Saturday, September 03, 2011

A War of choice versus war of necessity: Drug war deaths compared to terrorism war deaths

The latest or so we think: 53 die in attack on Mexican casino: At least 53 people were killed in a fiery attack at a casino in an upscale area of Monterrey, Mexico, government and emergency officials said.

Bomb kills 7 at U.N. building in Nigeria: At least seven people have been killed and many more injured in a bombing Friday at the U.N. building in the center of the Nigerian capital, Abuja, witnesses say. Recent attacks, including on the church and police station, may have been the work of a radical Muslim sect, Boko Haram aims to enforce a strict version of Sharia law in the nation.Africa's most populous nation is divided between a largely Christian south and a Muslim north. Islamist and anti Christian Religious terrorism, you bet!
Nigerian Islamist militants claim UN attack: Christian Science MonitorNigerian Islamist militants claim UN attack. Christian Science Monitor: Today's suicide attack on the United Nations headquarters in Nigeria marks the first time Boko Haram has struck a foreign target.

Researching the death totals in the war on terrorism is unbelievably convoluted and the totals elusive so here you can just take a look and I will explain at the bottom

Here too researching the death totals in the war on drugs is unbelievably convoluted and the totals elusive so here you can just take a look and I will again explain at the bottom

Any way you look at it the world realizes the war on drugs is lost and the war on drugs has been a war of choice. The world says drug war lost end it so the US increases drug war spending. Duh!

In closing on this subject I want to say something different for me. When I think of the war on drugs I think illegal drugs but at the link above I learned something I never gave a thought and that is that over 50,000 Americans are killed a year from prescription drugs. That is a growing problem and where we should be concentrating our efforts.

If you have been following me you know that this so called war on terror in my mind was long instigated by the west and is just beginning. I am sick of hearing how we are killing Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders and weakening the so called war on terror. First this is not a war on terror and we are winning nothing it is just beginning.

Like it or not this is a war against the majority of Islam. It is a Religious war and that is only part of it around the world! I am sick of hearing world leaders come out after an attack on our interests saying they strongly condemn the actions of the so called terrorists! So what! That is absolutely worthless!

From the beginning the so called terrorists said they wanted us off their lands which will never happen so what does Bush do he attacks them and rubs salt in the wound. We have our work cut out for us and will have to fight and it will be much longer than anyone can imagine. I said years ago that as we know Religious wars are the longest and the dirtiest and this will be the worst and at a point in time when our Planet is at a point in its life cycle where it may not survive and be life sustaining as we need it to survive as we know it!

Anyway you look at it this so called terrorism fiasco is just beginning and will be fought for many generations. I am of the frame of mind that these people will only get better and more desperate over time. They are learning from us every day and we better start learning from them. Do not trust in your leaders keep an eye peeled!

It is time for our so called leaders to at least make believe they can think and act like they are better than the terrorists. Condoning their action is old and sickening to listen to over and over. Let us get with it! deserved or not is not the issue. The war on terrorism is will not go away and will have to be fought to win regardless of how long, period. The war on terrorism is a war of necessity.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Jim ... off on the road shortly myself, not quite to Mexico though, just a tad north. Thank You for the CNN piece as well as far as the Monterrey casino hit, my friend who lives in Monterrey is going to be back here in Dallas in a couple weeks, I havent heard from him though other than that. My daughter when she got back from Miami a few week's ago on business, was sent right off again by her company back to Alcapulco (spelling?), she said all was cool, and her room was in the central area of tourism, this week she's off to Detroit, that town is no picnic. Unfortunately this turf war has went on longer than I anticipated, I was looking for it to get settled soon, but too many "payback's" still owed I reckon, I would like to go back to Mexico for a couple visit's, I have been reluctant to cross the border the last few year's. Many Texan's still cross daily simply because they are lower income or retired folk's who get their gas, prescription drug's there, dental work, etc, there's a whole schlew of border cities that are attached to Texas border you can walk across to ... alot of the college student's go just to drink because it's still 18 there and they frequent the working gal's on the weekend's.

I reckon you heard about Tim Waters at Scared Stiff ... he lost everything but his life, wife, and Gretsch guitar in a flood up there in upstate New York ... that's f'd up man!

Other than that, it's about 8:40 am here and I'm runnin a tad late, so fixin to shower and shave, grab a bite and hit the freeway ... have a good un Bud!

One Fly said...

I thank for your passion Jim and you/we all of us are correct on this debacle.

Ranch Chimp or anyone else who can point me somewhere to find out about Tim. He's been on my mind and now I find out bad shit happened.

Thanks!! OF

an average patriot said...

RC the drug war is getting really bad. It really pisses me off because it is unnecessary. We just seem to have a penchant for any kind of war period. Hope your daughter is enjoying all that traveling, you guys just stay in touch.

Yeah I have been in touch with Tim along with many others. After seeing all his pictures, he is in for a long, long haul. That is a tear down 100% rehab and they lost everything.

He is on the right track though, we'll stay with him. I don't know if you need an invite for this but you can look if you haven't yet.


an average patriot said...

Tom I just sent a link to RC, there is also a P.O. if you want to help that way. I hope you can see the pics, it's a total loss and they can use all the help they can get.

an average patriot said...

Hi Guy just in case you're interested: Gwendolyn Holden Barry 12:48pm Sep 4
Just so folks will know; I'll repost Tim & Melissa Waters (where to send) address every now and then through this weekend. Its: PO BOX 301, HOWES CAVE, NY 12092 Please send postal $order, cash or gift cards of what you can?