Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In Afghanistan, troops continue to kill important Taliban militants while to their demise Pakistan is still working to make NATO fail

In Afghanistan, troops kill Taliban militants

Pakistan finally opened the border but I can't be the only one that got a a very negative message from their allowing the destruction of around 100 trucks full of goods and the deaths of their own people trying to make a living.

Cheney Bush and Condi did all this. I discussed it ad nauseum and I have to get things together to go down to the VA and that takes most of a day but that is why Afghanistan became known as Pipestan. Everyone forgets but remember the secret White House meetings with the so called energy Czars?

They had meetings with the Taliban in the WH and in Crawford. After the Taliban said no to Bush putting an oil pipeline through Afghanistan Bush threatened to attack them and what a surprise, 9/11 was allowed to happen and we did. This is well worth a quick read at least after the Kennedy stuff but did you ever read we do not have clean hands in Afghanistan

This is another small part of this entire total package mess that is barely beginning. I was glad to hear Shahzad say that at his trial but the stupid idiots in charge hear just laugh it off and dismiss it as the talk of frustration. They don't have a frigging clue!

The Taliban, Al Qaeda, Islamists, terrorists, whatever you want to label them are playing. This is fun to them, this is what they want to do for a living, kill the infidel. This is the End of days fight they have long called for and right where they want it.

I gave you the link before but remember the Taliban get their first wish?

We have to get the hell out of there! Pakistan refused to open the Border and all our supply trucks were sitting ducks and got destroyed even though NATO apologized for accidentally killing 2 soldiers. I am more concerned than ever for their 65 or so nukes though we do have black ops there ready to secure them if necessary. That as you know will be another can of worms and make things much worse!

A month ago Gates said if need be we can depend on the navy for more forces if needed as they are not over extended. I beg to differ with that but it is becoming more obvious daily that we are losing Pakistan and look at Iran. WTF! We are going to end up going after both of them from the gulf, watch. At one time we had 5 carrier battle groups in the Gulf and France's Charles De Gaulle guarding the mouth.

Watch to see if there is another build up coming and refueling aircraft coming from Diego Garcia. that will be the tip off! I do not like the way this is looking and as I keep saying, this is barely beginning. Just think of the ramifications of all this at the same time, our Political BS and dire financial and economic condition,and world players at large.

We have been in Afghanistan going on 10 years over a lie and it is barely beginning and getting worse and worse as this forever war is barely beginning!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I don't see us moving away from Pakistan any time soon even if they don't want us there. But you must ask yourself if the 'war' will move yet again and into India. As you pointed out there are many cultural differences in that area. That is the reason I believe there can be no real central government for Afghanistan.

Demeur said...

One more point. Afghanistan wasn't started from a lie, but the mission was not clearly defined from the get go. The original mission was to rout Al Qaeda and banish the Taliban to the hills where they were to do little harm. That sure hasn't worked. Again we falsely assumed that the country could be made into one homogeneous group.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I had ant Indian politician who contacted me years ago and I wish I stayed in touch with him. Anyway he said despite the differences if we went into Pakistan they would unite to throw out the infidels and then get back to where they were.

an average patriot said...

Oh yes it was! Remember the secret meetings with the Taliban at the white House and Crawford? I'm sure you can google it but did you ever read we do not have clean hands in Afghanistan

an average patriot said...

afghanistan, the Taliban, and Bush, look at the scum Karzai's connection too