Friday, January 09, 2009

Yesterday we discussed our purposely caused Financial woes and the 2nd great Depression today Obama warns of long recession and too late to stop!

First I want to say the Right is banking on it so they can get back in and finish off us and their mis agenda!

Yesterday we discussed our purposely caused Financial woes as Budget deficit to reach $1.2 trillion
That is really Sick! At $9 trillion it was calculated that every single American automatically has $20,000 debt hanging over them largely thanks to the scum Bush and his purposeful bankrupting of America. He has been like a little kid in a candy shop.

That $1.2 trillion can be added to the already $10 trillion! I did a story a while back about the National Debt clock that was started because of President Reagan and his "success" Bush has had so much Reagan style success the debt clock had to be reset adding another number!

Now he is adding another $1.2 trillion and that does not include the $1 trillion Obama now wants to add to repair Bush's damage, I am afraid that is a necessary evil!

I have heard $12 trillion bandied about and as I said that does not include Obama' proposal of up to $1 trillion. I am really sick of hearing Obama's proposal which will put Americans back to work and rebuild our infrastructure purposely allowed to fail under the Bush as war is his only concern.

I am firmly convinced that all these bailouts and tax breaks are worthless and as I have said numerous times only putting off the inevitable 2nd Great Depression until Bush gets out of office.

* On that note I want to remind you that the chief scum put off paying his debt until he leaves office so he would not have it on his books. Hmph! Look how bad it is anyway! look what he has done to the future of America, the future of our children, our Grandchildren.

** If they survive the wars present and future the war monger set in motion they will be choked by his Debt! That will be his Legacy!

Now Obama warned it may soon be too late to save economy

It has been too late for years! This financial collapse was engineered for Bush by Greenspan. I ask again that you read Michael Whitney The second great Depression

* The entire collapse those behind Bush set up is just beginning and nothing will stop it now! Not our Financial collapse! Not the middle east Breakdown! Not WW3! Not the Forever War! There is no surprise here including the timing of this perfect manufactured storm. Hold on world! I wish someone would have listened to my 8 years of warnings!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

Whitney's piece is two years old. With a bit of common sense anyone could figure out that things were going to come around which they have.

an average patriot said...

one fly
Yes it is but he was right on and I like to show it occasionaly that this crisis was created on purpose! It will still get a lot worse too!