Monday, October 04, 2010

Anti-outsourcing bill fails in Senate, time for Unemployment And Economics 101

Anti-outsourcing bill fails in Senate because of Lieberman along with four Democrats who voted with a united Republican caucus to block the bill

Unemployment And Economics: Outsourcing Bill Killed In The Senate

Do we need help? bring those companies back to help the people not the companies, let them adjust!
The overall poverty rate climbed to 14.3 percent, or 43.6 million people, the Census Bureau said last Thursday in its annual report on the economic well-being of U.S. households, plus the jobless rolls just increased by 465,000.Over? We have to get our manufacturing baser back and put average Americans back to work.

The share of Americans without health coverage rose from 15.4 percent to 16.7 percent or 50.7 million people mostly because of the loss of employer provided health insurance during the so called recession. If the tea party gets in control they will dwarf those numbers. Foreclosures were up again last month. The recession is over? Over and ended over a year ago? Tell that to the millions that know it is on going and see no improvement in sight. 1 in 7 Americans live in poverty

I started Blogging in 2005 as a means of talking with those that care about we the people, average Americans, those who live in the trenches of society and want to hear the truth and discuss that and how we really feel as we never ever hear it. Little did I know no one wants to hear it and no one cares. That goes for all societies all around the world.

The so called experts of the old world the pre 9/11 world became fond of saying this is a new world it will never be the same, we must adapt we must overcome this new world to survive as we are and proceed through the 21st century.

Those fools in the Government, the media, and corporations do not care about us or the truth only making money and playing their games. They do not have a clue and do not care period! Times have changed! I stopped writing books and started this Blog as a means of talking daily because ours and the worlds situation was devolving so rapidly I could not keep up with it. It keeps getting worse!

Watching the inept lying mindless Bush run and get elected "supposedly" along with his crew of lying enablers to control and change societal and world order to a new societal and world dis-order was frightening and absolutely no surprise in total including the timing of this so called recession and world financial collapse was frightening.

The entire lie we have lived since 9/11 so Bush could get the power he needed to get in the Middle East and do his world altering war mongering will never be admitted to or known, Along with the entire mess Bush created, the economic disaster was held off with bail outs and kick backs until Bush got out of office and Republicans could blame the whole mess they and Bush created on Obama and the Democrats, it worked.

I started warning in 2007 of the impending financial disaster when Bush Greenspan, Kramer, and other so called leaders the economy and the stock market were senselessly playing up how great things were. It was very exasperating!

Again, I was frightened at the portend of things to come and the truth was being ignored, maybe not seen, but it was frighteningly obvious we were rudderless and all our so called leaders only cared about themselves.

This recession is not over it has barely begun. Think of the frightening prospect of of putting this mess in the hands of the know nothing Republican party hijackers, the tea party voodoo fools.That is frightening! That possibility is what we are now facing.As we just discussed, only Bin Laden can end this so called war on terror he started and only keeping health care and staying on the track of the recovery of "our" America Obama is trying to get us on, will give us a future, success into the 21st century.

The Brown Shirts I mean tea party have successfully hijacked the Republican party as threatened if you have not noticed. If they get in control what happens will not be pretty nor will the "liberty" they want. You have seen it before and know the results. If the so called tea party gets in control of the US it will be much worse mark my words.

We need those companies that were increasingly incentified by Bush to send their companies and jobs overseas to be forced to come back to the US. Obama's plan is doable and not as destructive to companies as those against the plan want you to think. We have to start putting the people ahead of companies

We are in serious trouble as you know, if we can not get our manufacturing base back and put the people back to work and enable them to pay their mortgages and pay the bills. I refuse to believe Republicans and other turncoats can get away with voting against the people and a return to Bush's destruction of "our America and world order" Obama has finally started to gather forces again to finally get something done. We better show the tea party Republicans we are not going to let them undo any progress and finish destroying our America. We must come out and keep his agenda moving forward. Get out the vote!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Take a deep breath Jim. Now exhale. Now stop to consider that there are more of us than there are of them. Yes they may win a seat or two but over all I don't see any grand take over by the Nationalist Party. At worse the Democrats will have to resort to reconciliation once again. Eventually those red states will start yelling at their senators because they have no jobs either. And eventually the rich will start feeling the pain when they have no customers and the retirement funds get cashed out to pay mortgages and rent.
Was in the grocery store the other day. There were more workers in there than customers. No shortage of customers at the food bank though.
It is what it is and all we can do is try and hold on. I'm sure it was worse in the 1930s when there was no unemployment checks.

an average patriot said...

Demeur you haven't listened once yet! I think they are going to get a lot less than they think and I do think many are going to come out to keep Obama's agenda going even though they may be disjointed because they know the alternative. My concern is what they are going to do to create chaos in their frustration.

Dave Dubya said...

The Senate shamelessly sides with their corporate money men against the people all the time. Obama should lead the efforts to deny corporate personhood so the off-shoring companies can't always win in court while buying off politicians.

an average patriot said...
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an average patriot said...

Yeah Dave! I refuse to believe Republicans voted against the people and for those corporations and think they can run successfully on that, the scum!

Weaseldog said...

Demeur, those Red Staters will spend all of that time, blaming their woes on Obama, just as Dems continue to blame our current woes, completely on Bush.

The hard core Dems and hard core Repubs are true believers. They won't give up their faith or their scapegoating, for anything.

I think we're in for harsher times, no matter who wins.

an average patriot said...

Yeah Wease including so called terrorism this entire package we call a future is barely beginning and our so called politicians are concerning the crap out of all of us.