Thursday, October 28, 2010

If Proposition 19 passes Feds will stop playing nice

When I first heard of Eric Holder's stance on California's proposition 19 if it passes I dismissed it knowing California at this point has implemented a full business plan including pot farms, factories, stores, an advertisement plan, taxation plans, the whole 9 yards. They also had the backing of retired cops judges lawyers and other notables. look how deep into this California is.

I do believe it will pass! My original thought was what are they going to do arrest millions? Now that this is getting closer Holder is coming out with his intentions and it is very disconcerting. We have real issues to deal with, we have wars to fight. These BS games have got to stop! There is no reason cannabis is illegal other than the fact that it would encroach on millions of harmful so called legal products.

Knowing how useful cannabis is along with how harmless it is, it is sick that they ever got to lump that in with pot.Funny enough they re legalized it during WW2 because they needed the products and made it illegal again when they thought people would not fight and Russia would use it against us after the war.

My concern now is that people all over that State on every level have exposed themselves and the feds now know exactly who they will have to go after. Attorney General Eric Holder who once promised to be easy on medical marijuana users now now says that If California voters pass Proposition 19, which largely legalizes pot, Washington will come down hard. If Prop. 19 passes Feds will stop playing nice

His stance should clear away any misconceptions about the legal status of marijuana or who is in charge. Marijuana though this is dead wrong remains an illegal drug under federal law, whether state voters feel otherwise. Growing, smoking, or selling the marijuana is against the law Holder indicated but I believe like gay marriage this too should be up to the state period.

President Obama's top law enforcement officer said the administration will "vigorously enforce" federal drug laws. Holder signaled a legal kitchen-sink approach was in the works if Prop. 19 wins. He would go after sellers and organizations that distribute the weed. The attorney general would also go to court to stop the measure from taking effect. We have better things to do damn it!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

Left a comment on the Denver post on an article about the women whose husband was killed by bandits on a lake in Texas that straddles the border and how legalization would have an immediate positive effect.

Just got hammered by the nutters.

I actually think Jim this is another tactic on the part of the right is to stifle any views from the left no matter how much sense there may be with them.

an average patriot said...

Yeah Tom I came to the conclusion that despite all the lies used to support their crap the old order is not going to relent on pot, gay marriage, or any of the rest of their crap.

Demeur said...

Sorry Jim but this really needs to be done on a federal level. You can't have a hodge podge of state laws governing pot just as we can't have a mix of laws governing immigration.
I think you'd just set up another front on the drug war. As in, let's pop over to California for a couple of keys before heading home to Arizona. Then the drug mules to the rest of the country using L.A. as a base. Possible? You bet.

One Fly said...

It's never going to get done at a federal level-fucking never!

Where ever any inroads can be made they must be. If the people don't do it we will remain in the dark ages forever.

Sitting back and waiting for these corporate whored out bastards in dc to do the right thing and stop this insanity from the last 40 years is pure bull shit.

Bring it on California.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I have come to the conclusion that the old guard in this country is not going to step forward and do the right thing for the country in changing times period!

I would like to see the feds do the right thing for gays, pot, and everything else but they never will and it is up to the States to do what is right for their people.

You may have looked at some of the video's I've posted on the history of reef in the world and here and making cannabis illegal had nothing to do with anything except it is so universally useful it would infringe on harmful legal products we use.

One of the videos points out we made it illegal then legalized it because we needed it for its many products then made it illegal again after ww2. Marijuana and cannabis were lumped together when the feds realized marijuana was harmless but they feared the USSR would use it against us to keep us from fighting.

The whole issue is BS to me, the whole lie we are living is. We like it or not are totally controlled for a hidden agenda period!

an average patriot said...

Damn straight Tom! I am afraid everything has to be taken out of their hands and put on a state level as the fed's sole goal is dominance doing anything to get it including sacrificing every states personnel and rights.

Sarah Hall said...

Sorry to say, but no one cares and this would not be done on a federal level. Well... I will have to leave now; the whole process of essay writing won't be as easy as counting for three, for instance.