Saturday, September 18, 2010

Retired Cops, Judges and Lawyers Push to Legalize marijuana in California

Pot growing Grandmother Kristi, 68, has been growing and dispensing marijuana from her home in northern California since the 1970s.

California marijuana vote draws unlikely foes, allies into ring

Proposition 19, also known as the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 Wikepedia

Oakland, California (CNN) Dan Rush stood in front of Oaksterdam University, a cannabis college two blocks from City Hall, enthusiastically describing his mission to unionize marijuana workers. Retired Cops, Judges and Lawyers Push to Legalize,some ex-cops, state assemblymen and billionaire businessmen favor legalization, while there are pot growers and dealers who want to keep it outlawed. This really has promise! I didn't even know there was a pot College!

Now I hear In addition to Oaksterdam, where more than 7,000 graduates have taken classes on law, horticulture and "cannabusiness," there are plans to turn Los Angeles' aging Hotel Normandie into pads for pot tourists. Just north of Laytonville, in the ganja-flush Emerald Triangle, lies Area 101, a rural 165-acre roadside retreat where visitors "can get down and get high with the spirit of the land."

There are entire towns packed with hemp stores, head shops and feed-and-seeds, cater to growers in the Emerald Triangle. At a bar in Redway, growers sat on the porch of a local bar smoking "Blue Dream" marijuana. I have a 68 year old friend from Boston who lives there and smokes and I never heard of this. Taxing Cannabis, by the numbers

I really am impressed with the way this is going in California and believe this should be country wide though the Fed is still a road block but I think it is a big hurdle that canbe hurdled if only because of our financial crisis.We have been discussing California's progress from pot factories and legal marijuana farming to their first advertisement on it. If you missed it here it is for you to elaborate on if desired. Here

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Border Explorer said...

It's great to see positive movement in this direction. Our backward national policy needs to be reversed.

an average patriot said...

Hi Billie! Yes I agree, if it was around the entire country I know it would be good for4 us, Mexico, and the worsening drug violence! California has a total doable business plan not and I have hopes for it!

One Fly said...

When this is passed which I believe it will can some in congress please after decades of increasing funds for enforcement against open the discussion at a national level.

Maybe Stewart and Colbert will do this in DC.

an average patriot said...

That's what I am hoping for Tom! It is the right thing too do on many levels. I have to laugh but if you want to hear the truth list to the comedians.

Demeur said...

There in lies the problem. When the "No" party gets back in power and eventually they will it'll be crack down city. My guess is that they have a cut in the drug testing business and would make mandatory drug tests for all. You watch.

TomCat said...

Although I have not smoked weed in around 35 years, I favor Prop 19. Marijuana was only outlawed to give racists a tool to use against Mexicans way back when.

And, if Clinton had only inhaled, he would have been a better President. ;-)

an average patriot said...

Demeur it would be hard to imagine them turning around at this point they have gone too far. They have the whole business plan in place now.

This is their biggest business and can be their biggest cash cow. I think even at this point with CA sinking it would have to be hated but tolerated.

an average patriot said...

Me too Tom! You could be right about the Mexican's but I think it was to protect the alcohol industry where their money and interests were but who cares as long as it is federally made legal and individual states have the choice to burn themselves and override it!