Friday, September 10, 2010

International Burn A Quran Day controversey: Damage done, what's next?

 Okay, Pastor Jones agreed to not burn the the Koran because the Imam who was going to build the Muslim educational center (the so called Mosque) said he would move it. According to Jones this would please God. What the hell is that? I don't know about God but the damage was done and warnings have gone out to all Americans everywhere not just to the soldiers as the Taliban have weighed in along with Robert Gates.

That Pastor is a jerk and has zero credence so we have to wait and see but Donald Trump does have credence and offered 25% more than the current owners paid if the so called mosque would be built 5 blocks away. I also heard from the developers that plans to build the center have not been changed. WTF? The deals are on the deals are off, what the hell? The damage is done anyway!

I am really concerned for my sons in combat still. Just the talk of this has only hurt us more and motivated other Muslims to take action against us and our troops. This is really going to piss off all those so called terrorists and guarantee many more. I am really concerned for our troops. I refuse to believe that isn’t Religious terrorism. That FFing idiot! I’m sure he’d be pissed if they burned the Bible. Hell the Bible like the Koran can be interpreted to justify killing. That ass refuses to relent, man I hope someone puts him to sleep first!

The 9/11 anniversary is tomorrow so I thought I better remind us of just a little of what we have done to Muslims to deserve their ire: The final insult would have been burning the Koran.
Remember the Swiss ban on Minarets

IRAN: Outrage, and a warning, over Swiss vote to ban minarets

Libya follows Iran in warning against Swiss minaret ban

Bishop of Arabia dismayed by minaret ban in Swiss homeland

Remember the Danish cartoons about Muhammad printed almost 4 years ago? Here they are

Remember the French headscarf ban after dozens of Muslim school girls were expelled for refusing to remove their headscarfs? to the French it is a sign of oppression but who cares what they think? Their desire to ban it altogether?

Remember Salman Rushdie, who went into hiding under threat of death after an Iranian fatwa, was knighted by the Queen? Muslim's wanted his head and he had to go into hiding

You know I have written often of my disgust with those who said we did nothing to deserve 9/11 or anything that has happened before and since. We more than asked for everything we got. Remember the Berlin conference Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 to Divide Africa

India and Pakistan being ad hoc divided by Britain The forming of Israel, Bush’s failed Middle East Democratization program. We asked for everything we get and we just keep instigating at every opportunity. I just don’t get it unless…

What the hell is wrong with us? I have an atheist friend who just yesterday brought up the fact that Muslims don't try to push their Religion on others but all types of Christians do. Why is that? This non-denominational Dove World Outreach Center, which has in the past joined the extremist Westboro Baptist Church in protesting homosexuality was organizing the “International Burn A Koran Day” to oppose Islam, which it sees as a “violent and oppressive religion.” In many instances it is but it is the abusive interpretation that is the problem.

The high world wide attention giving to the threat of burning the Koran in America will be another recruiting tool for Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and all Islamists looking to destroy us. What the hell is wrong with people? That Pastor Jones had a sign on his church in Cologne Germany calling the Mayor a homo, he was kicked out of the Church for stealing money, his daughter said the church was a cult, and that fruit loops warnings of a Muslim takeover of the world predates 9/11.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


TomCat said...

Just the threat was enough to spark retaliation from Islsm's Tea Party. This guy would have gotten no attention if his insane act did not dovetail with the Republican cultivation of hatred against Muslims.

an average patriot said...

Tom Afghan civilians are erupting, this is not good. What the hell id wrong with people? WTF?