Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama's list of accomplishments week one, give the man an A+

As you may know, I am very concerned with undoing everything Bush has done to create his new Disorder more importantly I want him held accountable! To that end President-elect Barack Obama has limited authority to overturn federal regulations approved in the waning months of the Bush administration and he gegan right off the bat. Obama's team found a little-used power that offers the new Democratic Congress an early test of how aggressively lawmakers might unravel such rules pushed through by Republicans. Under a special fast-track authority, Congress could repeal current rules from as far back as May. Many are related to the environment and health and offshore drilling. Aside from congressional action, such changes involve a laborious rule-making process that can take years. Now let us get Congress going too. I have yet to see anything from them!

The Congressional Review Act of 1996, used just once in the past 12 years, could become a sweeping tool for Democrats against late regulations from the Bush presidency. MSNBC report

Obama right off the bat has had to issue Presidential orders and use Executive privilege to rebuild Bush's damage and restore our America! Obama has a mandate for change and if we matter now, the people are behind him! Obama I am to understand had the ability to freeze everything Bush and his team has pushed through in the last six months of his mis Presidency. I remember hearing of the list of 200 laws and Presidential orders Obama's team had compiled to rescind immediately and Obama has already had a good start on that list! He has had a commendable first week of accomplishments by anyone's standard:

Even while the inauguration parade was underway Rahm was busy issuing orders to rescind all the last minute actions Bush had signed into law. I was really happy to hear that but I would give most anything to know what exactly that was! Anyway He started before he even hit the throne! his press Secretary sent out 28 press releases one of which ordered the closing of Gitmo! I have heard an awful lot about that and most of it hooey! I am afraid first that whatever you think of the order to close Gitmo it will take a year or more and who in this world knows what will change by then.

Also opponents of closing Gitmo keep expounding on the idea as irresponsible by saying it is ludicrous to fight terrorist's and then free them into our society where they can endanger us. I think if they were put in our prisons they would be killed and not doing the killing. I also heard the idea of imprisoning them on military bases as too dangerous as we were training soldiers to fight them! On the contrary I think that argument is ridiculous and imprisoning them on military bases is a great idea. An even greater idea is to reopen Alcatraz. My own idea, leave them there unattended and just make sure they never make it to the mainland again!

With the entire world up in arms over Gitmo it is time to stop asking the prisoners home countries if they will take them and forcing them to. That way the onus is on them! If they get away or their home countries refuse to imprison them we know where they stand and we can act accordingly. I do not understand why this has never been thought of or mentioned!

The way the State Department and the pentagon were run and were spending under the dictator I mean Decider will go back to normal too. While Democrats are criticized for being big spenders the real big spender is out of office and that will change under a disciplined President Obama. While on that not jus a quick reminder! George W. has himself created around $10 trillion in debt, more than every other President in our history combined. The last three Republicans combined because of their so called success and keeping us safe account for 74% of the country's debt. That is sick! The debt clock necessitated by President Reagan's "success" had to be retooled to handle more than $10 trillion.

White House salaries were also frozen! The age of accountability is back! Obama invites accountability for the money he spends on bailouts. He does not insist on anonymity so he can give it to to God knows who as George W Bush did! The Politics of instigation and my way or the highway are over. The age of Obama has begun! Policies in the middle east and around the world will not change under Obama but tactics will. Thoughtful Diplomacy will once again be the order of the day! Already in less than a week Iraq said we should be able to leave by May on next year instead of 2011 as Bush proposed. Hamas and Israel have found common ground though I do not expect any change there until Israel gives up the West Bank. If they do unless there is instigation by Iran, Syria or other so called Islamists I believe peace is doable! I believe the situation can then easily be monitored and antagonists to Peace will be highlighted and dealt with!

I understand treasury secretary Timothy Geithner was confirmed and welcomed to the White House. What I love and has to be a way of undermining Bush and being "forced" to hold him accountable was the extension of the freedom of information Act forcing him and "former" Presidents to disclose Documents from their time as President. Oh boy! You know Obama does not need that and I am curious if that applies to deceased President's because President Reagan's records would unearth a treasure trove! I am sure this is an iota of his accomplishments in his first week. It has certainly been a whirlwind and I do not expect him to be able to slow down because of the damage present and future Bush created and guaranteed!

Bush's presidency certainly sent us back to the stone age of improving society much as the so called Islamists we are constantly criticizing. Bush was accusing them of trying to turn Muslim society away from us and back to simpler times while he was doing the same thing to us. Obama has already made a difference in the middle east and around the world and he is already moving rapidly to help average Americans, rebuild our America, and allow us to move successfully into the 21st century and hopefully beyond!

OBBaamaa, OBBaammaa, Yes we can! I firmly believe that now. Obama is leading us out of the dark tunnel Bush led us in. He will be our guiding light. He will guide the entire world but it is up to them to follow. I now have hope they will! just now he was on saying there will be no more foot dragging or denial of facts. Oh boy a new day has indeed dawned!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

It is a beautiful thing to see Obama opening up the darkened windows of our government.

He is keeping his word.

Now watch the corporate media turn on him like they never did with Bush. Lucky thing we have Olbermann and Maddow and a few others who won't spew the corporatist crap.

I hope he is still keeping the accountability factor alive and will play the prosecution card against the Bush criminals when it needs to be played.

We need to shine the light on the scoundrels to show the country the toxic nature of the Reich Wingers.

an average patriot said...

Hi Dave
He is keeping the accountability factor open particularly for him! He said his Administration will be wide open for us toss, nothing to hide. Love it!
As for Bush I was hearing this morning from UN officials that Obama has to prosecute Bush or he is breaking a law Reagan initiated. Love it! If he wants to but does not want to appear it appearing forced by our own law he swears to uphold works for me!

Dave Dubya said...

It's not too much to ask for our laws and Constitution to stand, is it?

The Reich Wingers love to say they are all for "law and order", except when they are the lawbreakers.

an average patriot said...

You are of course right Dave
Obama is bringing it back as promised. Like the UN I want to see it extend to the facsist Administration forced or not!
Them ass holes felt the law applied to us not them. They could do anything right or wrong in the "name"of the country thus it was legal. BS I say!


Hi James,

Absolutely an A+++ (A-star all the way through).

Americans are not known for their patience according to someone on CNN; well, they can't demand more from Obama. The man has not only hit the ground running, he's also doing a non-stop print.

What a way to start!

Just heard his interview with an Arab TV and I thought he did marvelously; tactful, diplomatic but firm; what an amazing difference from Bush that bumbling idiot who couldn't even get his vocab right.


(PS: Not been blogging or visiting blogs as regularly as I would have liked; been busy "regulating" the builders who are doing major renovations on my home that's almost 1,000 kms away.)

an average patriot said...

Hi HillBlogger
I absolutely agree with you as you know! President Obama is fantastic! It is about time we do not have to be embarrassed about the chief fool and calling him President!
He will not disappoint! Peace is now up to the world not Bush! My son is outside shoveling so I have to run. Before I do I want to say I know you are busy supervising repairs and I hope it is going well. You as so lucky but you know that. Take care!

DB said...

Obama's first couple weeks have been surprisingly refreshing. I was shocked at how fast he started pumping out executive orders and retractions of Bush policies. On top of that, he has the far-right fuming and tearing into each other. I have a few minor complaints so far, but not worth mentioning due to the strength of the agenda he has pushed so far.

an average patriot said...

He is amazing isn't he? It took him about 5 minutes to blow away the fiasco Bush created for 8 years.
He will knock them dead if given the chance. The right wants him to fail but so far the world is with him. We will see!
Did you see that to compete the right chose a black man to head the RNC? How genuine is that? Yhep they are running scared!

an average patriot said...

I was remiss in not saying welcome! Fiixing this purposely and timely created financial mess goes hand in hand with his prime agenda of undoing as much of Bush's damage as possible.

Before he was inaugurated he had a list of over 200 Executive orders and laws to rescind and he is well on his way. We may not agree with everything but he will not disappoint!