Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mexico: drug capos now surrendering without fight

I knew Mexico could handle this where we can not or will not. I hope things are turning around in Mexico as far as the range wars with the drug cartels. I remember in the past leaders were hounded from one hideout to the next and bloody shootouts were the norm. Some 28,000 have been killed in this bloody drug war since 2006 and it is now being called an insurgency with 1000 killed in the last month alone. The drug war on the border has turned into an insurgency

I understand Mexico had help as Authorities in Central America, Colombia and the US joined forces to peacefully capture drug kingpin Sergio Villarreal who they call "El Grande" because he stands 6 and a half feet tall. It is about time we are working together to capture these capo's that we were once led to believe were invincible and untouchable. I have to wonder why Mexico is having success and we just seem to be dragging this 100 year drug war on to help aspects of our police infrastructure.

Remember Mexico just sacked 10% of police force as the federal police force in Mexico dismissed 3,200 officers for incompetence, corruption or links to organized crime.

That was immediately followed with the arrest of 100 drug cartel operatives culminating with Mexican police arresting 'drugs kingpin' La Barbie, Edgar Valdez Villareal "an American" Again peacefully!

Now we findUS joined central American bid to nab Mexico druglord Why is it we can always help others but can never help ourselves?

Sergio Villarreal Barragan: Capture of “El Grande” helps Mexico's president

Mexico: drug capos now surrendering without fight I think this is fantastic but we have not seen the end primarily because of the money to be made in cocaine and marijuana which is responsible for 53% of the illicit profits. I understand To weaken the cartels, some argue the U.S. should legalize marijuana, let cocaine pass through the Caribbean and take the profit motive out of the drug trade. I don't know what rerouting cocaine would do but I do agree with legalizing marijuana for many reasons.

Our 100 year drug war is tearing Mexico apart but unlike us I think they can win it! After 40 years the front line is now the entire US covering every State and all of Mexico. It has now engulfed and is endangering the very being of Mexico as a country and safe for its citizens. However this is not Nixon's 40 year drug war but the US 100 year drug war and we are losing!

With our 100 year drug war and guns being purchased here and sent to Mexico then drugs being sent here feeding this drug war. This has not spilled over from Mexico it has spilled over from the US.

I reiterate: eastern California, southern Arizona and New Mexico are clamping down and National Guard troops are now involved! With 560 kidnapped last year Phoenix has become the kidnap capitol of the US! The cartels now operate in every State in America.With a reported 100,000 foot soldiers many of them trained military soldiers who have deserted to fight on the more lucrative side this is a formidable force! What about the Mexico mafia?

We keep hearing that Mexico's war on drugs is spilling over into the US. Now Congress is meeting about it. We are hearing of National Guard troops being called to help because Mexico's drug war has endangered Border States. Weapons are being purchased from gun dealers around the United States and being smuggled into Mexico to be used by the Drug cartels to fight Mexico's military in fighting Mexico's drug war. I have a few questions for our brain dead Politicians as they are once again in denial!

First I want to say when you work with the US you are taking on a lot of trouble. Anyway if I remember correctly our authorities have bragged for years that they are fighting a war against drugs! America can not afford a war on Drugs end it!

We know they do not but you want to say don't they ever think? They are purposely feeding the violence on the border they are supposedly very concerned about? If you buy marijuana in the US you are fueling the cartel drug wars in Mexico. Are they doing this on purpose? Last year there was 7,000 killed there. So far this year they are on schedule to beatthe 2800 added last year to those Butchered, beheaded, murdered, for what? Juarez, New Mexico on the Border with El Paso, Texas is a battle zone. It is the hot spot in the cartel's fight for smuggling routes. The drug cartels and those officers and military not bought off by the cartels are in a full blown war

Of course there are big fears of our drug war that spilled South to Mexico now spilling back to our side of the Border as violence and it is happening The violence is only there and fed by our insatiable hunger for marijuana and other drugs. We can end this! We can control the border as we still are not and put our military on the border. That is where they should be not on 733 US bases around the world and in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Forget poor Mexico, forget Nixon's 40 year war on drugs, end America's Own 100 Year Failed War on Drugs!

We have been fighting a self professed war on Drugs for one hundred years! I wish someone would be able to figure out at what cost. It seems to me that the drug war has spilled over the Border with Mexico. However it went north to south. It is our drug war that has spilled into Mexico. It is us that have made Mexico the narco State it is. I do believe we should at least put American military on the border and do not really understand why it is not. That would go a long way in stopping the problem so I do not understand why they are not on the Border unless it is because a certain political interest still does not want the border secured to enable illegal immigration? Why else? A desire to keep this war going? For gain? of what?

Legalize marijuana at least then if it works follow with the rest! That would kill much of the incentive for Cartels to be waging a war on drugs. Yes there is cocaine heroine and other drugs but marijuana is America's number one cash crop! That blew me away. According to official Government figures The value of the annual harvest exceeds that of corn, soybeans, or hay, the country's top three legal cash crops with an annual crop value of $35 Billion. There have been an estimated 100 million pot plants destroyed between 1981 and 2006 yet production has still increased 10 fold to 22 million pounds!

Legalize it, secure the border! Just imagine what it would be if it was legalized. Regulate it like alcohol, sell it in package stores! Tax it! Look at the potential revenue. Legalizing marijuana would end a hell of a lot of problems and create exactly zero! Think about it! The number one abused drug in the world is legal, Alcohol! It destroys numerous lives! What sane argument is there against legalization? None, none whatsoever! All we are doing with this insane war on drugs is driving people and not just kids to experiment and find a legal way to get high with common household products. We are only making the problem exponentially worse. END IT! LEGALIZE!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

The problem in Mexico is that once one king pin is captured or killed another takes his place. And their central government is involved. Good luck sealing off our borders.
The latest is to raid mom and dad's medicine cabinet and this is by middle schoolers.

Dave Dubya said...

The problem is the number of corporate Drug War profiteers holding the politicians on leashes.

an average patriot said...

We'll never seal the border. Any attempt is merely a facade of concern and a way to distribute our tax revenue.

an average patriot said...

Your right Dave and I agree with taking their biggest income off the table with legalization but what would rerouting cocaine traffic do to stop the entire thing?

Dave Dubya said...

The "War" mentality is what's getting people killed, ruining lives, and it solves nothing for the people.

US law enforcement agencies arrested 1,663,582 on drug charges last year, according to the FBI's annual Uniform Crime Report. Of those 1.6 million arrests, 858,408 were for marijuana offenses. Marijuana arrests thus accounted for 51.6% of all drug arrests, making 2009 the first year pot busts accounted for more than half of all drug arrests. Of the marijuana arrests, 758,593 were for pot possession, while 99,815 were for sales or manufacturing. Thus, more than 88% of all marijuana arrests were for possession and more than 45% of all drug arrests were for pot possession. While marijuana possession accounted for 45% of all drug arrests, possession of heroin or cocaine accounted for only 17.7% of all drug arrests, "other dangerous non-narcotic drugs" 14.6%, and "synthetic or manufactured drugs" 3.7%.

The more than 1.6 million people arrested on drug charges last year was nearly three times the number arrested for violent offenses (581,765). More people were arrested on drug charges than any other single offense, including drunk driving (1.44 million), larceny (1.33 million), or non-aggravated assaults (1.31 million).

an average patriot said...

Dave I have been on both ends of this and this has to end. We can do it but have no incentive to. The time and money spent fuels our economy and protects the alcohol industry. This whole thing is sick and fabricated.

I don't know if you know Robert Rouse but he sent me the link on marijuana 101. Quite educational. Anyway not to many know that when the US was first founded it was a law that you must grow hemp because it was a critical component of building the country as it was used for everything.

I have to contact Robert and get that info again because I couldn't find it and when I Googled marijuana 101 I got everything but what I wanted.