Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Illegal immigrants are now trapped in their nirvana turned economic disaster compliments of Bush

The United States was a paradise for illegal immigrants under Reagan and GW Bush who wanted to improve on Reagan's mess. Bush needed open Borders but to appease concerned Americans he needed to create another facade. This time feigning concern for average Americans and our security. Once again to get his way he is performed a balancing act.

Reagan granted amnesty to 4 million illegal immigrants

With Bush Illegal immigration was no more a crisis and no worse than he allowed it to be for 6 years as he worked on his new societal order.

Bush purposely gave hope to illegal immigrants by increasing the rhetoric over the years that they would be allowed citizenship someway, somehow. There were some 5 million during his reign alone. Now that he has the low end wage earners he needed to fuel his idea of a new societal order he told you he wants to secure the borders.

Bush's measure would have supposedly tightened borders and workplace enforcement, create a new guest worker program and provide pathways to legal status for most of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the country. With 19 months left in Bush's presidency some saw immigration reform as his last hope for a major domestic achievement, and Bush himself made clear it is his main legislative priority for the year.

This was no domestic achievement. He doesn't care about us and our America or illegal immigrants and a secure border. Only finishing his plan for a new societal (dis)order. Like his so called new middle east (dis)order he was well on his way and looking to cross the T's and dot the I's before he is done. I was happy he failed in that too!

I wrote Bush uncovered, a doctrine of fact 6 years ago trying to wake people up to why Bush was allowing illegal immigration and why he was purposely widening the gap between the upper and lower classes. Sadly I contacted every politician and main street media but no one of consequence cared. Here is a snippet you all know as reality and it is too late to stop.

: In case any one has been sleeping we are all aware how good his plan is for the illegal immigrant. He needs them to work and feed his idea for society. He needs them in order to fully implement his plan for our country. He continues the illusion of concern for the average American and illegal immigrants. As many of you know, he is concerned about the illegal immigrants not for them but for him. He knows he needs them to drive his new societal order.
His plan for society is horrible for the lower classes as you are all experiencing first hand. You see first hand how every single day he continues to tighten the noose around the lower classes and further the cause of the elite. He only needs the lower classes for their taxes. They are needed to fund his illegal immigrants in order to complete his plan.

The illegal immigrants are necessary in order for him to fully implement his plan his Governmental system and have it work according to his plan. It all makes sense now that you hear the unbiased truth doesn’t it? He needs the taxes of the lower classes in order to fund his social security program for the elite. He needs the lower classes in order to fund all the negative results of taking care of the rich and you are just seeing the beginning of it.

He is letting the elite corporations and companies off the hook for your promised retirement benefits. Once again you the lower classes are going to be left footing the bill with your taxes. The tax funded Federal systems can not take much more before they are overburdened to the point of failure. This too is necessary for his planned society to be implemented. Planned obsolescence, you have to wonder what if anything he plans on replacing it.

You are seeing that it will be left up to you and you are being warned as you know it is ultimately his idea to let corporations off the hook for your healthcare and would like to make you responsible for that to. The wealthy and the Christian Right Republicans as you are seeing will be the only benefactors of his entire plan for society. Of course when this is mentioned to him he will deny everything, laugh it off, say it is merely speculation, and continue with his plan.

It is indeed sadly enough for us in the trenches of society, undeniable fact. He falsely again makes you think the rich are going to be paying their share of his proposals. It is again an illusion. You are in fact being hood winked and BUSHWHACKED. He is in fact giving the wealthy back hundreds of billions of their so called contribution and still insists on making this permanent while he continues to cut Medicaid and Federal public education funds which he calls unfunded liabilities to pay for this and he corruptive ineptitude. If you want to read it all it is Here

Anyway I am sick of Obama decried for doing what Bush and Reagan did but Illegal immigrants are now trapped in their nirvana turned economic disaster compliments of Bush.The number of illegal immigrants entering the United States has plunged by almost two-thirds in the past decade, a dramatic shift after years of growth in the population, according to a new report by the Pew Hispanic Center. Why the surprise?

Illegal immigration to US down almost 67% since 2000

the illegal immigrants here are increasingly returning to their home countries

Illegal immigrants leaving the U.S. can be detained at the border They can't even get out of here legally, they are trapped in their nirvana turned economic disaster compliments of Bush. Well there is something positive about this purposely created and well timed financial collapse set up by Greenspan for Bush. Well, well, well, best laid plans of men and mice you know!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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