Monday, January 19, 2009

With MLK and Obama, I had a Dream! Or is it a nightmare?

As a festive Capital readies for Obama's inauguration I do not know what it means to you beyond hope but I will tell you what it means to me! It is much more! A festive capital readies for Obama inauguration

High security for Obama's inauguration BBC News High security that is what I want to talk about!

This whole process from beginning to end in the making of President Obama has impressed me to no end! Not one step along the way has failed to impress! Even the world feels the promise of this man at this dire time! That in itself concerns me knowing Obama is touted as another Abraham Lincoln (as he rode his train and prepares to swear in using his Bible) and a JFK unifier and we know what happened to them.

* There are 2 million spectators expected to be there to experience this great moment "I Hope" One of them is one of my sons who has been there for a few days already clearing the Mall area as well as the parade route. I have a lot of concerns but relying on my son to do his job and do it right is not one of them. Jim is excessively disciplined and professional. As a EOD Explosive ordinace expert he commands a lot of respect. As such he has been chosen as a team leader for an EOD Evaluation tem meaning he will be overseeing others to make sure nothing is overlooked or if there is a problem that it is dispatched correctly! I approach the inauguration still with concern! I saw the high level of security he has especially when he is working the crowds as I expect he will be doing at the inauguration.

* I have my concerns and this morning listening to Larry King Live they were brought to the forefront by an innocent statement! Roland Martin in a discussion about the cool commanding demeanor of Obama described Obama as cool, calm, and collective. Someone you want to give the ball too when time is running out! A real Assasin! Knowing one of my great concerns is assassination or killing him in a supposed accident as happens too much these days like almost happened during his campaign when his replacement plane almost went down in a freak accident, Yes I am concerned!

Those who follow me know I fear that for Obama, us, and the world. Do you know the mayhem and chaos that would ensue and justify martial order? I am still very concerned and will not declare victory until we have kept hope alive (President Obama) long enough to finish his Presidency and hopefully fulfill his promises!

My concern is heightened by a report I saw yesterday that according to the FBI and CIA Barack Obama has already received more death threats than any President elect in history. More Death Threats Than Any Other President - NAM He isn't even President yet!

I have said it many times but I firmly believe the right is behind these assassinations that have never been adequately resolved and never will be! For now let us focus on the promise of President Obama!

I have heard much as to the historic significance of this moment, his Presidency because he is a black man. I am sure I am different in this regard too but that is not even a thought of mine.

* I can not stop thinking of the historic proportions of this moment not because of his color but because of the historic possibilities of Obama succeeding in giving us back our America and repairing Bush's colossal damage to us and around the entire world! God or somebody help us keep hope (Obama) alive!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma



Bonne chance Monsieur le président Barack Obama!

Meilleurs voeux pour votre présidence!

an average patriot said...

You riot! I wish I could speak French! Sounds good though! I have to laugh, I call myself a homogenized American. English and Irish off the boat, french, and American Indian, but except for a spattering of a lot of languages English is it for me!

Monroe Anderson said...

Jim: I understand your concern for Obama's safety and I hope that I'm not being to pollyannish. But I'm trusting that the SS is more vigilant than ever and that the citizenry will tear a gun-wielding would-be assassin to shreds before he got a shot off. Right now, he's just that popular.

an average patriot said...

Monroe Anderson
Hi my friend! Haven't seen you in a while! I have been doing op ed on a civilian media site.
I agree but with all the threats on his life and all the wierdos out here I am stil concerned.

The biggest concern of mine is a supposed accident or something like when his replacement plane almost went down because of a freak accident on the campaign trail! At this point the man is a God. What MLK said finally applies, The Greatest among you shall be your servant!