Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The unification of world Religion must happen as they are all one

Moderate Muslims must rein in radical brethren, Religion should unify, not conquer and divide. About time and we must too!
Moderate Muslims must rein in radical brethren

Message of the Week: Religion should unify, not conquer and divide

It's about damn time! Some of us have been discussing tht even before 9/11 and most definitely since. We have instead turned this into a war on Religion depending on whose side you are on. Perverted Christianity on one side and perverted Islam on the other with all those millions of peace loving true followers of their perspective Religions caught in the middle.

I know our so called leaders are fond of saying we will fight the extremists wherever they are that means the world is the front in the so called war on terror. We are not winning this so called war on terror it has not even really begun. Our so called leaders and war mongering Republicans are fond of saying that we did nothing to deserve the attack on 9/11 but on the contrary we did everything to deserve it. This has been a long time coming. 1400 years of dissension has come to a head and it will not be quelled easily as you see.

Islam was established by Muhammad in order to give Muslims a formal religion and sense of equality and belonging with the Jews and Christians. It failed and Muslims have never been able to gain equal footing or be willing to accept their role in the worlds society.

The Christian Crusades to take back Jerusalem turned into a blood bath against Muslims. Our nation was born during the enlightenment and industrialization completed a gap between our societies which will never close unless the peace lovers and strict followers of Christianity and Islam reign in the hardliners in both Religion that goes for the so called fundamentalist and others in the now perverted Republican party.

Religion we are told is the savior of societies and the world. However in the past it has been the source of horror to practitioners practicing a different version than the one that felt it was in charge. Today is no different and seemingly getting worse. Religious wars as we know from experience are the longest and the dirtiest.

In the past I have said that the only way this is going to end is if we reign in the extremists. We are actively making at least a token effort to do that but can do much more. Islam however is not doing anything. Osama Bin Laden is solely responsible for all this war death and destruction. He's no frigging hero to Muslims. They should hunt him down themselves and end this!

Osama's war has nothing to do with the sanctity of Islam being violated though it was for centuries. This has nothing to do with Islam or Jihad. This all boils down to communications and I agree but Islamists are not interested in communicating. They are interested in our destruction. violence is their communication.

Osama stop bring shame on Islam. Stop killing your own people. Stop bring death and destruction on them. You forsook Mullah Omar who invited you into Afghanistan to give you protection. Bin Laden used Afghanistan for his own personal war against the west, the US, and Israel. This is not Islam , this is not Jihad. Restore Muslim integrity, end this now!

Osama is not going to do that as you know so it is up to law abiding Islam to reign him in, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, all of their extremists reaching out with violence to create death and destruction even to the very people they are supposed to be vindicating. Religion like the rest of the world must remember what they are supposed to be about and accept difference and lie in peace. There will be no future unless they all do!

The ultimate destiny of all the Worlds Religions is for them to be finally reconciled with one another and unified into a single whole. The necessary key for the realization of this difficult process is the propogation and wide spread acceptance of the original truth behind all Religion, namely the eternally recurring idea that Everyone is God. The unification of world religion

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

That's a hell of a good idea but being the cynic I am they'll kill each other before that happens.

an average patriot said...

I know Tom it will never happen but it absolutely should. Atheist or whatever Religion you chose is only different in the level of teaching one needs to understand life. I know it is ill used and over used but absolutely we are all the same in reality but not in this lie we live.

One Fly said...

Well put Jim.

an average patriot said...

You know Tom, as part of my second Book about religion and the lies we call History I researched big time the entire subject and figured it all out. Because all Religions have a bias as in everything, they will never see the truth!

Anyway "I agree with this and you may too knowing how much you love it" but atheists believe God is in the trees, the beautiful mountains, natural formations, and I have to agree!

I have a most wonderful friend who is 87 an atheist and nearing the end of the road and knows her beliefs are right!

Demeur said...

I don't see it happening either. As long as there are differences there will be conflicts. But wars are fought for one reason only and that would be greed. I think that is in our very make up from the time we learn to say no.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I have an old atheist friend who is going to her grave saying religion is the root of our problems and I have to agree. There is irony in it in that they tell the people they are lovers of life and man and then ask to kill for your religion. They y and atheist are all one and the same but they all think only they have the answer.

Anonymous said...

I believe that if the three main Abrahamic faiths were united then a lot of conflict could be stopped - particularly as these faiths have been the target to use against the general public.All these particular faiths have been infiltrated and trashed by the powers that be, that way, the population will be fighting with each other rather than looking at where the real problems lie - WORLD GOVERNMENT - 911 was orchestrated by the American Government - World War 2 was not a religious war but an economic war -Ignorance is usually the problem in all areas in humanity but in Faith it becomes a real problem.There is a war on GOD - they want a one world government and in their eyes they don't want GOD to be in the equation, they want everyone to be slaves to their system, not to look to God above before making decisions.

an average patriot said...

Hi Kim! As you point out, we are in a hell of a mess and to make it all worse we know it but are powerless to do anything because we are pawns and do not matter.