Wednesday, January 28, 2009

With Islam “a world of firsts” Obama Islam a wining combination!

Abu mazin was President Obama’s, first phone call! Al Aribiya was just President Obama’s first Interview! The Muslim world has someone in the White House “A Christian with Muslim family members” For the first time in 8 years I am proud of my President, proud to use the word President!

Obama is awesome, phenomenal, I am more impressed every day! Wow! President Obama has peace, unity, reconciliation, dripping his every word, his every movement and his mannerism! Like some I am a master of interpreting body language! President Obama’s speaks volumes!

His job as we know and he stated is to make Americans understand Islam is not their enemy radicals are. Islam is their equal, compassionate and wanting a better life for their children as we do for ours. His job is to get Muslim’s to understand America is not their enemy but their ally in a peaceful prosperous future! Extremists killing them, us, and any chance of peace, prosperity, and unity, are their enemy! Wow! Masterful! I cannot say it enough!

We had a field day with G. W.Bush the chief instigator. That said I challenge anyone, Muslim, American, Christian, Jew, anyone to find anyone to find anything damaging or counterproductive in what he said. He put the ball in their court. Two separate peaceful nations living side by side is up to them. They must in fact police themselves. Control radicals who want to subvert their success and survival!

President Obama just gets better every day as a good leader would and should! Not such with his predecessor Bush the Destroyer who as expected got worse every day! Obama’s first official phone call was to Palestinian Leader Abu Mazin. Followed by this his first interview and with Al Arabiya the Arab speaking network!

I am smitten, stunned by Obama the man and now this interview! As G.W. Bush failed to communicate and I have said a million times, Christian’s, Jews, Muslim’s, we are one! We are not just a racial melting pot. We are a Religious melting pot!

We have been misled by the Divider now we have President Obama the Unifier really in charge! He is an intelligent man and an eloquent speaker. He engages brain before opening mouth! He is a president with Muslim family members and has lived in Muslim countries. He can relate to Muslim’s and they know it!

How can they argue with him without betraying their adverse intentions? He genuinely means well for all of us! He has chosen for his Administration Diplomatic leaders to listen first and impress upon Islam his desire for peace and unity. How can they realistically argue with that without shooting themselves in the foot?

How can we lose? Only by Hamas and other so called Islamists sabotaging this genuine diplomatic drive for peace in the middle east! And dividing the Muslim world not uniting it . President Obama used the word respect 12 times when addressing the Arab people! I do not believe George Bush the divider ever used it!

Anyway you look at it we now have a winner not a loser. We must follow his example and succeed at this. Our future all our futures depends on it! We now have a better than average shot with the Divider gone and a wise leader in charge President Barack Hussein Obama!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

I agree we can't ask for much more out of the guy at the rate he's going.

I think the best thing to do with detainees, the ones we have no evidence against, is release them with financial compenstation and an apology. why force them to sue us for injustice? Seems that would give extremists less reason to hate us and would send a positive message that we are not anti-islam.

I am still very concerned with Obama's intentions in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It's hard to think he would blindly blunder into a major escalation there, but he talks that way.

Time will tell.

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave
That is a radical idea with the Detainees. I was under the impressio that as suspected terrorists and or being caught on a battlefield exempted them from any legal leg to stand on atleast in my eyes!

I too am very concerned about Obama's intentions in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He has already shown he will not be a dove. I am afraid he will get us in over our heasd even further to prove he will proosecute relentlessly this so called war on terror!

Naj said...


How great to see you so full of hope!
This man IS really great!

Have you seen my advice to him yet? :)

an average patriot said...

Thanks! It is so great to be out from underneath the fear mongering war monger. President obama happened, that is a good sign for our future. All our future!

I see even Ahmadinejad is waiting. I was logging stories today to maybe write on it tomorrow but when all is said and done I am confused! I think I gathered today that to the UN Iran's enrichment was no longer an issue so that is a plus but then I heard Obama better act before Israel does. AAAHHH!

It kills me because I know you didn't like it but I always said Israel will drag us to war and those war mongering bastards seem determined Obama or not.

But yes Obama is the man! I will go see what you did now. I have been busy writing op ed for the Washington post and have been doing others.

Naj said...

Jim, yes, I have been looking at what Iranian conservatives are saying and one of the super-duper rightist hardliners is "whishing Obama LUCK" ... i made a post with his picture and all ...

Yes ISraelis must be very nervous
but Israelis are also intelligent enough to see how badly Gaza's set them back in public opinion
and I think Obama's given them a VERY clear message that he is not going to be bullied by them and their lobby ...

So, they are perhaps planning to get rid of Obama first ... NEVER underestimate the vice of Mosad ... if anythign happens to Obama, I will point the finger to Israel

Yes they are war mongering ... But maybe if Obama makes sure they get more American dollars WITHOUT war, then they will perhaps stop ... after all the Israelites sold moses to a golden cow!

an average patriot said...

Glad to hear that about the conservatives. The issue between Iran and the US seems more convoluted than ever.

Obama is pretty smart but Bush divided for his own gain and Obama seems intelligent enough to do the same thing only diplomatically.

You know bottom line is I think we stand a chance at this but Obama still says no nuclear capabilities.
That bothers me in itself but Israel saying yesterday again you better act before we do really concerns me as you know coming to their rescue to get us involved has been my assertion all along!

Naj said...


Bloody war mongers! And I think it is the Zionists who have the blood of 6 million Jews on their hands as well ... What better than manipulating German idiots to fight for their supremacy (hahah) by eliminating the "rival" who also holds a claim to "supremacy" of "being the chosen one"?!

Except that it was the weak and the poor of the "chosen ones" who got gassed and the rich became richer in New York ... and gee, started forgiving the Nazis and forging all sorts of alliances with them too--while kicking the Russians (who actually FOUGHT the Germans and WON against them) overboard ...

an average patriot said...

With what I have learned about Jews starting our Federal monetary system here and Bush's family history supporting WW2 Nazi's and then removing the Palestinians so Israel could be formed, I don't trust a damned thing anymore and that includes Israel.

That does not include all Jews because I think you know a good friend of mine is the 91 year old Relentless Liberal Jerome Goodman and his 65 year old son Danny. They are not all war mongers.

You really have to wonder about them being "the chosen ones" to a God who is known for having killed off those that disagree with him. Hell it sounds like a Jewish thing! I am thinking they are the war mongers of the world and the US is their tool!

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