Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Gaza is a full blown humanitarian crisis but Israel in Southern Gaza will not stop until Iran comes out in the open!

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I was awake again this morning early so I got up at 4:00 AM and turned on the news to hear the latest about Gaza! They were talking about the full blown humanitarian crisis and that Gaza City was surrounded even as "Hamas" was still firing rockets from the rubble there! They will not stop! This will not stop! It is just beginning like it or not!

Anyway leaflets were being dropped on Gaza City and other areas instructing civilians to E-Mail them and turn in those firing the rockets! Save yourself! The situation is getting dire as relief can not get in and the wounded can not get out! Neither Hamas or Israel really cares! Like Bush they merely feign concern as getting their way is all that matters.

Hamas will kill anyone who E-Mails Israel or rats them out! Those people are screwed, caught in the middle of this quest to wipe each other out! What would you do in this situation? Can anything save these people? I think not as this is just beginning!

When will the Muslim world say enough is enough? When will Iran their perceived champion step forward from the shadows? Bringing Iran and Syria out from the shadows and getting this Israel Buffer and new middle east order war going full tilt was the goal since Iraq was attacked to get us back into the middle east.

Bushco has for years now been looking for an excuse to attack Iran as he did in Iraq! Once they get Iran openly involved though Bush instigated this too they will merely say see we told you they were behind the problem.

I am so sick of the total lie we are living since Bush! Bush instigated this whole thing but remember, along with the manufactured financial collapse of America and the world this perfect storm happening right now at the end of Bush and the beginning of Obama's term is no coincidence.

Hopes are that along with everything else Bush has caused this too will be dropped on Obama, credited to him, and the right will get back in to finish off us and their mis-agenda for new societal, middle east, and world order!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dave Dubya said...

I have little sympathy for the hard liners on both sides. It is obvious none of them want peace.

The Gaza slaughter makes the same sense as the US invading Iraq and occupying Afghanistan to fight terrorism. Now, dozens are killed every week by terrorism. It only strengthens the hatred and cycle of violence, not to mention giving the radical elements on both sides their desired power.

Peace will never come when a hundred Palestinians are killed for every Israeli. Isn't that the same ratio of Nazi retaliation for French Underground resistance?

Self defense is nullified when innocents are blown to pieces.

I haven't seen any diplomacy since Bush green lighted the Israeli right wingers. There needs to be a peace process again where the real moderates can get their voices heard.

Terrorism is a criminal act, not an excuse to punish a population. Both the US and Israeli right wing governments are more interested in dominance than peace. That's my "un-American and anti-Israeli" position.

an average patriot said...

knowing the influence the war mongering israeli's have here, what they did in Georgia, what they are doing in India, Iran, Syria, Gaza, i am beginning to think they are the worlds problem not the chosen but the bane!

One Fly said...


We're in such a world of shit don't know what to think at times.

an average patriot said...

one fly!
You are right and I agree as you know! What sucks to me is it has all been done on purpose and it is just beginning.
What sucks is we have been powerless to stop anything while watching daily the lie we are living. We can only hunker down stay together and be prepared!