Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am monitoring Barack Obama's Historic nomination and soon his speech! I look forward to discussing everything later!

Obama is in DC right now walking into Church arm in arm with his wife. Pretty soon! First a lot has been said about the estimated $160 million cost of this great celebration while the country is in such dire financial straits!

I do not know how it is going to go today because I am pretty enthralled with this inauguration and I want to keep monitoring events and listen to his speech which I expect to be JFK, MLK, historic and the best ever! We had a dream now it came true and the work begins. Americans as a whole finally did the right thing for them and our future!

Sometimes History meets the man and this is such a case. The moment has met the man needed to get through this! We, the world, we need him at this time. He is the guiding light the entire world has been looking for to lead us out of the dark tunnel Bush has led us all in.

The entire world is holding their breath and anticipating Obama's speech and Presidency. As I said yesterday, Martin Luther King said in one of his speeches at Ebenezer Baptist Church and I posted them all yesterday but her said "The Greatest among you shall be your Servant. It is finally true!

Obama has brought this full circle! We have had the worst now we we will have the best as our future is dependent on it. Remember the promise of securing the future Obama made to his daughters in a letter to them!

Those words were for all Americans and the entire world. I have greatly respected MLK's words and oratory skills but Obama has equaled his hero in the past and will today and don't forget, by in large writes his own speeches! As I said, I will be trying to monitor and update this all day! Be prepared to be awestruck by our new President!

Chills I'm telling you! I am watching the euphoria in DC and Americans all Americans and citizens around the world realize this is our time,it is now, and Obama is finally History's Right Man! Keep watching!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma



I am too at this very moment.

leftdog said...

It's January 20, 2009 and .... BUSH IS GONE! .... It is a great day for the planet and for all Americans!

Thinking of you today!!

an average patriot said...

I'm enthralled I can't take my eyes off it! I did have a thought! I wonder if poeple are cheering for Bush leaving as much as the promise of President Obama?

an average patriot said...

Hey Leftdog
It's been a while how are you? This is a great moment for the entire world! Watch Obama's speech it will be one of the greatest ever. I can't wait!

an average patriot said...

Well it is noon! Obama is now President by the Constitution even though not sworn in yet. Congratulations president Obama!

an average patriot said...

That was a great speech! Even the idiot had to feel admonished!

Even the idiot had to know the speech was great because he was such a failure, because the entire speech was the promise of undoing all the damage Bush has created.

Every promise was a result of a Bush failure! We have a future! He reached out to the world as I hoped he would. Peace is in his hands but up to the world!

Monique said...

Congratulations to you and the whole of America, Jim. I don't think Bush quite understood the speech. I loved the inauguration fumble. Proofs he is human and he smiled about his own short coming.


Stella said...

James, did you notice the weak applause when Chimpy came out? I notice Warren barely got any notice. His "prayer" was horrible. I love Monique's comment: don't think Bush quite understood the speech. No, Monique, I don't think so either.

AP, I read between the lines, too, on President Obama's (did I really just write that?) speech that he was directing his comments at undoing the damage from the past eight years. I agree with you.

Speaking of inauguration fumbles, Biden tripped over his own words and just grinned from ear to ear. I was also struck by Laura Bush and Lynne Cheney. Laura Bush was fairly proactive in attempting to raise awareness of women's rights and breast cancer in the Middle East, so I have to give her credit for her efforts.

But, upon the entrance of First Lady Obama (did I really just write that?) and Dr. Jill Biden I just cheered. I have no doubt that both women will urge more critical roles for women during this administration.

What an amazing day...

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique
Thanks and congratulations to the world, we all benefit! I am watching the parade right now waiting for him to get out of the car. Take care!

an average patriot said...

Everything was great to me and the silence was deafening and applaudable when the chief scum came out.

He looks and sounds like such a dummy on a good day! Listening to Obama's speech anyone else would have taking umbrisge knowing they (Bush) caused all the crises Obama says he will

I am watching the parade and the crowd is erupting cause Obama just got out of the car. Let me watch this for a minute. Hold on!

Dave Dubya said...

It's a bright day for America, my friend!

Very emotional time.

You'd have to be a heartless authoritarian thug to not feel some hope today.

I got so excited, I finally posted.

an average patriot said...

You aren't kidding! The whole world now sees some promise to the future!
He laid the gauntlet down to the entire world reaching out for peace and unity but we would not be defeated by anyone if they took us to task. I have heard the speech criticized but I thought it was great!
Honestly, I have been following it all day and at times you do get pretty emotional. MLK saying the Greatest among you shall be your servant finally rings true after being misled by the worse.
I thought it was pretty cool when he kept refuting Bush's mis policies saying we reject that and it is time to work thing out the right way.
Any other ass hole would have been insulted. That scum just kept his stupid face on. That guy should be friggen hung and he thinks History in the end will vindicate him. I'll vindicate him "with a nine Iron!

Karen said...

Sooooooooo proud to be an American. We finally have our country back.

I have been glued to television all day, with joyous tears in my eyes.

Thank you President Obama.

landsker said...

Well done America, but I`m afraid that perhaps the product won`t live up to the hype.
Inasmuch that the Dow and the FTSE are both falling, there`s trillions of bucks in inter-bank toxic debts, millions of soldiers on foreign soil, the biggest military budget in the world, and a rapidly shrinking industrial base.
Falling house prices, the highest per capita prison population in the world... apart from that, at least now America has a leader who can speak in whole sentences, and doesn`t think that an adverb is something that comes on the tv between programmes.
Best of luck to you!



Hmmm... Do detect a taint of Obama bashing in your comments?

Give the man a break. He's hardly been at the presidency a day.

Btw, there is a post/memo over at the Atlantic Community calling for starting transatlantic relations afresh; just might interest you. (And to James, would be great if you could contribute your thoughts too.)

Time to Start Transatlantic Relations Afresh

[...] In this new era under the Obama White House, it is high time for a transformation of transatlantic relations. The US must distance itself from the unipolar policies of the past and come to terms with a multipolar world. The EU has to develop more proactive policies. [...]

landsker said...

HillB. Not sure if you fully sensed the semantics of my observations.
No, not "bashing" the man, in fact, I congratulated America on their choice of an educated and balanced mind, but being realistic, the chalice is well poisoned, and the task that faces him is perhaps not what many might undertake.
I had hoped my comment portrayed the legacy of a situation that he inherits, as it is, and not a reflection on the man himself.
Like any sane person, I look forward to a world without war...

The markets have already shown their opinion, all around the globe, they are falling, with huge fluctuations in currency trades.

I shall check out the website, we are truly in need of moving forward from the incessant slaughter and battle that has been ongoing since the first discoveries of oil in the middle east.
Once again, well done America, and good luck.

an average patriot said...

Yippeee! It is about time isn't it? Now the work begins! Barack has started! He stopped legal action on Guantanamo prisoners immediately and Iraq agreed to move US withdrawal up to may 2010 and Obama meets today with the Pentagon on what to do! It has begun! I have a busy morning but eventually I want to get something together. Take care!

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker
Do not wory, Obama will not disappoint if given a chance by the right and the world. He has already laid down the gauntlet.

As to the Dow, when it erroniously hit 14,000 I forecast Dow 10'000 and it would go down from there. I said Bush would buoy it until ha leaves and then when Obama got in it would go down to where it was before Bush's lies falsely inflated everything.

Thee are no surprises here just a lot of work to repair Bush's damage here and around the world and it has begun.

I will talk about it today when I get the chance but it kills me that scum knowing the damage he did is still bragging about his accomplishments!

an average patriot said...

Our friend Landsker is right to point oout Barack has a lot of work but with our and the worlds cooperation he will do it!

The world will now come together as it should have before. Bush had the golden opportunity and blew it as he wanted to rule the world not unite it. now Obama will do it if given the chance!

Obama has already started repairing the damage but it will be a long and bigg job.

I have a busy morning but eventually will put something together. I thank you in advance for the suggestion and link and will do that as soon as I can! Uniiting the world is very critical to our survival into the future and I have said it too much to no avail. We now have a chance at a future!