Friday, September 03, 2010

Bush/Cheney knew Mehlman was gay during his anti gay campaign in 2004, their lies and extremism better be highlighted or we will return to it

Some believe Bush's support for anti-gay marriage measures conflict between Mehlman's private and public life under wraps but had no problem in leading the ignorant anti-gay movement to help GW Everyone of them come up as perverts,molesters, gay, liars, something, but it is okay for them. I can't be the only one very peeved that Melhman came out not because he is gay but because he headlined an ignorant Gay campaign that is credited with getting Bush reelected. As I always said under Bush they accuse Democrats of being the low life underhand's they are and they do it with a smug smile. Just look at damn Boehner!

Glenn Beck Rally "Blatantly Political," Says Top Democrat I am so sick of hearing it denied. I am sick of the frigging lies! Of course it is political and a rub in the face of Reverend Martin Luther King and those that follow him. I am so sick of those extremist nut case liars. Coincidence, divine intervention that blasphemous fool Beck calls it that he chose August 28th as the day to hold his rally. Frigging Liar! It was a direct effort to besmirch Obama's day, to besmirch and belittle where MLK spoke on this day in his I have a dream speech. I am so sick of this crap!

They say they want their country back and they love America and our troops. So don't we. Palin was bragging that she supports her son who is fighting. So do I! I have 3 sons in this, does that make me any better than her? No but not being a lying shit who wants to bring down the Government does! Democrats highlight Bush, 'extremism' in House battle

Johne said this and you have to agree: The Democrats greatest burden in the upcoming election is the Democrats. It is hard to remember a time when a party worked so hard to self destruct. Democrats have long claimed to be the champions of the middle class. Yet it is the middle class that has been driven to the right by the Democrats. The left has accomplished something the right has not been able to -- make the right the popular position and the left outcast extremists. The arrogance of Reid and Pelosi coupled with the incompetent leadership from the Executive branch is handing the November election to the GOP, who has had to do nothing to gain this benefit.

Democratic Campaign Chief Says Tea Party Will Hurt Republicans Of course I agree!

A reminder: Armey: Tea Party Seeks 'Hostile Takeover' of GOP Armey stated: "Let us be clear about one thing: The tea party movement is not seeking a junior partnership with the Republican Party, but a hostile takeover of it." That is a good thing he said and I have to agree it is a good thing but for the Democratic party!

I for one needed no reminder certainly by Rick Santelli and the majority of the ilk that call themselves tea partiers wanting to protect the Constitution and "get their country back" from our black President who happens to be a constitutional lawyer who loves the constitution as it was meant to be interpreted not the fascist Republican interpretation of the constitution or should I say rewriting of the aforementioned constitution.

Some of us were calling for a tea party movement, a second revolution, when it was really needed when Bush usurped the constitution as he was the sole decider and called the constitution "just a damn piece of paper".He purposely brought America to its knees in his quest to widen the gap between the classes eliminating the middle class and further enriching the upper class as he created a new societal order. The fascist Republican order.

That was when we needed to come together take to the streets and stand up and take our America back, take back the America of we the people. These so called patriotic tea partiers want the white supremacist America back is what I gather and I am very concerned as you know, about Republicans getting back in to finish off us and the Bush agenda off.

You know that includes social security, Medicaid, and Medicare, as that is socialism and aiding the elderly sickly and retired are bankrupting their version of America. You who truly love this country as it was meant to stand better stand up and be heard especially at the polls to beat back those who want to stop the restoration of our America.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Vicki said...

The Repubican Party and their junior branches such as the Tea Party are the very definition of what's new? I for one am not panicking. Their propaganda is well-financed and omnipresent...what's new? As long as the wealthy rightwing has Fox News spewing lies and fear 24/7, I doubt that the Deocrats can chnage the meme that permeates the news channels and talk show. Part of the problem is that the Left may stay home, demoralized. This would be a great mistake. Think about the next Supreme Court nominee, Boehner as the House "leader" determining what gets presented and voted upon, the legislation on taxes, the global situation, the rampant xenophobia in our country, etc. Don't buy into this propaganda of a Republican tidal wave...the only way Dem's will lose is if they don't work on getting good State leaders elected and don't show up at the polls.

Vicki said...

Now for a little humor, check out Mark Fiore's "God-o-matic" video on SF Gate websire of the SF Chronicle:

Demeur said...

You realize that whores will do anything for money and that includes some Dems. Sorry but I still have some principles left even being out of work.

Ironic the word verify was "bust".

Weaseldog said...

The only difference between the leadership of the Republican Party and Democratic Party is the color of their shirts and their mascots.

All through his senate years, Obama publically spoke out against the Republicans, then he'd step off the podium, put on a red shirt and start working hard to make sure that they got everything they wanted. He voted for everything he said he was against.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are likewise Republicans that wear blue shirts in public.

Most of the Democratic leadership are Republican hypocrites, pretending to be Democrats.

I'm not going to support someone who constantly betrays me and my country, just because they wear a blue shirt.

an average patriot said...

I am not panicked I am disgusted people believe the lies and swill. We just have to come out and vote. Thanks for the link by the way, can always use a laugh!

an average patriot said...

It is really sickening Demeur, truth and honesty only means something to us and we don't matter.

an average patriot said...

You're right Wease there is no difference, Reid and Pelosi are what as kids we called tits on a bull! Boehner though I find down fight frightening to look at and then he opens his mouth.