Thursday, September 23, 2010

Middle East peace in a year hell you mean war!

middle east peace talks are under way but are grossly misinterpreted, Middle East peace in a year hell you mean war!Clinton was asked why those who saw little chance of reaching a settlement within Obama's one-year deadline were wrong. "I think they're wrong because I think that both sides and both leaders recognize that there may not ever be another chance.
 She misinterprets the meaning. It means Netanyahu refusing to say there will be no new Israeli settlements in the West bank and the Palestinians have warned that a renewal of Israeli construction would spell the end of the talks, which resumed recently after a 20-month hiatus means there will never be peace but a guarantee of war period. Like it or not!  middle east peace talks are under way but are grossly misinterpreted
They still stupidly say there will be Middle East peace 'in a year Who the hell are they trying to fool anyway?'

The parameters to peace are easy but it will never happen as the Jews will never stop the settlements and Iran will never allow Palestine and Lebanon to agree to peace with Israel Period. A middle east without Israel is the only path to true peace and that is not going to happen!

Netanyahu spoke of how the security challenges facing Israel have “changed” over the last decade. He referred specifically to “the rise of Iran and its proxies,” a clear reference to Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, and to “the rise of missile warfare.” What about Syria? Abbas can't speak for them. Assad, in Paris: Israel doesn't want peace with Syria

What about who is now on the list of intractable issues that have stymied decades of Mideast negotiations, Iran backed, and will not be left out of negations as their slaughter of innocent civilians just before the meeting in Washington illustrated. Peace? I don't know about that! 'Mideast peace process poses a strategic threat to Iran'

Hamas will never agree to be ignored and isolated, and Hamas is firmly in control of the Gaza Strip, one of the two territories that are supposed to be part of a future Palestinian state. What about that little detail? Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might be partners in peace but Iran and Hamas are partners in Israel's destruction and Iran's version of new middle east order not ours, Israel's and Abbas's. Ahmadinejad says middle east peace talks will fail and Israel on the verge of collapse 'the farce of middle east peace talks"

There can be no peace that leaves the 1.5 million people of Gaza out and Hamas controls them with Iran's backing. Israel and the international community shun Hamas as a terrorist group and would have to make a tough decision to engage with the militants who refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist saying their resistance is continuous. Despite saying we will never talk to terrorists we have in the past but not this time.

You know from numerous discussions here that Iran is involved in every Middle Eastern country not just Yemen, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia where they have corrupted elections for Shiite interests in Iraq, backing rebels in Yemen, and instigating attacks on Saudi oil fields. Bush freed Iran to instigate far and wide and are even training Taliban on their border. Any new actions will only serve to worsen their instigation and cause them to cause chaos everywhere they can and further Bush's total Middle East breakdown Period. Iran will never settle for peace with Israel only for peace in the middle east with a non existent Israel.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

What amazes me is why the Arab nations in that region haven't gone to the aid of Palestine or am I missing some cultural differences here?

an average patriot said...

Interesting! Remember Palestine and their roots? The Philistines were not Arabs nor even Semites, they were most closely related to the Greeks. They did not speak Arabic. They had no connection, ethnic, linguistic or historical with Arabia or Arabs. The name "Falastin" that Arabs today use for "Palestine" is not an Arabic name. It is the Arab pronunciation of the Greco-Roman "Palastina"; which is derived from the Plesheth, (root palash) was a general term meaning rolling or migratory. This referred to the Philistine's invasion and conquest of the coast from the sea.the history of Palestine and Palestineans

Demeur said...

Yes but considering the Arabs hate the Jews you'd think they would side with the Palestinians. Guess I need to do more reading.

an average patriot said...

It is Bush the scums fault for attacking Iraq and unsettling an already fragile balance. Saddam was lying about WMD to keep Iran in check.

We freed up Iran to raise hell and go for their new middle east order not ours. We did all of this!

I wrote about it numerous times but the Arab world is deadly afraid of Iran and her real nuclear intentions. I will dig up the links and stories if you want. Take care!