Saturday, September 04, 2010

Taliban hitting the people while they are down is turning the people against them.

Pakistan suicide bomb kills over 73 in Quetta

With 20 million starving, displaced, and affected by the worst disaster in Pakistan's history and in the worlds memory and the Taliban have stepped up killing them. The attack came just two days after triple suicide blasts left at least 35 people dead in the eastern city of Lahore. That attack targeted a religious procession of Shi'ite Muslims. Militants linked to Taliban and al-Qaida extremist networks claimed responsibility for the bombings.

Pro-Taliban Pakistani militants are trying to create a sectarian rift, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Saturday, as a new wave of violence piled pressure on a government already struggling with a flood crisis.

These attacks on the people are coming at the worst possible time. The rise in militant attacks comes as Pakistan is trying to cope with the worst floods in its history. The natural disaster has made millions of people homeless and caused billions of dollars of losses to the country's economy. They think they are turning the people against the Government but they are turning the people against them.

Murdering Shiite rallying in support of the Palestinians which has been the excuse for terrorism since the beginning shows Al Qaeda and the Taliban have no concern for any Religion including the one they claim as their own. They are indeed making the people more determined than ever to combat terrorism. Death toll from Pakistan suicide bombing rises to 73, 206 wounded ,Taliban take responsibility

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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