarmist "cock-and-bull story.

China calls weapons modernization drive warnings alarmist "cock-and-bull story." We were here with the Nazi's look at the awful details

China media dismiss Pentagon: China's state news agency on Thursday condemned a Pentagon report on China's growing military might, calling its account of Beijing's weapons modernization drive an alarmist "cock-and-bull story."

China military 'closing key gaps': China is on course to build a modern military by 2020, a move that could threaten stability in the Asia-Pacific region, the Pentagon says. In its annual report on China's defense capability, the Pentagon said China had closed key technological gaps.A main aim of the military development was to prevent possible US intervention in any conflict with Taiwan, it said.

The Pentagon said on Wednesday that China was on track to forge a modern military by 2020, a rapid buildup that could be potentially destabilizing to the Asia-Pacific region.

This report is not very long so I hope you give it a quick read. The Pentagon gave this a pretty wide, expansive, and comprehensive look but having followed China's military actions and interests very closely for years you better believe when you get to the nitty gritty China's military prowess is not exaggerated at all but in my eye a bit jaded.

We have been here before with Hitler's "innocent" military build up. China is laying claim to all seas and Islands in Asia and wants to widen its interests. Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan's and US concerns are valid and not exaggerations but I have no idea as to how they can be addressed. Global military buildup aside we are witnessing actions to be concerned about in China's words of innocence.

It is not just the East China Sea, we have talked extensively on China's instigation in the South China Sea but remembering Japan's actions against China before and during WW2 China and that Japan was ultimately defeated China said We hope that Japan will use history as a guide, and earnestly reflect on its defense policies. I believe it is China that should slow down and remember it was the US and her allies that saved her. It is time to share not fight! China has been warning all other Asian Nations not to go after the gas, oil, and other natural resources around the Spratly's, Kurils, Senkaku, and other contested Islands and areas in the China Sea.

China just launched its first aircraft carrier a retrofitted Russian aircraft carrier and is in the process of building it's first Chinese carrier. Anyway then all Asian countries better be prepared. Remember the "incident this past spring with the 10 Chinese warships including destroyers and submarines off Okinawa? This put a new light on things to me. Look at the big picture once again.

As we discussed there have been at least three cases of groups of Chinese military ships crossing through the area of Okinawa since November 2008, first 4 ships then 6 then 8 and now 10 including destroyers and submarines. That case appeared to be the first involving surfaced submarines. The group of 10 ships, including the submarines, was observed about 90 miles (140 kilometers) southwest of Okinawa in international waters.

Two missile destroyers and three frigate ships from the same group were spotted participating in a flight exercise of carrier-based helicopters April 7-9, the Defense Ministry's Joint Staff Office said in a statement The war ships were in international waters but close to Okinawa and Japan was not notified. That area as you may know has natural resources under the ocean and islands claimed by both Nations. It is important that we stay in Okinawa as China plays a more important role in Asia and around the world as she gains strength militarily and economically as we just discussed.

*China is not a threat to Asia and beyond when all is said and done? I am afraid they are and also to our old world balance. The entire world better be concerned not just Asia.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

First off China isn't in the same position Germany was after WWI. At that time if you recall your history the German economy was in shambles. They had hyper inflation and then suffered greatly during the depression. They were required by their surrender agreement not to build any military. By building a military Hitler was able to put people back to work and their economy was humming. The German people were able to overlook what Hitler was doing to the rest of the world as long as they were doing okay.
If you ask me I'd say China wants to be a player on the world stage and not thought of as some third world country. And they've alway had differences with Japan.

an average patriot said...

It has nothing to do with the state of their economies when they were building and the Chinese soldier is more than bloated with well deserved pride but knowing the quest for what the Big three think of as the countries last natural reserves you better be very concerned but we do not matter and things will happen whether we like it or not.