Saturday, September 04, 2010

Palin and Beck the leaders of the new crusade in the dumbing down of America

I am glad to hear that experts put the size of the crowd only at about 87,000 angry whites not the 600,000 of every creed Beck lies about. I kept hearing it played up as close to a quarter million and do not understand why all main stream media is playing this up beyond as usual giving an issue legs for their gain.

It really is sick to hear the lies and swill that came out of all of them particularly Palin the fiscal conservative half Governor of the biggest welfare State in the country and Beck as his lies about the Washington monument prove, the creator of his own facts as the leaders of the new crusade in the dumbing down of America and people believe that crap. Beck has made a career out of lying and taking quotes out of context

To make it worse the lying crap Glenn Beck ignites new website called on heels of 'Restoring Honor' rally in D.C.

I remember when the half Governor first joined faux touring around the country on others dimes, charging to bark, and having others write books for her because she didn't know how. She always cried saying everyone picks on her.

I said the new 3rd party is forming, the pity party and I couldn't take it seriously though now knowing the tea party is calling for a hostile take over of the Republican party and Palin and Beck have come out as the two fear mongers wrapped up in Religion and the American flag and many brainless radicals are listening to them we damn well better. The New Crusade Starring Glenn Beck & Sarah Palin Frightening and sobering, we have to stop this!

They are dragging others susceptible to their swill because of our financial condition they created and want to give Obama credit for. I am hoping they divide the Republican party but in the end we can't hope for that.Republican Faith-Based Politics: The DumbingRepublican panic about the size of the Federal deficit is wildly inconsistent with their plea to continue Bush-era tax cuts for the rich. Nonetheless they keep harping on both themes. It is all about returning to Bush's version of America, the America of perverted Christianity, fascists, and the wealthy.

All they have to do is keep the big Government, fascist, socialist, anti-American, anti Obama fervor at a high pitch and with the help of Faux news Beck, Palin, and the secret money of the ultra rich, they will. Who's really backing this take back America and help the rich movement? The super rich! The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party

Common sensed people better wake up and realize we are ion trouble.They want a return to the fiasco Bush Cheney and Rove created saying we lost our way. We have not lost our way they did and we can not let them drag us into total chaos but they are going to.

Especially if independents and Democrats keep coming out to keep them out of office. They are bound and determined to start a 2nd Revolution saying they fear the Government is going to come after them and be beating them down.

They are banking on it and have been instigating for it and to end up in the FEMA concentration camps from day on. I do not like what I see coming. I feel bad for my grandchildren who are going to grow up in this Bush created mess and for my patriotic sons who the Republicans keep invoking as brave patriots we must support.

We must support them but stop using them as shills as Palin and Beck are, trying to gain support for their 2nd revolution. Our troops have been lied to, ill used, and abused from day one under Bush I do not like what is coming!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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