Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama is moving quickly on the home front too: Abortion and stem cell research!

Sights and sounds: scores march against Abortion!

Obama to Lift Ban on Overseas Abortion Funding

Q+A: What is the Mexico City Policy or Global Gag Rule? A global Ban on Abortion!

Calif. poised to be leader in stem cell research

FDA OKs 1st Embryonic Stem Cell Trial

Goodbye Gitmo, Hello Stem Cell Research

I understand Obama is going to lift the ban on stem cell research imposed by the hypocrite Bush! He is well on his way already to achieving his goal of undoing al the damage Bush had done!

I believe there are some instances where abortion is justified though this is a touchy subject. My beliefs in this instance too are my own. I would never even dream of imposing them on anyone else.

Like most I am profoundly grateful to hear that asinine ban on stem cell research will be lifted. I understand President Obama will lift the ban as early as next week! It makes me think of an episode that really bothered me and that was the fight over whether or not Terry Schiavo should live or die. I have to wonder with stem cell research if she would have lived?

Bush's presidency certainly sent us back to the stone age of improving society much as the so called Islamists we are constantly criticizing. Bush was accusing them of trying to turn Muslim society away from us and back to simpler times while he was doing the same thing to us.

Obama has already made a difference in the middle east and around the world and he is already moving rapidly to help average Americans, rebuild our America, and allow us to move successfully into the 21st century and hopefully beyond!

OBBaamaa, OBBaammaa, Yes we can! I firmly believe that now. Obama is leading us out of the dark tunnel Bush led us in. He will be our guiding light. He will guide the entire world but it is up to them to follow. I now have hope they will!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Monroe Anderson said...

Jim: You are the antidote to those hateful wingnuts, like Rush Limbaugh, who aren't even willing to give Obama a chance to fail.

an average patriot said...

I really wish I could make a difference! This morning someone was harping on the hate coming from the right!
It will never stop! They are determined to see Obama thus the country fail! They want back in so they can finish off us and their mis agenda!
I will never stop! I am not moving on but have spread out. I joined an Atlantic Community think tank and made my first real contribution today.
I am sure you would like it! Hopefully it will be brought to the World Economic Forum on the 28th!
They are going to contact me in a couple of days. It is very important the world come together to move successfully into the future. We are running out of time!

The Intellectual Redneck said...

Do all our Congressmen and Congresswomen own bank stock? Nancy Pelosi wants more TARP money than the 700 billion already wasted

an average patriot said...

The Intellectual Redneck
Welcome! You have to wonder! Knowing what happened to the first $350 billion "missing in action" There is no way they should get a penny!
It is time to hold Paulson's feet to the fire. Tell us what you did to the first Bailout and we might think about talking bu BS!
Thanks for the link I'll check that out now!

Karen said...

Jim~ You are correct when you say the right want Barack to fail, with the leading voice coming from their idiot Limbaugh.

I loved when Barack told them on Friday, "I won!"

an average patriot said...

I loved it! I had to laugh when he said that but I will consider it won when he survives two terms and we undo all Bush's damage and we are on our way!