Sunday, September 12, 2010

Afghans uniting with the Taliban and Al Qaeda to throw out the west as Koran burning protests continue to spread and erupt

The damage is done and so are we in Afghanistan. This is really going to be bad now. I at least began to think we could frame something we could lie and call victory but no more. We better get out now period! Look at the videos if not read the links too. The Taliban, Al Qaeda, Muslims flocking to Afghanistan from around the world now view themselves as one with the sole goal of supporting the mujahedeen and repelling the infidel invaders.

Pastor Jones agreed to not burn the the Koran because the Imam who was going to build the Muslim educational center (the so called Mosque) said he would move it but now says he made no deal. According to Jones they are liars and moving the Mosque  would please God. What the hell is that? I don't know about God but the damage was done and warnings have gone out to all Americans everywhere not just to the soldiers as the Taliban have weighed in along with Robert Gates.

That Pastor is a jerk and has zero credence so we have to wait and see but Donald Trump does have credence and offered 25% more than the current owners paid if the so called mosque would be built 5 blocks away. I also heard from the developers that plans to build the center have not been changed. WTF? The deals are on the deals are off, what the hell? The damage is done anyway!

I am really concerned for my sons in combat still. Just the talk of this has only hurt us more and motivated other Muslims to take action against us and our troops. This is really going to piss off all those so called terrorists and guarantee many more. I am really concerned for our troops. I refuse to believe that isn’t Religious terrorism. That FFing idiot! I’m sure he’d be pissed if they burned the Bible. Hell the Bible like the Koran can be interpreted to justify killing.

Anyway please check these out, this is going to be bad!:

thousands of Afghans Continue Protests Against Threat to Burn Quran asked to join the Taliban

US losing in Afghanistan: Taliban

That pervert Jones is not a Christian and he screwed the entire world over with his Religious terrorism against Islam. The high world wide attention giving to the threat of burning the Koran in America will be another recruiting tool for Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and all Islamists looking to destroy us and it already is. What the hell is wrong with people? That Pastor Jones had a sign on his church in Cologne Germany calling the Mayor a homo, he was kicked out of the Church for stealing money, his daughter said the church was a cult, and that fruit loops warnings of a Muslim takeover of the world predates 9/11.

Protesters on both sides have a responsibility to police their own. We are the Muslims are not as it serves their purpose of inciting civilians to their cause and that ass pastor gave them what the Muhammad pictures and all the rest have not. That ass screwed our soldiers and us, whose side is he really on?

The Taliban are calling for American Muslims to have Jihad against us. There are protests in Indonesia home of the largest Muslim population and around the world. As you would expect violence and fervent anger are the worst in Afghanistan, I understand why the people would be violent and angry as the zealots amongst them are whipping them up but I have to wonder how many of them are really Taliban, Al Qaeda, and other hard line Sharia sympathizers. We just continue to be our own worse enemy. Damn, damn, damn!

We are in for some serious shit now if we already weren't and we were. I reiterate go home or not we have in the past wronged Islam and now like it or not we are in the fight of our lives in what I call Bush's forever war that will make the 100 years war look short. Good luck top us!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Middle Ditch said...

Not good Jim. Religion has created many wars.

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique! Yes they are the longest and the dirtiest. This is not good! Religion is supposed to be our savior but instead today it is our worst enemy along with governments of course.

One Fly said...

I think this is right on here Jim.
You just watch and I think you'll agree our response will be to bring on another surge or some dumb shit move like that.

We can not - repeat can not win this ever!

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Middle Ditch, I'm not sure that religions lead one to war. But I'm sure book-burning always leads us to runamuck. Every damned time.

an average patriot said...

Your right Tom they are already talking an additional 2,000 trainers from the US on top of the surge.

an average patriot said...

Hi Doc! It usually doesn't but in this environment it is! Seems as though some Christians extremists and islamists are trying to dominate each other and dragging the rest of the world along.

Tim said...

Do you remember when they went Bat shit over some cartoon drawing. They then put out a hit for the satirist.

I know the Westboro Church did a burning along with some other freaks.
Can we now hold them accountable for any violence that befalls our troops.
I'm all for freedom of speech but this is akin to yelling fire in a movie theater.

an average patriot said...

Yeah Tim they are extremist like our Christian extremists on the other side, looking for any excuse to whip up fervor against their perceived enemy and the Taliban and Al Qaeda now have it. I just reprinted those cartoons and much of what we have done in the past as a reminder ( they will quell average Muslims but not those from around the world flocking to join the Mujahedeen to throw the infidels out of Afghanistan. Watch the video we are in serious shit here.