Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good or bad Iraq has too much company: Corruption and stolen power became the new standard of so called Democracy and we set the example!

Iraq election deadlock breaks world record

Afghanistan sank in new corruption ranking in 2009 as US, World Leaders Fell Short in their so called Corruption Fight Group Says! I hate to tell them but corruption is the goal not the fight. I am sorry to say that since Bush we have set a disgusting example of democracy for the world to follow and they are.

It tok 3 months to ratify Iraq's election because of corruption. The main Shia coalition said it had only now decided to nominate the incumbent Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki, for a second term of office but the National Alliance, a merger of Mr Maliki's State of Law coalition and the Iraqi National Alliance of the radical Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr is four seats short of the parliamentary majority needed to confirm the appointment.

The secular Iraqiya bloc led by former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, which narrowly won the election, has said it will oppose such a move. So far it has been 222 days and you can bet there is no end in sight as no one wants to be the minority. This will go a year at least and will only end with their civil war Sunni against Shiite and don't forget the Kurds!

Last year Bush's success Iraq ranked 176 and Afghanistan's level of corruption earned it a ranking of 179 out of 180 Nations listed, worsened only by Somalia who is ranked as the most corrupt nation on earth. That is not much to be proud of! Britain is 17th and the US is 19th, Cuba is 64th and Mexico 89th. Afghanistan has Iraq Burma Haiti and the likes of Burundi for company on the bottom of the list. Afghanistan sank in new corruption ranking I have to wonder where this most recent distinction now puts Iraq?

What bothers me about the list is that recent efforts at forcing Democracy on Nations by Bush and now Obama we know as failure but it is illustrated here. I know corruption has been around since the beginning of society and man. However, with the advent of George W and his corrupt underhanded Government in what he called an example of Democracy to be exported around the world the corruption and stolen power became the new standard. Britain slippped to new low in ranking of most corrupt countries

US, World Leaders Fall Short in Corruption Fight, Group Says It's a losing battle and it will get worse as the new message in today's so called democracies and most countries is to take what you can and do what you have to to better yourself and get what you want.

Bush used what I coined as 3D politics taught by Karl Rove to achieve their goals. (3D politics = Deceitful, deceptive, divisive politics) It seems in every election in every country now we hear cries of fraud and corruption not just here in the US and more visibly in Iran during the June Presidential election. Why should we expect Afghanistan or anyone else to be any different? Check where your country ranks in the corruption index

Look at the example we have set for others to follow. I remember the feeling of shame when GW had the audacity to tell China they should aspire to a US style Democracy seeing our own broadcast daily corruption in what many of us believed was no longer a Democracy. Under Bush we became a Democracy in name only and were exporting that not just in the Middle East but around the world.

Stealing elections and corruptions is the standard in the world now. The destruction Bush rained on the US and world balance along with the example he set for the world to follow will affect the entire world for generations if not forever. That is why I can not forget what Bush did and people often tell me to get over it. He made sure he will go down in history!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


an average patriot said...

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Demeur said...

If you look at the basics here Jim it's all just a matter of theft. Throw a few crumbs i.e. couple of billion dollars at a puppet government and you can steal hundreds of billions of dollars. Bush never gave a tinker's damn about Saddam or Bin Laden as long as he could make a buck off the deal. Just look at his past record in Texas.

an average patriot said...

Yeah you're right there, It was all about the bankrupting of America, war mongering, and helping corporations. My system is still down and no sign of the technician bear with me!

TomCat said...

When Republicans install a government, they do so not with the intent of providing freedom to the populace, but rather, to provide freedom for corporations to strip mine the nation's resources. Corruption always follows in the wake of Republican wars for profit.

an average patriot said...

yeah it sucks doesn't it Tom? Your'e damned if you do dsmned if you don't with them.

We can't have too many of them win in Nov or get back in in 2012 but I am concerned as to what will happen in their desperation when they do not get what they want.

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Richard T said...

As I read the news today, the Iranians have succeeded in brokering a government for Iraq, based on the Shi'ite majority. Will we be hearing celebrations from Bush, Blair, Cheyney, Rumsfeld and the rest about at last achieving a government which represents the majority of the people? Democracy I think it's called although it may not be in the interests of the west for this to have happened.