Saturday, October 23, 2010

Holder promises to enforce US drug laws if Prop. 19 passes: Too late! What are they going to arrest millions?

California struggles with pot legalization

We already know but according to marijuana California Marijuana is, in all likelihood, the largest cash crop in the United States, at an estimated $35.8 billion a year.

Holder promises to enforce US drug laws if Prop. 19 passes

Too late they let it go to far!

Pot growing Grandmother Kristi, 68, has been growing and dispensing marijuana from her home in northern California since the 1970s.

California marijuana vote draws unlikely foes, allies into ring

Proposition 19, also known as the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 Wikepedia

Oakland, California (CNN) Dan Rush stood in front of Oaksterdam University, a cannabis college two blocks from City Hall, enthusiastically describing his mission to unionize marijuana workers. Retired Cops, Judges and Lawyers Push to Legalize,some ex-cops, state assemblymen and billionaire businessmen favor legalization, while there are pot growers and dealers who want to keep it outlawed. This really has promise! I didn't even know there was a pot College!

Now I hear In addition to Oaksterdam, where more than 7,000 graduates have taken classes on law, horticulture and "cannabusiness," there are plans to turn Los Angeles' aging Hotel Normandie into pads for pot tourists. Just north of Laytonville, in the ganja-flush Emerald Triangle, lies Area 101, a rural 165-acre roadside retreat where visitors "can get down and get high with the spirit of the land."

There are entire towns packed with hemp stores, head shops and feed-and-seeds, cater to growers in the Emerald Triangle. At a bar in Redway, growers sat on the porch of a local bar smoking "Blue Dream" marijuana. I have a 68 year old friend from Boston who lives there and smokes and I never heard of this. Taxing Cannabis, by the numbers

I really am impressed with the way this is going in California and believe this should be country wide though the Fed is still a road block but I think it is a big hurdle that canbe hurdled if only because of our financial crisis.We have been discussing California's progress from pot factories and legal marijuana farming to their first advertisement on it. If you missed it here it is for you to elaborate on if desired. Here

It is obvious the Feds are not going to be able to go after those that offend Federal marijuana laws if proposition 19 passes as Holder threatens, they have let this go too far and I love it! This is now a full business model with an industry and millions of so called offenders. "Forget about it" fight your other wars, California has gone to far with this to turn back.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

From what I saw of the polls it was losing 51% to 30%. I guess the potheads forgot to come out and vote.

As I said before this is a dead issue until it is taken up at the federal level. And you know if there are large amounts of money involved the feds will go after this.

Did you see that gal who's taking over as a Mexican police chief? She plans on having her officers not carry guns. Shall we send a sympathy card or flowers to the funeral?

an average patriot said...

Yeah I saw her. I can't believe she could be naive enough to think they won't kill her because she is a young mother. Good frigging luck to her!

I had a catharsis this morning and realized that with gay marriage, pot, everything, the old guard is not going to let go. So much for a new world!

Dale said...

You saw wrong, Demeur. The vote hasn't even taken place yet, and the latest autopolling shows Prop 19 ahead 56/41. The theory is that phone polls show less support for Prop 19 because people are embarrassed to admit support to a person, but when the poll is automated they're more honest.

Meanwhile, people need to get the word out to all the Tea Partiers and other States' Rights-ers. One would think they would vote for Prop 19 just to spite Holder and Obama.

TomCat said...

Most of the big money involved comes from the alcohol industry. Certainly the US has no compelling national interest in marijuana laws.

an average patriot said...

Tom all their arguments every one of them are BS! At the very least hemp should be legal as you can not get high off it. Trouble is it would replace thousands of toxic so called legal products we use today and like beer and alcohol they make money off.

an average patriot said...

Dale welcome and thanks, that is pretty good!

Border Explorer said...

The U.S. is certainly tied in to the business of illicit drugs, and there are many who will do whatever it takes to keep the status quo in place. I'm not a user, but I'm for regulating and taxing cannabis.

an average patriot said...

Hi Billie! Likewise I am not a user but I am all for deregulation especially when you find out the real reason for making marijuana and harmless cannabis illegal.

I was thinking of you as soon as I heard about all those kids killed and wounded in Juarez. Did you write about it? Are you still at allvoices?

Border Explorer said...

No, Jim, I just quit Allvoices. I didn't write about the latest massacre either. Certain crimes are "high profile" and get lots of media coverage, but the reality of death is a daily one in Juarez. (We'll be back on the border in a month.)

an average patriot said...

What a shame Bille, about allvoices and the Border. I check in on you pretty much daily. I do want to wish you guys luck as you head back to the border. It seems to be getting worse. My thoughts are still with that young mother, they are going to eat her alive!

One Fly said...

Glad to see those numbers from Dale. I had heard it the other way too. It's important this passes. dc will not address this unless forced to. Just another issue where all decisions are wrong and a discussion is not allowed.

If I may Billie. Just got an account opened and curious as to why you stopped.

an average patriot said...

Hi Tom! Yeah i was glad to see those too. I came to the conclusion that pot, gay marriage, whatever, the old school is not going to relent even though they always remind us it's a new world.