Friday, September 17, 2010

Boehner would back US middle-class tax cuts alone, that is an Obama victory

This is not going to be the rebellion like Boehner has never seen before this fall like Boehner keeps saying hoping he and the tea partiers can make it a reality. Primarily because many people know the alternative to Democrats continuing to get our country back is a return to Bush's policies of tax cuts for the rich and breaks for the corporations in a Corporatocracy. Boehner finally relenting in his holding the middle class hostage until he can get the tax cuts for the super wealthy is proof that he realizes he has to start thinking about average Americans for once. Boehner would back US middle-class tax cuts alone

We are going to lose some seats it is only normal despite what Boehner, Cantor and other Republicans want you to think. Some crossovers and independents will go back to the Republicans because many fall for their lies and fear mongering. Many Democrats see the lies and fear mongering not only of the tea partiers but the Republican party they have vowed to hijack and they have. Boehner calls GOP House majority an uphill fight

Could the Tea Party Do More Damage Than Good to the Republican Party? Most definitely!

I was just looking at a story some main stream Republicans are teaming up to defeat tea party candidates as they realize they are fruit loops and they in general are not going to be able to compete with a common sensed Democrat if there is such a thing. They let it go unchecked and too far and now Beck chided even Karl Rove ans they are all being kow-towed to back the know nothing fools.. Remember Dick Armey's Tea-Party Coup‎ The movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party. It is aiming for a hostile takeover.

Armey: Tea Party Seeks 'Hostile Takeover' of GOP Armey stated: "Let us be clear about one thing: The tea party movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party, but a hostile takeover of it." That is a good thing he said and I have to agree it is a good thing but for the Democratic party!

It is good for us but they have taken over! Remember Palin and Beck are the new leaders in the new crusade for the dumbing down of America. I was sickened by the lies in Washington and then again in Alaska but they will continue to gather a crowd but not large enough to bring about change let alone change you can believe in.

All they have to do is keep the big Government, fascist, socialist, anti-American, anti Obama fervor at a high pitch and with the help of Faux news Beck, Palin, and the secret money of the ultra rich, they will. Who's really backing this take back America and help the rich movement? The super rich! The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party

Common sensed people better wake up and realize we are in trouble if they are able to end Obama's agenda altogether.They want a return to the fiasco Bush Cheney and Rove created saying we lost our way. We have not lost our way they did and we can not let them drag us into total chaos but they are going to especially if independents and Democrats keep coming out to keep them out of office.

They are bound and determined to start a 2nd Revolution saying they fear the Government is going to come after them and be beating them down. They are banking on it and have been instigating for it and to end up in the FEMA concentration camps from day on. I do not like what I see coming. I feel bad for my grandchildren who are going to grow up in this Bush created mess and for my patriotic sons who the Republicans keep invoking as brave patriots we must support.

We must support them but stop using them and 9/11 as shills as Palin and Beck are, trying to gain support for their 2nd revolution. Our troops have been lied to, ill used, and abused from day one under Bush I do not like what is coming! I am sick of the damn lies! We must come out to vote and keep these fools from public office. They would mean a monumental degradation of our America and any form of knowledge or common sense much worse than the destruction Bush wreaked on us and the world.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

I think every bit of this has been planned out Jim. That's the way the right operates. What the plan for the end result with these two entities is I'm not sure.

an average patriot said...

I am really concerned watching main stream Republicans surrender to these know nothing nut bags and start supporting them. We have got to come out en mass or we are screwed.

Demeur said...

I don't see really much worry here Jim. The nutbags have come out in the past throughout history and the only one to make it big was Hitler. Our country is made up of a diverse group. Only 10% make up the teabaggers according to Beck's own words. They'd like to return America. To what the 1950's? What choice would a voter have in the upcoming election? Most voters are closer to the middle than either far right or far left. Dems tend to be apathetic about primaries but vote in the general. I know that's the case out here.

What we need to do is explain to the younger voters what it would mean if the teabaggers were to take power.

an average patriot said...

Demeur you hit the nail on the head. If Dems and intelligent independents stay home as they are disenchanted we are in trouble because the tea bag party has hijacked the Republican party and they are champing at the bit to start trying Obama, undoing everything Obama, privatizing social security and going back to Bush's destruction.

Vicki said...

I for one will vote Nov. 2 for Democrats and everyone I know who is a Democrat intends to vote because we do understand what the stakes are. Interesting to see Fox News and Republicans turn on Christine O'Donnell. I am hoping Sarah Palin runs for President in 2012 because she will split the conservative voters completely.