Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Remind Russia of their past desire to join NATO and offer it to them

Russia Demands Lifting Of US Blockade Against Cuba bans Iranian investments in nuclear industry, excellent, invite them to join NATO ASAP!

Over a year ago after Obama met with Dmitri Medvedev and proposed Russia and the US press the reset button after the mess Bush made of Russian US relations stupidly the issue being discussed was that Russia was trying to get control of the reset button. I am happy to see they have under Medvedev

We have unity with Obama and Medvedev instead of the race to war with Putin and Bush! Obama started this new detente, this new cooperation as had to be the case to send the message. Obama was criticized for it by Republicans as usual but it was the right thing to do. I am glad to see Russia under Medvedev has picked up the baton.

I like the way this new relationship is going, now one up them! Put the onus on Russia! Put them to the test and advertise it to the world. Supposedly Russia views the expansion of the alliance to include former Soviet republics as a direct threat to Russian interests but are ready again to seek together responses to modern challenges and threats to international security. Russia says ready to resume NATO ties

NATO is not a threat to Russia. We need Russia as an ally to fight the so called war on terror in Afghanistan and around the world and to successfully proceed through the 21st century. Remind Russia of their past desire to join NATO and offer it to them. There is only one choice! end all this! Invite Russia to join NATO. This is not a new idea.

Once upon a time, it was openly entertained in diplomatic circles East and West. In late 1991, the final days of the U.S.S.R Boris Yeltsin stunned a NATO meeting by sending a letter with this unilateral declaration: "Today we are raising a question of Russia's membership in NATO.

" Tom Friedman reported for the New York Times at the time, were "too taken aback ... to give any coherent response." In the ensuing years, as Yeltsin with characteristic bravura continued to raise the prospect, the West kept fumbling for a reply.

NATO'S LAST CHANCE The West Should Invite Russia to Join NATO ...<.a>

Let Russia join NATO - Los Angeles Times

Even Putin, in his first days in the Kremlin, seized on the issue. Instead of taking the perfect opportunity to unite the world Reagan and at least the Bush's chose to make a worse enemy of Russia and widen the gap between the west and Russia by instigating them to war.We had the perfect opportunity to unite the world in peace and our past leaders chose to divide it further by trying to rule the world.

We must put an end to this desire to rearm to fight each other, threaten each other, dominate each other. World unity is the only way for a successful future.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Well you think maybe they need to call it something else? NATO was set up as a defense against Russia.

Dave Dubya said...

I like the idea, if only because it will agitate the "New World Order" nuts even more.

In reality the so called "free trade" aggreements are more damaging to Americans.

an average patriot said...

Yeah that's an idea! I suggest th3e WTO (not wto for trade)world treaty organization but who cares as long as we unify to have a future

an average patriot said...

Yeah they are Dave you have to wonder about that whole free trade thing. It helps everybody but us. We have to unify or there will be no making it through the 21st century.

Vicki said...

James, can't wait until Christine O'Donnell, Sharon Angle, Sarah Palin and friends "take back" our country to reverse these terrible policies and return us to the Cold War. We need to finish off those Ruskies in Afghanistan and Iraq!

an average patriot said...

Hi Vicki I'm sorry I missed this! It is terrible looking at the way the fascist Republican party is going to turn us and they are already. People keep telling me not to worry but we are in serious trouble!