Monday, October 18, 2010

Kim Jong Il's son talks succession: The bet should be how long Kim Jong Un will survive

Two men in a newsroom discuss Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong Il's son talks succession
Kim Jong-il's oldest son against North Korea dynastic succession
A new organization in South Korea vows to end Pyongyang's government and unify the Korean peninsula. includes more than 100 former North Korean military members, vows to end Pyongyang's government and unify the Korean peninsula. They also claim support from some of North Korea's current military. If that is true this is a game changer! Former North Korean Soldiers Vow to Overthrow Kim Family Rule

The soul of those that starved under Kim Jong Il curse him. Leaders of the group they call the North Korea Peoples Liberation Front then read a statement condemning to death the North Korean leader and staged his mock execution. I told you food was our friend in North Korea! The group calls themselves the North Korea Peoples Liberation Front and their quest is to liberate their homeland on its 62nd anniversary.

Kim Jong Il has been starving his people to death for decades so he could build his massive military and play with nuclear weapons, missiles, and other advanced weapons. You know I have been very concerned about North Korea and her Shenanigans as she was firing missiles testing nuclear weapons and as a matter of policy, antagonizing the west in order to bring us to the bargaining table and barter cooperation for food for its citizens.

I finally realized years ago now that average citizens of countries around the world do matter and they are mere pawns and bargaining chips for a countries ruling party to use and get what they want. In that end North Korea has routinely sacrificed its people while pursuing its expensive military endeavors.

As you know, famine is one of the biggest and oldest problems in the world. It will only get worse as responsible nations fight to regain their economic footing. We are talking responsible nations one of which North Korea is not. Right now there are over 800 million people around the world suffering from hunger.

North Korea ranks as the worst in the world in that category and a share that distinction with the likes of Somalia, Ethiopia, and Sudan but North Korea has one of the largest military’s in the world and plays with nuclear weapons while starving her citizens.

The main problem is North Korea is closed to the outside world so the Government can ravage the people and follow their militaristic agenda. Most North Koreans do not realize they are among the poorest Nations on the planet and bow to and thank Kim Jong Il for their one meal a day they get and are told is good for them. North Korea Disaster hunger and famine

I always wondered just in knowing what South Koreans have when the North Korean’s were going to rebel? I have to ask how can any person no matter how deranged possibly think keeping your subjects starving and destitute be good for country order and unity? Free Markets are no longer allowed and the docile people of North Korea were roaming the streets cursing the Government loudly after the currency was devalued. This is pretty radical for North Koreans who have been taught from birth that they owed everything to Kim Jong Il. My heart is with the up to now loyally starving citizens purposely being starved by their own Government!

To me reunification in one form or the other is the best bet for a post Kim Jong Il North Korea. It has many hurdles but many benefits. It would solve North Korea's financial and food woes. The Germanies did it and the Korea's can do it to. They have been working on reunification for years

Any way you look at it I would not expect Kim Jong Un to live long! I agree that North Korea dynastic succession should end and Korea reunified for the best of North Korea, Asia and the world. I just realized that from the past experience of China not coming forward to stop North Korea's bombastic activities with South Korea and the west that it is China that wants a militaristic North Korea and to protect its border. China has no interest in a unified Democratic Korea at their doorstep.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

As I recall China some years back when Clinton was in office gave North Korea aid and advice for fixing their financial situation. Il took the aid and ignored the advice. Since then China has been very tight with it's aid to North Korea.

an average patriot said...

Whether the Kore's try to get toge6ther or not That guy won't last long. I really can't see China tolerating a Democracy right at her door. Hold on!