Thursday, January 29, 2009

My contribution to the Atlantic Community Think Tank and the World economic Forum!

The young girl who silenced the UN environmental council in 1992

Tell me why by Duncan Galbreath!

The other day I joined an Atlantic Community think tank, It is quite empowering to talk to like minded people of the world looking for real solutions to our problems. I have been caught up with this and was thinking of the WEF conference (world Economic Forum) coming up on the 28th.
They are hosting a 5 day run-up to the WEF Conference (conference begins Jan 28) and focusing on two of the major issues: the Global Economy and Climate Change. From the discussion they will generate a special Atlantic Memo that will be distributed to WEF organizers and to decision makers worldwide at the start of the conference. This is their way of offering the collective intelligence of the Atlantic Community to the WEF.

12/10/07 I was listening to an interview of the peace prize winners and I incorporated them into my story but it reminds me of something I wrote years ago and that is that all Nobel prize winners must come together and speak loud and eloquently not just on the planet but on what is happening today, why, and what is going to happen if this is allowed to happen.

Al Gore is being overly optimistic saying experts say we have ten years to act and some as little as two. It is worse than that and he and everyone else should know why.The Nobel prize winners must come together and bring to the forefront around the world the dire danger to us and the planet if we continue down the road of an unsurvivable world war! We must somehow convey to them that are respected around the world that the time is now and immediate.

We should be using our militaries for the sole purpose of helping and ensuring honesty among the Nations of the world. There can be no action taken without the knowledge and complicity of all Nations that have the future of man and the planet as their goal. We should be using our militaries not to wage war but to wage peace. Our military efforts after the tsunami were a shining example of the way our militaries should be used in the future. The world as a whole must be made to realize the fragility of our situation.

We can make this work despite the tenuous situation we have put ourselves in. With that said we must proceed and work as a world unit. It will not work as separate competitive entities as we have done in the past. We must Proceed into the future as one. We must proceed into the future with the future life of man and the planet as our only goal. Nothing less than the survival of man and the planet are at stake. Shortly the planets life sustaining ecosystems will no longer have the ability to sustain the current population of man.

We can not afford to destroy them altogether. That complete destruction and no less is what we have facing us right now. Read Life's cycle's where we are in them and the dire consequences of not adhering to them! The whole story

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


AdB said...

Glad to know that you've joined the Atlantic Community.

Hope to run into you there one of these days.

an average patriot said...

Hi AdB
Thanks! You will run in to me! I made a couple posts and I think they took one and one comment went to Davos but I have been mostly lurking.

It is nice to see some get it I just wish they or someone of consequence would wake up and see how dire our situation really is. They were overwhelmed at Davos.

If they could only look at the big picture they would do something and quick they are running out of time!